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Halloween is one of those holidays that kids just love. Not only do they get to dress up as their favorite character, they also get a ton of candy.

The best thing about video game Halloween costumes for kids is that they love to wear it any time of the year. Just ask other parents! My niece would dress up as Elsa every day for weeks when she was little.

So if you buy a Halloween costume for your child, you don’t get just one use of it. And if you’re a family who loves to attend conventions together, these will come in handy!

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Mirage Costume (Apex Legends)

Mirage is one of the funniest characters from Apex Legends. He’s been in the game since the beginning as an unlockable character. He’s a trickster and he will confuse you with his decoys and his ability to cloak when he’s knocked down.

Wearing his costume doesn’t give your kid his abilities (which is probably a good thing!), they will definitely stand out in any Halloween party.

This Mirage jumpsuit, made out of 100% polyester, has an all-over print and is padded in the arms and chest. Goggles and scarf are also included.

Link Costume (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

Get your kid this iconic Link outfit from Breath of the Wild and they will love it! The costume includes the blue tunic, pants, belts (cross body and waist with pouches), shoe covers and elf ears.

A sword, shield and wig are not included and you will have to buy them separately.

Princess Peach Costume (Mario)

Princess Peach is an iconic character from the Mario franchise. And if your little one wants to dress up as her, then this costume will be perfect for them!

The costume comes with a gold crown, pink shirt with little puffed sleeves, a generous pink skirt, and a pair of long white gloves. It does not come with a wig or shoes, you will have to buy them separately.

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Klee Costume (Genshin Impact)

Klee is an elf-like character and very outgoing and energetic. If you have a little Fleeing Sunlight as well, she will definitely love this costume. It includes the red dress, a hat, white scarf with a pom pom, skirt, gloves and socks.

It does not come with the elf-ears, shoes nor wig. Backpack and the wig can be bought separately.

Minecraft Diamond Armor Costume

Who wouldn’t want a full diamond armor? Especially if they’re a Minecraft fan? If your kiddo is a fan of this game, they will definitely like this costume.

It comes with a foam chestpiece, foam helmet (there’s an elastic band that holds the hat in place) and polyester pants with elasticated waist. Shoes and diamond sword are not included.

Master Chief Costume (Halo)

Does having a little Master Chief running around your house sound funny and cool at the same time? Now you can get your kid this cool all-over printed and padded jumpsuit with attached foam body armor. The costume also includes gloves and shoe covers. The helmet is not a mask but a proper helmet made out of plastic.

Weapons are not included.

Mimikyu Costume (Pokémon)

This costume of the adorable Mimikyu does come with a skirt but it can be replaced with a pair of pants as the two pieces are not connected. Bonus, you can match the tutu-like skirt with other tops!

The beige cloak and hood is made out of fleece, so you can be sure it’s comfortable for your little one. A fun little addon is the wire in the ears, so you can position them however you want!

Foxy Costume (Five Nights at Freddie’s)

Five Nights at Freddies is a very popular game among kids (and adults!). If the fox called Foxy is your kid’s favorite animatronic character from the game, they will surely love dressing up as them!

This Foxy costume includes a printed jumpsuit that zips up at the back, gloves and a full mask.

Zombie Costume (Plants vs Zombies)

This costume of a Zombie from the popular Plants vs Zombies franchise includes a big plush zombie head (the child can see through its mouth), brown jacket, shirt front with a tie that fasten with velcro and a pair of pants. The shoes are not included.

Chun Li Costume (Street Fighter)

If you have a little fighter, then she will definitely love the iconic blue dress of Chun Li from the Street Fighter franchise. This costume includes the dress, a sash, hair accessories and a pair of “spiky” bracelets.

Mario Costume

There should always be at least one Mario character on any kids’ Halloween party! You can get this one-piece jumpsuit with a red shirt and blue overalls, the iconic hat, white gloves and a mustache. The front is padded so it creates a little belly.

The costume is made out of twill, so it’s not too thin for October weather.

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