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Christmas is knocking on the door already and I find myself asking where has the time gone in 2020? No matter what your Christmas plans are like this year, I think it’s still a great idea to decorate our houses and apartments if only to de-stress a little bit from real life.

I was looking to update our decoration collection, so I decided to look around for some cool video game ornaments. Regular ornaments are overrated anyway. 🙂

1. Decorate your tree with these Legend of Zelda baubles. You can get them in shiny, matte or shatterproof finishes. Make sure to check out the entire MBKraftStudio’s shop for more gaming swag.

Photo by MBKraftStudio

2. Red and blue? Green and pink? Just gray? Why not all of these Nintendo Switch Joycon ornaments?

Photo by SayBobby

3. Are you a Minecraft fan? Then you will love this set of a creeper and a TNT block! FantasmicHolidays also has other Minecraft related ornaments, so make sure to check the store out.

Photo by FantasmicHolidays

4. Do you like more of a natural look to your Christmas decorations? Then these wooden Legend of Zelda ornaments are perfect for you!

Photo by WoodMugDesign

5. Do you spend the holidays with a console controller in your hand? Reflect your hobbies on your tree this year with this Xbox controller ornament.

Photo by AthleticHomestyles

6. BeadArtCork has a ton of video game ornaments made from beads! They look so good!

Photos by BeadArtCork

7. Gamers never quit, though they might sometimes rage quit for a bit. Soon after, we simply get back up and restart!

Photo by TechintrigueLLC

8. Which one of them is an imposter? This Among us set of 4 ornaments is made of beads and looks very cool!

Photo by krero

9. MerlinsDesigns has a lot of cool Christmas ornaments. I really like this Skyrim one!

Photo by MerlinsDesigns

10. You can get this 3″ Princess Peach ornament and other Super Mario characters on Amazon.

11. This 3D printed Triforce tree topper will light up your tree!

Photo by MBKraftStudio

12. These Master Chief ornaments are just one part of the HippieGypsyCo shop on Etsy. They also have Legend of Zelda, Pokémon and Mario ornaments.

Photo by HippieGypsyCo

13. If you already have an Xbox controller ornament on your tree, why not try Xbox bauble set to go with it? You’ll find them on Amazon.

14. Here’s another Among us ornament. Call an emergency meeting because this one looks sus.

Photo by FangirlStitch

15. Vault Boy, Helmet, Mini nuke or an Eyebot? Why not all four? You can choose any combination of these Fallout ornaments!

Photo by AdamCrockett

No matter what ornaments hang on your tree, I hope you that you have happy holidays!

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