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While the title says Christmas gifts, these very cool items can be purchased as a gift for any occasion, whether for your loved ones or even for yourself. If you or someone you know loves The Last of Us games, these gifts are definitely awesome to get!

NatMakesArtStudio - Ellie Portrait
Photo by NatMakesArtStudio

Ellie Drawing

This Ellie pencil drawing from the first game is super gorgeous! It’s drawn on an A4 format paper and varnished to protect it from UV lights.

The seller, NatMakesArtStudio, also has other drawings from games like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and more! They are based in Spain.

DeanDraws - Joel & Ellie Pin
Photo by DeanDraws

Joel & Ellie Enamel Pin

This beautiful gold-planted pin is about 2.5 inches (6.35 cm), so it’s not a dainty one! It has two spurs on the back, so that it’s super secure and comes with rubber backing.

Dean has other pins as well, including Marvel, DC, and other video game ones, so make sure to check them out! The seller is based in the US.

Damuch0 - Ellie & Dina Sticker
Photo by Damuch0

Ellie & Dina Sticker

This is such a cute Ellie & Dina sticker! It’s made out of vinyl, die cut and laminated to last long. It measures about 3 inches (7.62 cm) in width.

The seller, Damuch0, is based in the US and have other Dina and Ellie stickers, so check them out!

CrisisEstudio - Clicker Wall Hanging
Photo by CrisisEstudio

Clicker Wall Hanging

The attention to detail on this Clicker wall hanging is superb! It measures approximately 11.8 inches (~ 30 cm) and it’s made to order.

The seller, CrisisEstudio, is based in Chile. They have other gorgeous Clicker busts, and other items from popular culture as well.

InkTreeCreations - Firefly pendant
Photo by InkTreeCreations

Firefly Customizable Necklace

This beautiful Firefly pendant necklace is customizable. You can choose whichever text you want, including numbers and special characters. The 1.5″ pendant is made out of aluminum and hung on a stainless steel ball chain.

The seller, InkTreeCreations, is based in the US and offers discount on multiple necklaces

LighthouseLED - Ellie's Tattoo Light
Photo by LighthouseLED

Ellie’s Tattoo LED Light

Ellie’s tattoo is pretty iconic without looking like it’s from a video game. This LED light ïs powered by 3 AAA batteries (or a USB cable), and you can pick between 16 colors. It also comes with a remote control.

The seller, LighthouseLED, is based in the US and offers other gaming-related LED lights, so check them out!

MaryMetzgerCo - Ellie Print
Photo by MaryMetzgerCo

Ellie Print

If you like to collect prints, then this Ellie one is simply the one to go for! This gorgeous artwork is printed on a 8.5″ x 11″ heavyweight matte paper.

The seller, MaryMetzgerCo, is based in the US. They have also other TLoU prints, so make sure to check them out!

PrinceRevenant - Ellie & Abby Charms
Photo by PrinceRevenant

Abby & Ellie Keychains

These 2″ acrylic keychains are so cute! They’re clear and double-sided, and come with a star shaped clasp.

The seller, PrinceRevenant, is based in Canada. They also sell other gorgeous artwork from video games such as Resident Evil or Dragon Age.

CutlightCreations - Wooden Coaster
Photo by CutlightCreations

Firefly Stop Sign Wooden Coaster

Wooden coasters look very stylish and thanks to the material, no two coasters will look the same! These 3.93″ (~10cm) coasters are made out of oak wood, laser cut and hand varnished.

The seller, CutlightCreations, is based in the UK. They have other TLoU related coasters, as well as other video games.

3DeadRingers - Clicker Bust Kit
Photo by 3DeadRingers

Clicker Bust Resin Kit

If you or a loved one are crafty, this 3D printed Clicker bust resin kit will be a great gift! It comes in two pieces, and you can either paint it, or leave it as it is in your collections. You can choose what kind of scale you prefer!

The seller, 3DeadRingers, is based in France.

ArtCrist - Ellie's Backpack
Photo by ArtCrist

Ellie’s Backpack

This game-accurate Ellie’s backpack is definitely a great choice for any Ellie cosplay, but you can also use it in your day-to-day life! It comes with the iconic pins already attached.

The seller, ArtCrist, is based in Peru. They have other TLoU cosplay props, so make sure to check them out!

AlmudenaRFShop - The Last of Us 2 Drawing
Photo by AlmudenaRFShop

The Last of Us 2 Print

This is such a great composition for the drawing! It was originally drawn with pencils and crayons, then scanned and printed on a high quality paper in A5 size.

The seller, AlmudenaRFShop, is based in Spain. They have other TLoU and other video game prints, so check out their Etsy store!

DioramacubeNet - The Last of Us 1
Photo by DioramacubeNet

The Last of Us 1 Diorama

Dioramas are a such a cool way to display 3D scenes without actually having 3D printer. The cube is around 3.54 inches (~ 9 cm) and the inside diorama is printed on a high quality glossy photo paper.

The seller, DioramacubeNet, is based in Austria. They have other video game dioramas, so make sure to check them out!

RetroLicker - Firefly Stop Sign
Photo by RetroLicker

Firefly Stop Sign

This Firefly STOP sign is a really cool decoration to any fan’s home. It’s about 12 inches and made out of metal. I really like the distressed effect!

The seller, RetroLicker, is based in the UK. Check their store for more TLoU goodies!

The Last Of Us pillow

The Last of Us 1 Pillow

This is such a cute cartoon of Joel and Ellie from the first game! You can order the same design on multiple products, like T-shirts, mugs, prints and many more.

The artist, PatrickBrownArt, also has other video game artwork for sale, so make sure to check their shop!

ConsoleCorner - Cassette & Pin
Photo by ConsoleCorner

TLoU2 Apollo Cassette & Rocket Pin

The Museum scene is definitely my favorite from TLoU2 (the feels!)! It’s great to commemorate it with this cassette prop (which you can also get with the Apollo audio) and the rocket pin.

The seller, Console Corner, is based in the UK. They have other TLoU props, so make sure to check their Etsy store!

Velinxi - Joel & Ellie Stickers
Photo by Velinxi

Joel & Ellie Sticker Set

As I mentioned above, the Museum flashback part is my favorite, and Ellie putting hats on the dinosaurs is a good reprieve from the darkness of the rest of the game. There are 2 other super-cute stickers with the museum theme in the listing, so it’s up to you which to choose. Or maybe all of them?

The seller, Velinxi, is based in the US.

CasaDiLo - Ellie Figure
Photo by CasaDiLo

Ellie 3D Printed Statue

This 3D printed Ellie statue is about 8.26 inches (~ 21cm) tall, made out of resin and hand-painted. I like the monochromatic look with the splash of “blood” on the logo.

The seller, CasaDiLo, is based in Italy. They have other video games statues like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher, God of War and more.

HannahMationStudios - Joel & Ellie & Sarah keychain
Photo by HannahMationStudios

Ellie & Joel & Sarah Keychain

I absolutely love that this double-sided keychain includes both Ellie and Sarah. It’s about 3.85″ tall and is made out of acrylic.

The seller, HannahMationStudios, is based in the US. They have other video game products, so make sure to check them out!

I wrote a review on an Ellie statue from The Last of Us 2, which you can read here. It’s definitely a great gift for any collector!

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