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Stardew Valley has more than thirty thousand concurrent Steam players and around ten thousand Twitch viewers on a daily basis. And that’s just Steam! The game is available across all platforms, and it’s a well-loved RPG title.

I wanted to highlight some creative people in the fandom, so I compiled seventeen Stardew Valley related gifts for your loved ones (or yourself!), no matter the occasion.

Let me know which gift(s) you like the most! I wouldn’t be able to choose just one!

1. Stardew Valley Elliot Print

Stardew Valley Elliot Print - ArcaneGoldArt
Photo by ArcaneGoldArt

This is such a gorgeous fan art representation of Elliot and it definitely depicts his character accurately! You can get the print in two sizes: 8.5 x 11 inches (~ 22 x 28 cm) and 4 x 6 inches (~10 x15 cm). The artwork is printed on a quality satin finish card stock paper.

The seller, ArcaneGoldArt, is based in the US. Orders take between one and three weeks to send out, so make sure to order well in advance. Make sure to check out their store for more Stardew Valley related items.

2. Stardew Valley Dice Bag

Stardew Valley Dice Bag - LunaLynes
Photo by LunaLynes

Are you dice all over the place? Why not get this super cute dice bag with Stardew Valley themed pattern to keep them all in place? You can choose from 3 patterns. The dice bag is 7 x 8 inches (~18 x 20 cm) and is made out of cotton.

The seller, LunaLynes, is based in the UK. The bag is made to order, so allow 1 to 2 weeks before it’s shipped. Check out their Etsy store for more Stardew Valley stuff!

3. Crochet Junimo Plushie

Stardew Valley Junimo by YarnitBunny
Photo by YernitBunny

Junimos in Stardew Valley are so cute and these crocheted ones are no different! They are approximately 2 inches (~ 5 cm) tall and come in a plethora of colors for you to choose from.

They are made out of 100% acrylic and stuffed with washable polyester stuffing for extra squish. You can wash them in the wash machine on a gentle cycle in lukewarm water.

The seller Yarnitbunny is located in Singapore and the Junimos are sent in a tracked package. Check out their shop for more Stardew Related crocheted stuff!

4. Custom Stardew Valley Farm Sign

Stardew Valley Custom Farm Sign by WayforkWoodworks
Photo by WayforkWoodworks

This Stardew Valley inspired sign is a great addition to your garden or even just your room. You can choose from two sizes and two finishes – either flat letters or raised letters.

If you would like something bigger or with longer text than the predefined sizes allow, contact the seller and they’ll make a custom order for you.

The seller, WayforkWoodworks, is based in the US. The shipping is free at the time of posting.

5. Junimo Forest Spirit Pillow

Stardew Valley Junimo Pillow

This is such a supercute design of the Junimo forest spirit! It looks great on a pillow but you can also have the same design on a t-shirt, a mug, a sticker, as a poster and much more.

The artist has more Stardew Valley designs, so make sure to check their store!

6. Stardew Valley Enamel Pin

Stardew Valley Enamel Pin AddictedFromThings
Photo by AddictedFromThings

Everyone loves pins, and if they don’t, well…they’re missing out on this super cute Stardew Valley gold enamel pin. It comes in 5 base colors (pink, purple, green, yellow, blue). It measures about 1.3 x 0.4 inches (~3.3 x 1 cm).

The seller, AddictedFromThings, is based in Italy, so make sure to order in advance if you’re from the US.

7. Pelican Town T-Shirt

Stardew Valley Pelican Town Tshirt

I love me some graphical tees with cool logos and this Pelican Town one is no exception. It comes in two fits + kids size and a ton of colors to choose from.

You can choose to have this design on a variety of products – other clothing items, laptop cases, tapestries, prints, mugs and a lot more.

8. Stardrop Pendant/Charm

Stardew Valley Stardrop Charm by VideoGameCollectorHQ
Photo by VideoGameCollectorHQ

This Stardrop charm is SO cute! Love the bright vibant colors and its little face! The charm/pendant is made out of polymer clay.

The seller, VidoGameCollectorHQ, is based in the US. You can check out their Etsy store for more Stardew Valley goodies!

9. Stardrop Saloon Whiskey Glass

Stardew Valley Stardrop Saloon Glass by GladfoxHandcrafted
Photo by GladfoxHandcrafted

Does The Stardrop Staloon have branded whiskey glasses? I reckon that they do and they might as well look like this one! It’s a 12oz (~354ml) whiskey glass with the saloon logo etched by hand in front.

The seller, GladfoxHandcrafted, is based in the US. This design is also available on a wine glass, so make sure to check out their Etsy store.

10. Stardew Valley Seasons Soy Candle

Stardew Valley Candles by NerdieNifties
Photo by NerdieNifties

Wouldn’t it be cool to burn Stardew Valley inspired candles while you play the game? Now you can with these handmade, vegan and cruelty-free soy wax candles!

You can choose from themed candles – Spring (flower scent), Summer (watermelon), Autumn (pumpkin) and Winter (mint) or you can get them all!

The seller, NerdieNifties, is based in the US. They have more Stardew Valley related candles on offer, so make sure to check out their Etsy shop.

11. Junimo Planters

Stardew Valley Junimo Planters by CraftIRL
Photo by CraftIRL

These 3D printed planters are super cute! Not only do they come with a pot tray and drainage holes, you can choose from 3 cute expressions and 10 colors. In addition to that, the large planter can also be done in rainbow/prismatic colors!

The seller, CraftIRL, is based in Canada. They have a few Stardew Valley items in their Etsy shop, so don’t miss out on those either!

12. Stardew Valley Fishing Bridge Diorama

Stardew Valley Diorama by PastPixel
Photo by PastPixel

I find these dioramas so cute and clever! I like how they capture a moment in time in 3D, not just as a picture. You can choose to have custom characters featured in the diorama or you can order as is. The diorama cube is 3.5 inches (~ 9 cm).

The seller, PastPixel, is based in the US. Shipping is free at the time of posting and they have other cute Stardew Valley dioramas to choose from!

13. Dance of the Moonlight Jellies Event Art Print

Stardew Valley Dance of the Moonlight Jellies Print by AshleyMorganArt
Photo by AshleyMorganArt

This art print is so hecking pretty! I love the vibrant blue and purple coloring and the prominent text. You can choose from two sizes – 8 x 10 inches (~20 x 25 cm) or 11 x 14 inches (~28 x 36 cm). It’s printed on a semi-matte high quality fine art paper. The art print doesn’t come with a frame.

The seller, AshleyMorganArt, is based in the US and has more beautiful Stardew Valley prints in their Etsy store.

14. Grow More Junimos Mug

Stardew Valley Junimo Mug

So simple, yet so effective and super cute! Stardew Valley line art featuring Junimos, Stardrops, mountains, trees and flowers. The design is made interesting by the “displaced” coloring.

This design is available also as a sticker, wall art, pillow, on T-shirts, tank tops, and a lot more.

15. Stardew Valley Character Buttons

Stardew Valley buttons by CrayLabsArt
Photo by CrayLabsArt

These character buttons are super cute! You can choose a set of two or get more! You can choose the pictured Stardew Valley characters or you can choose others from the game at no extra cost. The buttons measure approximately 1.5 inches (~ 4 cm).

The seller, CrayLabsArt, is based in the US. Make sure to check out their Etsy store for more Stardew Valley goodies!

16. Stardrop Saloon Coasters Set

Stardew Valley Stardrop Salloon Coasters byy WraithProps
Photo by WraithProps

Cool coasters always come in handy, especially when there are visitors! Now you can add this cool set to your collection. These coasters are 3D printed and painted and have a cork base. There are two designs – the Stardrop Saloon logo and a Stardrop, in a set of four coasters.

The seller, WraithProps, is based in Canada, and they have a few Stardew Valley related products in their Etsy shop.

17. Stardew Valley Scroll Magnet

Stardew Valley Scroll magnet by SophieGrunnet
Photo by SophieGrunnet

Are you the best farmer in Pelican Town? Then you should definitely order one of these game inspired magnets! They’re small and cute and come in two variants – Farm Deed or Best Farmer. Additionally, you can add your name to it to make it more unique and personalized to you or your loved one.

They’re about 4 x 2 inches (~10 x 5 cm) and are made out of paper, wood, leather, and a magnet.

The seller, SophieGrunnet, is based in Denmark. Check out their Etsy shop for more Stardew Valley related items.

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