Since my last post about video game tattoos got really popular, I’ve decided to post more stunning tattoos for your inspiration.

As I said previously, please do not copy these exact tattoos. Reputable tattoo artists will not allow copying somebody else’s creations. You can use these tattoos as inspiration for the kind of style that you would like.

You can show them to your tattoo artist, show them what you like and don’t like about the tattoos and let the artist create a unique tattoo just for you.

Video Game Tattoos Part 2
Tattoo by Laura Anunnaki

Always choose a professional tattoo artist with experience and proof of work. Don’t let yourself be tattooed by a person who just got their tattoo gun on Amazon.

Great tattoos cost money and in this case the old adage “you get what you paid for” is really true. Don’t settle for a $50 tattoo just because it’s cheap – most likely your “artist” does tattoos in non-sterile environments like their kitchen or basement.

Often times they are heavy handed and you can end up with scarring or infection, sporting a tattoo that you don’t really like. Yes, you can remove it with laser sessions or cover up with another tattoo (if possible) but that’s going to cost more than getting a tattoo from a proper artist for the first time.

Tattoo Prices

So what’s the average tattoo price? It really depends on the location of the tattoo artist, the size and placement of your tattoo and the complexity of the design. Some artists may charge $100 an hour, some might charge $200 or even more.

Don’t ask for price the first time you contact your tattoo artist. Talk about your design and placement, then you can ask a rough price range estimate based on everything you’ve discussed. Bear in mind it can end up being more or less than the first estimate.

Video Game Tattoos For Inspiration

It was really difficult to only choose some tattoos. There are so many gorgeous ones but if I had to list them all, this post would be super long. If you’d like, I can post more tattoos every now and then.

I’ve tried to include as many a tattoo styles as I could. I provided links to every tattoo artist’s portfolio as well as their location.

Have fun!

Minh Kaiju created this super cool neo-traditional tattoo of Vol’jin from World of Warcraft. The red coloring really makes it pop! Minh Kaiju is based in Grenoble, France.

Great linework of Emil from Nier by Lucha. Really love the shading with dotted technique and the way his head is framed by the flowers. Lucha is located in Providencia, Chile.

If you can’t decide between Link and Zelda, why not both? Love the blackwork thigh tattoo by Sarai. Very nice shading and attention to detail. Sarai is located in Riverside, California.

The super cool zombie tattoo with a Juggernog from Call of Duty: Zombies was done by Dale Winter. I like that the glow of his eyes reflect on his helmet, shirt and bottle. Great shading and it looks creepy! Dale is based in Brisbane, Australia.

The tattoo of Ratchet & Clank by WhiteChurchTattoo is so cute! Love the bright fun colors and the way it’s framed. White Church Tattoo studio is located in Biely Kostol, Slovakia.

Lovely shading and expression of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. The tattoo was done by Fran Veneroni, who is located in Rota, Spain.

Martins designed this super cute tattoo of Spyro the dragon. Absolutely love the dotted technique, the overall shading and use of light. Martins is based in Serris, France.

Laura Anunnaki has such a specific style that I really adore! Fun, bright designs in vibrant colors are their signature look. Make sure to check out Laura’s portfolio for more tattoos like this DVA one from Overwatch. Laura is located in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

I love how this Last Of Us sleeve tells a story from the first game right to the sequel. Michael Taguet did an incredible job on this blackwork tattoo. Michael works in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France.

I really love the colors and the unique perspective on this Jill Valentine tattoo. I like the cartoon look as well and all the details included. Tattoo is by Adam Aguas, who is located in Chicago, Illinois.

If you’ve read my previous tattoo post, you know how much I love black lineart. This Ciri sleeve from Witcher 3 is super gorgeous and I love the addition of the wolf to complete the look. The tattoo was done by Michal Hladík, who is located in Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic.

If you like Michal’s style, do check out his portfolio because some of his pieces are just as stunning as this one!

This Ysera tattoo from World of Warcraft is just a first part of an entire WoW sleeve tattoo. Such a lovely linework, love all the details! Done by Maret Brotkrumen, who is located in Berlin, Germany.

Such a cool tattoo of Midir from Dark Souls 3. I really like the pop of color behind the game boss, perfect for illustrating the fire it breathes out. Tattoo was done by Vinicius Forte, who’s located in Maringá, Brazil.

I like this tattoo of Snake from Metal Gear Solid with the added heart candy and sparkles. Also like the way it’s framed. The tattoo was done by Maddy, who is from Canberra, Australia.

I really like blackwork tattoos with a splash of color and this Assassin’s Creed Ezio tattoo is a great example. Love all the little details, the eagle on top and the assassin emblem at the bottom. This half-sleeve tattoo was done by Vinicius Forte.

This God of War Kratos half-sleeve tattoo is super realistic, down to the scars, wrinkles and individual hairs in the beard. Victor Zetall did an awesome job with the coloring and shading as well. Victor is located in Zaragoza, Spain.

I really like the static-like top part of this half-sleeve Fallout tattoo by Alex Legaza. The overall composition with a small Pipboy at the bottom with a touch of color make this a great piece. Alex works in Granada, Spain.

I’ve promoted a tattoo by Pol Art in my previous post – it was Lady Sylvanas. For this post I chose a tattoo of the Chosen Undead – I love the composition, the attention to detail and the shading. The Pol Tattoo Studio is located in Jerez, Spain.

Such fun colors in this PlayStation-inspired tattoo by Vinicius Forte. I like the overall vortex-like composition and the little references to the person’s favorite games, including Crash Bandicoot and Resident Evil.

I’ve featured a Limbo sleeve tattoo in my previous tattoo post and I think a smaller piece is just as nice! The tattoo was done by Marc Durrant, who is based in Los Angeles, California. Marc has a lot of gaming, pop-culture and general geeky themes in his tattoos, so make sure to check out his portfolio.

I love the duo tone on Cortana from Halo. Troy Slack did a great job on the lighting and shading. Troy is located in Mt. Barker, South Australia.

This is a stunning back piece of Edward from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Love the accurate portrait of Edward and the Kraken with the ship on the other side. The tattoo was done by Luke Dyson in Melbourne, Australia.

I really love this 3D version of Pac-Man (with a peeking Space Invader at the top). Nice bright colors, great background featuring hexagonal pattern and some watercolor work. The tattoo was done by Uncl Paul, who is located in Athens, Greece but travels quite a bit, so keep an eye on his social media – he may be in your city next!

I love how vibrant this Bioshock sleeve by Michael Taguet is! I love the neon light effect on the text in the middle, it really pops out.

Great attention to detail in this tattoo by Ray Spooks Joya of the Nurse character from Silent Hill. I also like the dramatic shading, very fitting! Ray Spooks Joya is based in Orlando, Florida.

This PlayStation tattoo will last forever! The PS logo may fade out in time but the thick black lines of the PS controller are there to stay. Mattia Calvi has a ton of bold fun tattoos with really great coloring technique, so check his portfolio out! Mattia is located in Meda, Italy.

This Witcher tattoo is so realistic and it really looks like a piece of armor is peeking out from beneath the skin! The chainmail looks also very realistic and I like the overall coloring and shading of the piece. The tattoo was done by Pasha Tarino, who is located in Krasnodar, Russia.

Lovely blackwork tattoo of Master Chief from Halo by Jake Vachek! Love the shading and the little bit of gold color on his visor. Jake is located in Akron, Ohio.

I really like the vibrant colors of the Nintendo 64 controller! Great shading and love all the little details. The tattoo was done by Jorell, who is based in West Hills, California.

I absolutely love this tattoo of a leshy from Witcher 3, done by Yvonne Tracey. I love that only the creature is done in great detail while the other animals around it are more or less just shapes. Pretty spooky piece but still stunning! Yvonne is based in Ahtlone, Ireland.

Anastasia creates cute tattoos and this one of Wolfgang from Animal Crossing is no different! The lighting and shading on this tattoo are just superb and it doesn’t even really look like a tattoo! Love the vibrant colors and the additions of pink sparkles and a balloon present. Anastasia is based in Manhattan, New York.

I really love how you can see little Kirbys hiding among the flowers on this half-sleeve tattoo! Just a splash of pink in a nice lineart! The tattoo was done by Shelby from Burlingame, California.

Who can forget the original Lara Croft? This great representation of the first low-polygon Tomb Raider game in a tattoo form was done by Run’O, who is located in Southwest France.

Ellie’s tattoo from The Last Of Us 2 became instant favorite with many people. It’s a really cool design and kudos to Cult Classic Tattoo for creating a nice representation of it. The studio is based in Romford, England.

Colorful sleeves look very cool and this Pokémon sleeve is no exception! Lovely composition of the individual characters. The tattoo was done by Tú Watercolor from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Gorgeous blackwork tattoo of YorHa 2B from Nier: Automata. I like the added smoke, which makes the character pop out more. The tattoo was done by Nastya, who is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

I love the vibrant color on the MegaMan tattoo and the dynamic pose he’s been captured in. Great work by Marc Durrant, who is located in Los Angeles, California.

This tattoo of Nemesis from Resident Evil has really great detail work and pulls off the creepy factor real well! The tattoo was done by Victor Zetall, who is located in Zaragoza, Spain.

Psycho from Borderlands is a fan favorite when it comes to tattoos. This gorgeous blackwork tattoo was done by Bruno Santos, who works in Dublin, Ireland.

If you have a video game tattoo and would like to be featured here, please send a picture or a link to your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, etc. and the name of your tattoo artist!

Let me know in the comments below which tattoos and tattoo styles you like the best!

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