Video games have broken down barriers between platforms and as well as people. Friends from any corner of the world can connect in real-time and enjoy the gaming experience together.

Throughout their long journey over the decades, they have widened human imagination with the inclusion of new themes, characters, hardware, and technology.

As per a recent study by Nielsen, 82% of the worldwide consumers played different kinds of video games during the COVID-19 lockdown. According to industry experts, video games have undergone remarkable transformation down the years.

This industry is improving and trying out new things every single day. This article takes a close look at finding out what the future of gaming would possibly look like in years to come.

How Will Augmented Reality Be Applied?

Augmented reality would be a great leap in the future of gaming. It’s more accessible than virtual reality. This is because it makes use of the existing physical environment. Digital characters and physical locations are combined. Think Pokémon: Go!

It also brings together the two opposite worlds of virtual and reality. While playing augmented reality video games, players can move out and interact with reality. They can feel the real world and also form social connections with other players.

Since the attention span of people is decreasing day by day, video games need to be developed which would give the players immediate outcomes of their behaviors. They can see the results of the game in no time.

Augmented reality implants might allow players to play a game just by using their eyes, through augmented reality implants. This feature of augmented reality games waits to be manipulated in the next few years.

What Is The Future of Virtual Reality?

In virtual reality games, players normally use VR headsets, gloves, hand-controllers, etc. The headsets are quite bulky which makes the players feel uncomfortable while playing. This interrupts their experience.

The future of gaming would see many upgrades of VR hardware and technology. Though haptic sensors are being tested, it has to be updated so that players can feel specific sensations while playing the game.

In the future, we can see a better version of eye-tracking and audio in such games. The upgrades of the resolution would also work wonders.

VR games also don’t allow the players to interact with their real, physical environment. The players feel as if they are cut off from their immediate surroundings.

While some players might prefer the fantasy world that the video games create, other players might prefer to be connected with their real, physical surroundings or environment.

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How Can Mixed Reality Be Employed?

The inclusion of elements of hyper-reality shall bring about immense change in the gaming world. Hyperreality offers location-based entertainment to the players. It is a blend of virtual and physical realities. Whatever the players will see in their headsets will correspond to their geographical or physical space.

This is a step that goes beyond or ahead of what virtual reality offers. Players will no longer use physical hardware. They would be offered a magical experience through tactile sensations in the game.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Change The Future Of Gaming?

With the constant development of artificial intelligence, the industry of video games is bound to be bigger and better. Artificial intelligence can use the data of each player and customize the game for them. Game engineers might focus on developing player pattern learning which would also lead to a customized game, based on the preferences of each player.

Artificial intelligence is applied in the form of Non-Player Characters (NPC). These characters are generally programmed and they function based on a set of codes. In the future, the game engineers might add some variety in the codes. Every virtual character follows a particular script and a behavior tree.

The script and the behavior tree enable each character to process or make complex decisions in the course of the game. Some modifications might be brought about in these with advanced and more comprehensive artificial intelligence.

Some developments are already done to provide limited autonomy to the NPCs. It has been observed that if the NPCs are allowed to function freely and given a mind of their own, the gaming experience is less enjoyable. In that case, the NPCs might behave and function in unpredictable ways which might create a glitch in the game.

In the future of gaming we might come across NPCs who are more sophisticated and upgraded. They will be made believable. The script and behavior tree might be improved so that the virtual characters come alive.

The aim of the game should be to provide an excellent gaming experience to the players. The players shouldn’t be feeling that they are playing with bots and not real human beings.

Artificial intelligence can even be manipulated to generate various game assets. Presently these are human-generated but with technology nothing is impossible. Artificial intelligence can also be helpful in content generation. This would give the players a fresh experience at each level of the game.

Artificial intelligence might also help to collect data from the players which could be used for analytics as well. Each player’s performance and game behavior can be stored and accessed as per requirement.

The game designers can incorporate all this information into different algorithms. This would be useful in giving a personal, customized touch to the game. The different levels of the game shall be personalized based on the prediction of what a particular player’s behavior would be like on reaching a specific level. This would be a massive technological improvement and shall enhance a player’s experience to a great extent.

How Can The Graphics Develop?

Nowadays developers are employing the technique of Ray Tracing. It enables the movement of the light in the game to be more natural and realistic. A lot of improvement can be seen in the usage of this technique in the future.

The virtual characters might be more realistic. The virtual environment shall be more playful and entertaining. If the virtual characters are made more human-like, then the player shall be able to connect with them in a better way.

High quality and upgraded graphics will raise the overall standard of the games.

What’s The Scope Of Online Game Streaming In The Future?

The online availability and streaming of video games have attracted millions of gamers. Players can connect within each other, play together, and have fun. Many online websites stream games from their networks, allowing people all over the world to play at the same time.

Multiplayer games are likely to increase with greater accessibility and involvement by the players.

What’s The Future Of Mobile Gaming?

Mobiles have reached every nook and cranny of the world. This creates a scope for video games to expand and reach a wider audience even more. Network and telecommunication providers are working hard to provide better connectivity.

Soon we will be getting better speed and faster uploads and downloads. In the future, we might see considerable improvements in the gaming apps so that they work fine on all mobile platforms.

Players are sure to enjoy playing video games on their phones much more than they do now.

How Can Video Games Be Used For Educational Purposes?

Many teachers use video games as an educational tool today. Video games work great in developing imagination and creativity in children. It secures their attention, engages them, and creates a lasting effect. New and interesting themes have been added to the video games to make them more appealing and suitable for children of all ages.

In future years, we might see the inclusion of different genres as well. The game developers might even include wider representation of people based on their gender, orientation and ethnicity.

Children will enjoy learning new things if video games are made more interactive and child-centric. Video games will be very helpful to teach difficult concepts in a simple way. Children will learn easily and quickly. It will also improve their concentration level and eye-hand coordination.

Video games have pushed boundaries and dissolved borders. It has become a dominant form of entertainment competing with online movie streaming. The developers are constantly improving and adding new features to the games to make them more attractive to the players.

Big tech companies are developing new and unique gaming products. Video games occupy an important part of our leisure time. With the continuous advancements in this field, we can surely hope for a bright future of gaming with something big in store for us.

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