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Christmas is knocking on the door already and I find myself asking where has the time gone in 2022? No matter what your Christmas plans are like this year, I think it’s still a great idea to decorate our houses and apartments if only to de-stress a little bit from real life.

I was looking to update our decoration collection, so I decided to look around for some cool video game Christmas decorations. Regular ornaments are overrated anyway. 🙂

1. Set of 3 Triforce Crest Baubles

Photo by MBKraftStudio

This set of three Triforce crest baubles is so cute! They come in green, red and blue, glass or shatterproof plastic. You can choose from two different finishes – shiny or matte. They are approximately between 2 1/2 in and 3 in depending on the finish.

Mary from MBKraftStudio is located in the US. The ornaments are ready to ship within 3 days and there’s a 30-day return policy.

2. Nintendo Switch Mini Ornament

Nintendo Switch Ornament
Photo by SayBobby

These little 3D printed mini Switches are such a cute idea for a Christmas ornament! You can pop in a gift card or a photo and it can double as a Christmas gift.

You can choose between Switch Lite and regular Switch. The Switch Lite ornaments come in 4 colors – yellow, coral, teal and gray, while the regular Switch comes in the default red and blue, and gray.

SayBobby is based in the US and they ship only to the US. If you’re outside of US, message the seller to ask if they’d be willing to send it elsewhere.

3. DIY Minecraft Christmas Ornaments

DIY Minecraft Ornaments
Photo by AlphaMom

If you like a more hands-on approach, you can create these cool little Minecraft ornaments yourself. Not to mention it’s also a great activity for kids!

This tutorial was made by Brenda from AlphaMom.

4. Xbox Controller Ornament

Photo by AthleticHomestyles

This cute Xbox controller ornament is made out of resin and measures approximately 2.75 inches tall and 2 inches wide. You can choose from a variety of colors and if you’d like to have them personalized (with your gamer name, for example), then you can do so!

Holly from thleticHomestyles is based in Canada and they ship via UPS internationally.

5. Dovahkiin Skyrim Ornament

Dovahkiin Skyrim Ornament

These baubleheads are so cute! They are about 2.75 inches wide and are made out of tin metal, which makes them really sturdy and less likely to break like plastic or glass. They were designed and produced by Numskull as an officially licensed product.

Baubleheads have created other gaming Christmas ornaments (Doom, Destiny, Fortnite…), so make sure to check them all out at JustGeek.

6. Gamers Never Quit Ornament

Gamer Ornament
Photo by TechintrigueLLC

This 3 inch wooden ornament is a perfect ebodiment of the gamer mentality and will look great on a gamer tree. You can choose preferred either Xbox or PlayStation controllers, the color of the ribbon and also if you’d like to have a custom engraving on the back of the ornament.

The seller, TechintrigueLLC, has several other gamer Christmas ornaments, so make sure to check them out. They are based in the US and accept returns.

7. Overwatch Pachimari Ornament

Overwatch Pachimari Bauble
Photo by MugisKawaiiShoppe

Such a cute little bauble with Pachimari and snowballs inside! You can choose from different Pachimari patterns. All are hand sculpted and painted and encased in a plastic bauble, topped with a ribbon and a little jingle bell.

MugisKawaiiShoppe is based in the US. If you have a problem with your order, please contact the seller first.

8. Pokémon Ornaments

Pokémon ornaments
Photo by MomoiroCrafts

These Pokémon ornaments are so cute! They’re hand painted and you can choose from Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Mew, Charmander or Meowth. You can get some of them or all of them, so go wild! They come as is, without a string or a hook. The ornaments can be further personalized on the back.

MomoiroCrafts is based in the US. If you have a problem with your order, make sure to contact the seller.

9. Wooden Legend Of Zelda Ornaments

Legend of Zelda Ornaments
Photo by WickedHoundEngraving

If you like a more natural theme to your decorations, these wooden Legend of Zelda ornaments would look great on your tree. They are made from birch plywood, are laser engraved and come in two sets. The Hylian Sword set includes inverted Rupee, Hylian Crest and of course the sword. The Navi set includes Rupee, Deku shield and Navi.

KatG from WickedHoundEngraving is based in the US. If you have problems with your order, please message the seller. They also have cool Attack on Titan ornaments.

10. 3″ Princess Peach Ornament

This Princess Peach ornament is approximately 3 inches tall. It’s made out of plastic and it was created by Hallmark, which has created other Super Mario characters, so make sure to check them out too!

11. Fortnite Llama Ornament

Fortnite Llama Ornament

The Fortnite llama is such an iconic character and I love the bright colors on this ornament. It’s about 3.9 inches high, made out of high quality plastic. It’s an official Epic Games product made by Numskull.

12. Bioshock Ornament

Bioshock ornament
Photo by OutrunCustoms

I like this 3 inch acrylic Bioshock ornament because it’s not too flashy and looks somewhat elegant, while still showing your geeky side. The seller also has similar ornaments for Fallout, Super Smash Bros and The Legend of Zelda.

OutrunCustoms is based in the US and only ships within US. The shipping is free.

13. World of Warcraft Ornaments

World of Warcraft Ornaments
Photo by DonnasLaserCreations

I like the look of laser engraved wooden ornaments, they bring a touch of nature to a Christmas tree. These World of Warcraft ornaments are about 3.1 inches and you can choose from two factions and two designs – plain or with snowflakes. You can also choose what type of string you’d like – red or blue ribbon or a twine.

Donna from DonnasLaserCreations is based in the UK and they do accept returns.

14. 3D Printed Portal Ornaments

Portal Ornaments
Photo by Trevstopherprints

This is such a clever set of gamer ornaments! They are 3D printed in color PLA plastic rather than painted and assembled with Gorilla glue. I love the vibrant colors! They’re about 3.4 inches.

Trevstopherprints is based in Canada and they have a Portal cube ornament as well, so make sure to check out their shop.

15. Animal Crossing Ornament Crochet Patterns (PDF)

Animal Crossing Ornaments
Photo by Giftips

If you can crochet, these Animal Crossing crochet patterns are awesome for creating little ornament gifts or even just for yourself. You will get 4 PDF files for the characters of Sprinkle, Zucker, Ketchup and Stitches with step by step photos and detailed instructions. As this is a digital download and not a physical product, you can have it rightaway!

Tatyana from Giftips has other Animal Crossing crocheting patterns but you can also find patterns from Genshin Impact.

If you’d like to see more Animal Crossing gifts, check out my Animal Crossing gift guide!

16. 3D Printed Triforce Tree Topper

Photo by MBKraftStudio

Looking for a new topper? Why not this Triforce 3D printed one? It comes with a remote control and you can choose what size you’d like. You can also choose if you’d prefer a standard plug or battery powered light. The best thing about this topper is that you can use it all year round as a cool light decoration!

MBKraftStudio is based in the US. The topper is made to order so allow a few days before it can be shipped. The shipping is free and the seller accepts returns. Make sure to check out their store for more gamer ornaments and tree toppers.

17. Xbox Controller Ornament

Xbox Controller Ornament
Photo by SimplyAcrylicDesign

This cute 3mm (0.2 in) thick ornament can be ordered in various metallic colors – gold, silver and black. There’s also a colored mirror option, just bear in mind the other side is black.

SimpleAcrylicDesign is based in United Kingdom, so shipping overseas can take anywhere between 7 and 21 days. They accept returns except for custom and personalized orders.

18. Halo Master Chief Ornaments

Photo by HippieGypsyCo

Bead art is so cute and these 3″ Master Chief ornaments with Santa hats are no exceptions. You can choose either color (or all three!) and if you’d like a particular color for the ribbon, let the seller know! Make sure to check out their store as they have some more gamer ornaments, for example from Super Mario.

HippieGypsyCo is based in the US and they accept returns.

19. Personalized Gamer Ornament

Personalized Gamer Ornament
Photo by GingerspiceStudio

This beautiful 2.63″ gamer glass bauble looks really great, I really like the iridescent effect. It can be personalized in the back. The seller also has other video game related Christmas ornaments, so check them out.

Kathy from GingerspiceStudio is based in the US, the shipping is free! Personalized items can’t be returned unless the seller has made a mistake, so make sure to double check your personalized message before ordering.

20. Mass Effect Christmas Bauble

Mass Effect Ornaments
Photo by ShayaFuryArt

I adore these Mass Effect baubles! They are about 2 inches in diameter, made out of plastic and filled with paper stars. You can choose from five Mass Effect logos, including Andromeda, Pathfinder, N7, Paragon, Renegade and Cerberus.

If you’re ordering multiple baubles, make sure to let the seller know which ones you’d like. The seller also has a Dragon Age Kirkwall bauble.

ShayaFuryArt is based in Bulgaria, so make sure to order well in advance as they can’t guarantee successful delivery if you order in December.

21. Set of PlayStation Ornaments

Playstation ornaments

These black PlayStation baubles look very cool! You get a set of 4 matte glass ornaments and they come with a white ribbon. They’re an officially licensed PlayStation product.

22. Among Us Plush Ornament

Among Us Ornaments
Photo by TheLittleHamper

These Among Us ornaments are so cute! You can choose from 12 base colors and you can even order add on hats (for additional fee)! They’re made out of wool and felt. There is an option to order 6 character garland too.

TheLittleHamper is based in United Kingdom and your order will be shipped within 3-5 days.

23. Spiderman Christmas Ornament

Spiderman is the perfect ornament for your Christmas tree and it’s even better if he’s sporting a Santa hat and a sack full of presents. It’s about 4 inches tall and I love the dynamic pose. Created by Hallmark, this ornament is one of many related to video games and super heroes, so make sure to check out the entire Hallmark collection.

24. Fallout 4 Pixel Art Ornaments

Photo by AdamCrockett

These pixel art Fallout 4 decorations will be a great and unusal decorations to your tree. They’re made out of beads and you can choose between Vault Boy, Mini Nuke, Eyebot or Helmet or get all four! They are about 5 inches.

AdamCrockett is based in United States. The ornaments are sent in a padded envelope. The seller accepts returns.

25. Super Mario Ornaments

Super Mario Ornaments
Photo by RetroGamingCentre

Would you like one or two of the above pictured Super Mario ornaments? Why not all six of them? However many you choose, the 3D printed bright ornaments would looks great on your tree. Each ornament measures approximately 3.5 inches.

RetroGamingCentre is based in United Kingdom and as the name suggests, the store also has other cool gaming related products.

26. Nintendo Switch Game Holder Ornament

Joycon Game Holder Ornament
Photo by BradyBoots

Tiny Nintendo Switch game holder on your tree? Awesome idea! The 3D printed Switch is about 2.4 inches wide and the joycons can be removed to insert a Switch game card. If you’d like a different color of the joycons or the Switch itself, message the seller first before ordering.

BradyBoots is based in Canada and the shipping is free.

27. Metal Gear Solid Ornament

Metal Gear Solid Ornament
Photo by HiddenHeartTreasures

I like the vibrant colors in this 3D printed Foxhound Metal Gear Solid ornament. It’s about 3.5 inches tall and hand painted. It’s made to order, so if you need it quickly, make sure to order it well in advance.

HiddenHeartTreasures is based in the US. The seller has some other geeky ornaments, so make sure to check out their Etsy store.

If you’d like to see more Metal Gear Solid gifts, check out my Metal Gear Solid gift guide!

28. Set of 4 Resident Evil Keys Ornaments

Resident Evil Ornaments
Photo by PressAtoPlay

If you’re a fan of Resident Evil 2, this set of iconic Precinct keys to the Racoon City Police Station ornaments would looks great on your tree! And you can use them all-year round as cool keychains! They are made of metal and about 2.5 inches tall.

PressAtoPlay store is based in the US and they have a few other gamer ornaments, so check out their store.

29. The Witcher Ciri Ornament

Witcher Ciri Ornament
Photo by MagdabookmarksPL

I really like the drawing of Ciri and the vibrant colors on this wooden bauble! It’s about 3.3 inches tall.

MagdabookmarksPL is based in Poland and has some cute Witcher products. The shipping is free!

30. Elden Ring Ornament

Elden Ring Ornament
Photo by DeadwoodByMike

The Elden Ring logo looks really cool on this 4 inch ornament. It’s made out of birchwood and laser engraved. The seller has some other gamer ornament designs, so make sure to check out their store.

DeadwoodByMike is based in the United States.

No matter what gamer christmas ornaments hang on your tree, I hope you that you have happy holidays! Let me know which ones you like the best!


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