In my search of new subscription boxes to try, I’ve stumbled upon UK based Zbox. To my delight, they also offer a subscription to a Zbox Gamer Edition package (gamer edition no longer available), so I jumped at the opportunity and wrote up a review.

Subscription box: Zbox
Description: Zbox is another geeky mystery subscription box! They discontinued the gaming edition but you can still order the regular one!
Price: regular Zbox starting at £16.99 + P&P
Shipping: ships worldwide for £1.99

Zbox subscriptions are a part of a UK store named Zavvi. Zavvi belongs to the same company as My Geek Box, so the process of ordering and cancelling is the same. Zavvi is an entertainment store and you can buy things like video games, dvds and blu-rays, merchandise, tech stuff and a lot of other exclusives.

Zavvi offers 4 subscription boxes:

  • Zbox – monthly themed geeky box
  • Zbox Gamer Edition – monthly box with gaming related merchandise
  • Threads – monthly t-shirt and a book/graphic novel
  • Secret Soundtrack – monthly vinyl movie soundtracks never before released on LP

For the purpose of this review I have chosen the Gamer Edition, though I’m quite interested in the regular Zbox and also in the Threads box.

The box

When I went to the post office, I was expecting a similar sized box as Lootcrate, Infinity crate or MyGeekBox. What greeted me was much larger box than I expected, measuring 32.5cm x 29.5cm x 15.5cm (12.79 x 11.61 x 6.1in). It’s a sturdy cardboard box with gaming illustrations all over it (including Lara Croft, Vault Boy, Master Chief, Link, Ezio and others).

It was clear to me why the box was so large when I first opened it. Read on to discover why. 🙂

June’s Zbox Gamer Edition included:

  • Fallout 4 keychain
  • Space Invaders Arcade tin coin bank
  • Doom mug
  • 6 Doom buttons
  • Skylanders stencils
  • Pokémon (Oshawott) transformable plushie
  • Batman gaming logo t-shirt (ladies’ size M)

Fallout 4 keychain

I really like this keychain, it’s surprisingly heavy, which means it’s not just made out of cheap plastic but true metal. My friend R. is a Fallout fan and this is a great little complementary gift for his birthday.

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe
Dimensions: 5cm (~ 1.96in)
My rating: 10/10

Space Invaders Arcade tin coin bank

I love old games and Space Invaders is a classic. I haven’t had a coin bank since I was a kid, so maybe I can start again and save up money for my next Zbox subscription. 🙂 I love the arcade style and the fact that you don’t have to break it to get the money out – simply pull out the bottom.

Manufacturer: Taito Corporation
Dimensions: 11.5cm (~4.52in)
My rating: 10/10

Doom mug

It’s been a long long time since I’ve last played Doom, back in my elementary school days (shhh, don’t tell anyone). I’m aware that new Doom game was released in May 2016 but I have not played it. I really like the mug with big Union Aerospace Corporation logo across it.

Manufacturer: GBEye/Bethesda Softworks
My rating: 10/10

6 Doom buttons

Zbox Gamer edition Doom buttons

These 6 buttons (4 x 1in and 2 x 1.18in) were cleverly hidden inside the mug. I do love me some buttons! The print is clear, there is no smudging, the pins at the back of the buttons are not bent and hold the buttons well.

My rating: 10/10

Skylanders stencils

I have to confess I have not heard of this game until I got these stencils. I was surprised to learn that it’s a pretty big franchise aimed at kids (the games are rated E 10+) but only comes on consoles. The game was developed by Activision, which can boast with titles such as Call of Duty, Destiny, Guitar Hero, Legend of Korra and many more.

I can’t see myself using this, so I’ll pass it on to my niece who will have more fun with it. One of the color pencils was broken and the green one was a bit shorter than the rest but we don’t have a shortage of color pencils here. 🙂

Fun facts: Oldest Youtube Gamer

Manufacturer: The Toycompany / Activision Publishing
My rating: 9/10

Pokémon (Oshawott) plushie

I have to say that the Pokémon craze completely passed me by when it was released back in 1996, so I have no deeper knowledge of the franchise except a few mentions here and there from internet memes. 🙂 After a quick google session, I found out that Oshawott is a water-type (sea otter) Pokémon with Torrent and Shell Armor abilities. It’s soft and terribly cute and my 5 year old niece stole it the first time she saw it. I really like the way you can flip it inside out to get a Pokéball and while it probably never be a real ball, it doesn’t really matter.

This one was the reason the cardboard box was that big.  🙂

Manufacturer: TOMY
My rating: 10/10

Batman gaming t-shirt

Batman has not only been a comic book/movie character but he has had numerous video games about him. This t-shirt design reflects that, merging the famous Batman logo with elements from the Playstation controller. The t-shirt is 100% cotton which I’m really happy about. 🙂

My rating: 10/10


I think the Zbox Gamer Edition is worth the money. I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of this month’s box – it included games that I know or played, games that I don’t know and video games both old and new.

I think Zbox Gamer Edition is worth a try (at this moment I can only speak for the Gamer Edition). Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter, they have a lot of ‘flash sales’ that last for a few hours. Delivery is free to EU countries.

If you love surprises (or maybe love to surprise others!), I think this is a great subscription box. Plus the longer you are subscribed, you have a chance to win some cool prizes. 🙂