Since my last Zbox Gaming Edition review for June, I have renewed my subscription for August. I have been satisfied with what I’ve got in the previous Zbox, so I decided to keep my subscription.

Subscription box: Zbox
Description: Zbox is another geeky mystery subscription box! They discontinued the gaming edition but you can still order the regular one!
Price: regular Zbox starting at £16.99 + P&P
Shipping: ships worldwide for £1.99

The box arrived in great condition and pretty quickly after dispatch. Last time I was surprised by the size of the box (due to a large Pokémon plushie) and I thought that maybe next time the box would be smaller. I was wrong and the box that arrived was the same size and packed full of the following goodies:

  • 1 Super Mario Bowser figure
  • 1 Gamer t-shirt (ladies size M)
  • 1 Halo: Hunters in the Dark book
  • 1 Legend of Zelda keychain
  • 1 Mortal Kombat Scorpion plushie

Super Mario Bowser figure

This figure of the iconic antagonist from Super Mario looks really great and is larger than I thought. I did not unbox this one (even though I’m definitely an unboxer) because I have decided to give something back to my readers and followers. I have launched a month long giveaway (starting September 1st) and you can enter the competition on my Facebook page if you’re interested.

Manufacturer: Nintendo/Goldie
Size: approx. 3″
My rating: 10/10

Gamer t-shirt

If you’ve read one or two of my past reviews, you’d know that I’m absolutely delighted when my t-shirts are 100% cotton. This one is no different plus it’s a clever play on the Nintendo logo look.

My rating: 10/10

Halo: Hunters in the Dark book

I have to admit I haven’t played any of the Halo games, although I’m familiar with the franchise of course. I was quite surprised to see a book inside but it was a good surprise! I haven’t read it, so I can’t give it a rating just yet.

ISBN: 978178565012
Publisher: Titan Books
Author: Peter David
Pages: 361
My rating: ?/10

Legend of Zelda keychain

I really like the selection of the keychains in the past Zboxes. This one is just as heavy as the Nuka Cola keychain from June’s Zbox and it’s not a cheap plastic one. Gold and black work really great together and I like the overall simplicity – the logo works really well.

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe/Nintendo
Size: 2.5″
My rating: 10/10

Mortal Kombat Scropion Plushie

Last time I played Mortal Kombat, it was probably in elementary school. I have, however, seen gameplay of the latest Mortal Kombat X. This plushie of the iconic Scorpion is very well made, no threads sticking out or things falling off. He’s very sturdy due to the stuffing, so he is able to stand propped up. His arms are sewn to his sides, so you can’t really move them. He also can’t be made to sit. The clothing and belts are sown onto the figure as well.

Manufacturer: Mezco Toys
Height: approx 8″
My rating: 10/10


This was a really great box, I loved every single item! I’d definitely recommend getting the Zbox Gaming Edition if you are interested and like what type of things you can get! Also make sure to check out my friend Ian’s review of the regular Zbox!

Are you jealous of some item that I got? What would you like to get? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂