About me


Hey everyone, my name is Dana and I love video games.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’d play games on our PC which back then ran on MS-DOS. I must confess, any consoles have successfuly passed me by until I was 28, when I got my Xbox 360. Maybe it got to do with the fact that they weren’t as promoted here in my country (Czech Republic) and if they were, they were expensive. So I kept on happily gaming on many of the PCs we’ve had at home and this new PC I’m writing  this post from.

But back to topic, I love video games and, I presume, you as well. But besides immersing myself in fictional worlds and getting invested in fictional characters, I also love the video game merchandise. Anything from t-shirts, hoodies, posters, stationery, key rings, coffee mugs, pillow cases,… the list is endless.

Unfortunately I can’t afford everything but I still love to look at what businesses and people alike can create. I love finding new stuff and showing it to my gamer friends.

And this is how this website was born. To share all the cool gaming merchandise stuff with everyone, a wider audience. How many hidden gems are lying around and you don’t even know about them? I don’t look just for official merchandise, I also like to support fans in their beautiful creations. Large games, indie games and everything in between.

I’m currently 32 years old and more of a gamer than I’ve ever been before. (Do you doubt my words? Head on to the Girls don’t play video games…or do they? article that I wrote.)

I’m a freelance webdesigner & webdeveloper and have been in the IT field for more than 15 years, out of which I’ve spent 6 years on building my freelancing business. In my spare time I like to play video games (duh!), browse the internet (as if I don’t do that enough with my job!), make fanart, write, spend time with friends and family. I love good food and enjoy it even more in a great company.

I hope you enjoy this site, there is always room for improvement so your comments are really helpful. Let me know what you’d like to see on this page!

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day!

founder of Geeky Gaming Stuff