Lady Dimitrescu Crystal Statue

Lady Dimitrescu Crystal Statue Sims 4 Download

I loved the look of the Lady Dimitrescu crystal in Resident Evil Village, so I decided to use the in-game model to create a decorative statue for my Sims.

Eventually I might create the statue from scratch but at this time my Blender skills aren’t good enough.

The statue comes with 5 platform color/material swatches – white & black marble, brown wood, grey wood and black wood. The statue itself is white & blue-ish marble.

Mesh: mine (you can recolor, just please don’t include the mesh file)
Game required: Sims 4 Base Game
Category: Decorative/Statue
Poly count: 5742 (high) / 2358 (low)
Object price: $1,000

Please mind the slightly higher poly count. As this is a decorative object, you should be fine if you don’t include it in every room multiple times if you have a lower spec computer.

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