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Amazon Games New World loading screen

Does Amazon Games Develop Video Games?

Yes, Amazon Games develops and publishes video games. They have started as Amazon Game Studios in 2012, developing mobile games and social games for Facebook. Most notable examples are the [...] Game on →

Favorite childhood pc games

My Favorite Childhood PC Games

Being born in 1986, I'm by definition a Millenial. It's no denying that my generation has been in the center of a rapid technology advancement. In less than 20 years, [...] Game on →

How do streamers make money?

How Do Game Streamers Make Money?

Let's face it, many people think that earning money playing video games is easy. Right? Let's dissect every major streaming platform and see how game streamers make money. Game streamers [...] Game on →

Roblox gift ideas

Christmas Gifts For Roblox Fans

Roblox has been around for whopping 15 years (released for PC in 2006) but it has gained more widespread popularity only in the last 5 years. It's free-to-play game but [...] Game on →