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What are AAA games?

What Are AAA Games?

There have been thousands of games that were released in recent decades, and a lot of them were loved by many gamers. There are games that reached a great milestone [...] Game on →

The saddest moments in video games

The Saddest Moments in Video Games

Please be aware that this post may contain spoilers! Many game developers try their best to bring the best of experience a player could have when playing games. With this, [...] Game on →

Which Game is the Best For Exercise

Which Game Console Is Best For Exercise?

Video games get a bad rap for causing people to become couch potatoes, and I completely disagree with this notion. With the current generation of consoles and VR technology, there [...] Game on →

I got The Art of Alien: Isolation book for Christmas, a beautiful book packed with concept art, interesting facts from production, Xenomorph design, spaceship design like Nostromo, Anesidora or Torrens and more. The game fits seamlessly into the Alien movie franchise, which I love!

The Art of Alien: Isolation Book Review

I don't usually play horror games but being a fan of the Alien franchise, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play Alien: Isolation. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, I [...] Game on →