I met EBoy87 on a Twitch livestream over a year ago and since then we have become good friends. Since he’s currently planning to make a 24-hour charity livestream, I wanted to sit down with him and ask about his experience with livestreaming on Twitch.

EBoy87 will be rising money for the Cancer Reasearch UK Relay for Life on 30th April 2016. If you want to pop in and say hi (or even donate to this worthy cause!), make sure to visit his Twitch.tv channel.

Would you like to introduce yourself a little bit?

EBoy87Hi I’m Ian, aka EBoy87, I’m a 28 year old gamer and streamer, born in Hull Yorkshire and currently living in Derby with my wife of 2 years Kayleigh.

What or who has introduced you to gaming? What age were you?

I guess my earliest memory of gaming was back when I lived in Doncaster (I’d have been about 7). I had a Sega Master System and I loved Sonic the Hedgehog. I then got a Mega Drive for Christmas and my consoles have grown and evolved over the years, currently I play XBox One, 360 and Wii U.

When and why have you decided on livestreaming? Are you enjoying the experience?

I first got into live streaming just under 2 years ago. I had watched it for a while but never considered actually doing it until I got the Xbox One, as it had the built in feature to stream to Twitch straight from the console. Which was perfect for me at the time because I couldn’t really afford to buy the equipment to do it otherwise (Capture Card, better PC etc).

Do you have any fellow broadcasters that are an inspiration to you or that you look up to?

If we’re talking inspiration, my first mention has to be of Chuck (StraightUpKnife). This was a guy I found not long after I got my 360 and was big into Modern Warfare 3, which was the newest Call of Duty at the time. I just happened to search YouTube for “funny CoD vids” and he popped up and I’ve been following him ever since. He has also now branched into Twitch and I always try to get to his streams. I have a number of his t-shirts and I just like who he is as a person.

As for the inspiration to actually start streaming, that came from stumbling across Noah Watts’ stream. I’m a massive Assassin’s Creed fan and when my wife found out through Tumblr that he had a stream, I had to check it out. After being in his channel for a while, I saw the kind of community he cultivated on his stream and thought “I’d love to have a channel/community of decent, kind, like minded people like his” so there we are!

You are currently planning a 24-hour charity stream. Can you tell us more about that, what kind of charity you’re supporting and how do you prepare for such a long broadcast?

cruk-rfl-logo2Yes I am indeed planning a 24 hour charity Livestream in aid of Cancer Research UK’s Relay for Life (which I will be doing in July). I want to raise money for my team which ultimately all goes to CRUK and their continued fight to find a cure for cancer. As for preparation for this, it’s coming together nicely, you, as my moderator, have been amazing in your willingness to help. And now we have the time, date, schedule and giveaway prizes made!

We are now just working on the overlay and I’m researching the best way to survive a 24 hour straight stream with minimal breaks, haha! But I’m more than happy with how it’s coming together and I’m pushing it out as much as possible and getting a decent amount of shares for it on various social media sites, so I’m confident we can raise a good amount for this awesome charity!

What are the greatest obstacles that you have had to face being a broadcaster?

Wow, I’m not really sure on this one. As my channel is small by Twitch standards (286 followers as of now) I don’t have many real issues. I guess the only one that comes to mind, that I’ve had recently are trolls. I had a person invade my stream a week or so ago who kept creating multiple accounts and sending unpleasant messages in chat. Now this doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I’ve got broad shoulders, plus the person wasn’t very imaginative (your mum jokes etc.). If anything they make me laugh.

EBoy87 stream

Ark livestream

But that does lead on to a very major problem that we have nowadays (and I don’t just mean on Twitch, the Internet in general) you have anonymity, you’re sat behind a computer screen or typing on a smartphone, no one can see you physically and that gives certain types of people some illusion of security, you can say whatever you like no matter how nasty, hurtful or vile, and you’re PROTECTED by not being face to face with someone.

These people I (and many) call Keyboard Warriors; they can say all these mean things in the comfort of their room. But we all know that if they were put in front of the person they’re being horrible to, they wouldn’t even dare! Anyway, all I’ll say is that these people are everywhere online and the best thing you can do is ignore them (as much as you may want to respond) because all they want is some kind of reaction from you, so simply deny them that!

In your opinion, what are the best positives about livestreaming?

Easily the best part of streaming are the viewers and followers. Having a group of people who can have fun and share common interests as you and each other is a great thing to see in chat. I’m extremely proud of the community I’m cultivating on my channel, we are all decent, kind people who love to come together a couple of times a week on my channel and watch me play a game, but also have fun interacting with each other as well! So while I’m here I just want to say thank you to all of you, you’re making my new passion a very enjoyable one and we’re slowly growing and evolving together and I love that!

What do you see as the biggest drawback of livestreaming?

The biggest drawback? Other than the trolls I guess it’s something I occasionally struggle with, and that’s the feeling of responsibility, and by this I mean that I feel I have to spend more time streaming than I actually do because otherwise people may be disappointed. I’m getting better with it though, people may read this and think “but you only stream on weekends, what about the people who do it 24/7?” To that I say most of those streamers are partnered with Twitch and that has become their job and source of income (which ultimately is the goal for me). Sometimes after a busy week at my full time job, Ijust want to relax and spend time with my wife and just generally chill out.

I know that you have told me many times Dana, “if you don’t feel like it, then don’t stream” and I’m lucky that my community is understanding of that but there’s always this part of me that feels I’m letting people down, that somehow by not streaming for them, they will hate me for it which is simply NOT the case. I’m getting into the mindset now where, if I’m not for you? The that’s fine I don’t mind, because I have a community that does like me, and I them!

What are your plans regarding the future of your channel?

EBoy87 livestream

Older Assassin’s Creed 3 livestream with old overlay

Future of my channel? As I said, the goal for me is to eventually get partnered and make this my career as a lot of people already have. There’s good money in Twitch if you can make a success of it, and the ability to earn money whilst doing some thing that has always been a passion of mine, well, isn’t that the goal for everybody? However I am under no illusion this will take time and until then I’m happy to entertain people for a few hours each week.

Do you have any advice for people who are considering starting their own channel?

To anyone who wants to get into streaming I say – if you can do it, do it! But don’t think you will be an overnight success and have millions of followers after a few months. Of course there are those that have but not everyone does. My channel is slowly growing and now that I’ve passed the 200 follower mark, I have noticed an increase in followers. But it will take time so be patient, and most of all? ENJOY YOURSELF! If you love what you do, it will make each stream worthwhile and like me, you will appreciate the new friends and community that this can bring you!

Thank you Ian for your time!


If you’d like to stop by EBoy87’s livestream, make sure to follow him on Twitch and/or his Twitter. The 24-hour charity livestream will take place on Saturday 30th April 12pm GMT until Sunday 1st May 12pm GMT. If you’d like to donate, you can do so at this page.

If you’d like me to conduct other Twitch streamer interviews, make sure to leave a comment below. If you have additional questions for EBoy87, he’d love to hear them!


  1. I have a question but keep in mind my first gaming system was Pong. It’s only game was a form of Tennis. There were two long dashes on opposite sides of the screen (left and right) with a dot the represented the ball. The whole community would come to my house to play that game. LOL.

    I don’t know anything about streaming but I like the idea of a charity event. Will EBoy87 be gaming with others for 24 hrs or doing something else? Also, is it not a games dream to have an excuse to game for 24 hrs? LOL

    • Comment by EBoy87

      Hi Tony,
      Thanks for your question, I have a variety of games scheduled in for the charity stream, I do indeed plan to play with followers/viewers on a few of the games!

  2. Great post! I remember back in the day I used to play video games a lot. It’s a shame I don’t play much anymore. I know live streaming is popular as my nephews are always watching videos of people playing their favorite games. I think it’s awesome how it integrates the real time reactions of the players. It just brings another special aspect to it. Gaming is a huge industry and a lot of people are getting famous for it. I commend Eboy87 on doing the charity event to both raise money and awareness. Good job!

    • Comment by EBoy87

      Thanks for your kind comment Andy, gaming has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.
      As for the charity stream, Cancer Research is a very worthy cause, I think pretty much everyone has had some kind of experience with cancer, whether it be themselves, someone in their family or friends.

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