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Best Gaming Statues: Assassin’s Creed

If you're ready to up your gaming collectible game, you've come to the right place. Gaming statues are incredibly popular and while they aren't that posable (if at all), they [...] Game on → Blog Updates

Monthly Gaming Recap: January 2021

January sure was a wild year, right? At least it feels like that! Here's the first of my monthly recaps. I'll be giving my opinion on the happenings in the [...] Game on →

Gaming PC

Is Gaming PC Worth The Money?

If you're a gamer then you might have definitely come across a debate on PC vs console gaming. So, which is better and why? This is definitely not an easy [...] Game on → Blog Updates

Reflecting On 2020 & New Content

I was reflecting on 2020 and I figured I could also reflect how this year influenced this blog. I know I don't do any personal posts or talk about the [...] Game on →

Is Gaming Console Scalping Illegal?

Microsoft's Xbox Series S/X and Sony's PlayStation 5 launched in a much different world from their predecessors. In the past, if you wanted to pick up a console at launch, [...] Game on →

Video Game Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is knocking on the door already and I find myself asking where has the time gone in 2020? No matter what your Christmas plans are like this year, I [...] Game on →

Sims DLC list

DLCs: What Are They?

If you're familiar with video games, you must have heard the initials DLC, right? If you haven't, then the question ringing in your mind right now is - what is [...] Game on →

Can Video Games Damage Your Eyes?

In this modern and technology-centric generation, computer screens and consoles force our eyes to overcome different challenges that bring new hazards to our eyesight. Prolonged video gaming sessions and too [...] Game on →

How Do E-Sports Teams Make Money?

A few years back, not many believed that playing video games as a sport could help them earn billions. Yet, that's what actually happened, the esports industry is booming! So, [...] Game on →