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Christmas Gifts For Nier Fans

17 Christmas Gifts For NieR Fans

NieR is an action roleplay video game (ARPG), first released in 2010 by Square Enix. In March 2017 a sequel/spin-off of NieR was released by Square Enix as well, titled [...] Game on →

Elderly couple playing video games

Are Video Games Good For Seniors?

Studies have found that video games can be great for seniors. They can bring cognitive, physical and also emotional benefits. While aging can influence the way seniors interact with video [...] Game on →

Why am I bad at video games?

Why Am I Bad At Video Games?

There are a lot of reasons why you're "bad" at video games. Stress and frame of mind can greatly impact your gaming performance. Your concentration suffers and you end up [...] Game on →

Amazon Games New World loading screen

Does Amazon Games Develop Video Games?

Yes, Amazon Games develops and publishes video games. They have started as Amazon Game Studios in 2012, developing mobile games and social games for Facebook. Most notable examples are the [...] Game on →