Product Reviews

From time to time I will be posting reviews of video game merchandise that I’ve purchased. My aim is to help you figure out if the product is something that you would want. There’s so many products nowadays and it can be a bit tedious to find quality gaming merchandise and memorabilia.

How do I create my reviews?

It’s pretty simple. Like you, I love gaming memorabilia. T-shirts, hoodies, bags, jewelry, stationery, plushies, geeky gadgets, mugs, posters,… you name it.

I want to help you choose the best product for you and give you insight into the item you’re interested in. My reviews will be very honest and thorough, including my own photos. Maybe I will be reviewing  a product you yourself have already tried, so if you see a product review like that here, please add your experience in the comments of the post. I’m sure both of our reviews will be helpful for people who come across this website.

Can you review product X?

If there is a product I haven’t yet covered in my reviews, please let me know! Bear in mind there are some limitations – namely my bank account (hehe) and shipping destinations. Some shops unfortunately do not ship to my country (Czech Republic) but if I can find the same product in a different shop, I will give it a go!

If you want to read my reviews, please do check out my product reviews category for a list of my review posts. If at any point you have a question or comment about the product I’m reviewing, please let me know in the comments of the post!