After my experience with Loot Crate in February of this year, I have decided to try out other subscription boxes. For March I’ve chosen MyGeekBox, which is based in United Kingdom. I placed my order on March 12th and the box arrived on March 29th.

From what I’ve heard/seen, MyGeekBox have always had a certain monthly theme but it seems like they have abandoned this setup and instead are sending 5-7 random geeky items.

Subscription box: MyGeekBox
Description: MyGeekBox features 5-7 geeky merchandise. If you can’t afford the regular MyGeekBox, there is also a Lite version for cheaper!
Price: starting at £16.49 + P&P
Shipping: ships worldwide for £3.99

The website

The website is really nice, I like the blue and red color theme. It’s pretty easy to navigate, showing you the two options you have for subscription – ‘My GeekBox’ and ‘Pop! and a Top’. Gaming geek box is coming soon, which I’m really excited about.

The website is also an e-store where you can order past boxes (!) among other geeky goodness. You can choose to shop in British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros. It seems like they ship worldwide for pretty decent shipping costs.

The box itself

The box is surprisingly  a bit larger than the Lootcrate one. It measures 28cm x 19cm x 10.3cm (11.02in x 7.48in x 4.05in). I was pleasantly surprised that the box didn’t come as it is in the photos, but it was put in a plastic bag of sorts to prevent water damage. Which I’d imagine is a necessity considering UK’s infamous weather situation. 🙂

The Geekbox logo is only at the top of the box and there’s a small hashtag #megeekbox, otherwise the box is very plain.

First look inside

The inside is very simple and plain, unlike the Lootcrate one. It does have links for following on Twitter and the website, encouraging the customer to share the unboxing on various social media.

This is what my GeekBox contained for March 2016:

  • 1 die cast TARDIS
  • 1 Deadpool plushie
  • 1 Batman vs. Superman ladies t-shirt size M
  • 1 Transformers mystery figure
  • 1 World of Warcraft mystery figure


Being a Doctor Who fan, I was very happy with the large TARDIS die cast that took up half of the box. It’s pretty heavy and the paint is detailed and clean. It’s 14.5cm tall (5.7 in) and the base is 7.1cm (2.79 in). I’m also definitely a person who unboxes her toys, are you?

Manufacturer: BBC
My rating: 10/10

Deadpool Plushie

As you may probably know, I’m a huge fan of Deadpool, so when I found out I got a plushie, I was ecstatic. He’s very sturdy and firm due to the stuffing. His arms are not as stuffed, so they can be easily moved back and forth. The plushie has two black felt swords attached the back. The only ‘issue’ I have with this is the placement of the product tag. It’s to big to be on the side, I’d probably put it on the back instead. He can’t stand on his own because his feet are stuffed and are not flat but as long as there’s a small anchor behind him, it’s fine.

Material: 100% polyester fiber
Manufacturer: Bleacher Creatures, licensed by Marvel
My rating: 9.5/10

Batman vs. Superman T-Shirt

I’m probably one of the few people who don’t care much about comics or superheroes (Deadpool aside), but what I like about this shirt is that you don’t get smacked in the face that it’s a Batman and Superman right away. The fabric is comfortable and seems to be good quality. If you’re going to try the GeekBox out, I really urge you to double check the sizing info. While I’m normally M, this shirt size seems to be made for young adult females. It still fits me but it’s definitely  tighter.

I apologize for the wrinkles on the shirt in the photos, I took it straight out of the washing machine. 🙂

Material: 90% cotton, 10% polyester
My rating: 10/10

Transformer Mystery Figure

I have to say I know zero about Transformers, so I can’t tell you the name of this little purple fella. It’s cute though. It’s 4cm tall (1.57 in), the limbs are not movable.

Manufacturer: Heathside Trading Ltd.

Fun facts: Oldest Youtube Gamer

World of Warcraft Mystery Figure

I don’t play World of Warcraft, so again I can’t tell you the name of this little green thing. Unlike the Transformer, this figure has  movable limbs and head. The hammer in his hand can be removed and clipped onto his back. This one was definitely easier to assemble (unlike the Walking Dead zombie from Lootcrate) and I was done in two minutes.

From the attached brochure it seems my figure is a common one, but there are also epic and legendary figures in other packets.

Manufacturer: MEGA Brands Inc.
My rating: 10/10


I also wanted to touch onto this topic, since I’ve had a few problems. A few days after my box arrived, I wanted to cancel my subscription for the next month. Only because this was a one month trial run for me to see whether GeekBox is worth it and also my credit card was about to expire in March. The front page says cancel anytime, FAQ don’t have any info about cancelling a subscription, only in Terms and Conditions is a vague mention of cancelling within 14 days of receiving the products.

Normally subscription services have a cancel button, where you can cancel with just one click. On My GeekBox you need to actually contact the support via a ticket. They told me that I can cancel my subscription within 14 days of when they dispatch. That would be cool if that was mentioned anywhere. In their FAQ it also states that they send an email when the boxes are dispatched but I didn’t get anything, so if there was a mention of the 14 days cancellation period, I could not have known.

In the end we worked it out but it’d definitely save me all the nerves and hassle if I knew all this beforehand. The support assured me they are updating the Terms and conditions.


I think My GeekBox is worth the money, if only to try it out. And if you don’t feel like trying out the subscription box, you could check out the geek shop on the same website. If you’d like to compare MyGeekBox to Lootcrate, you can read my Lootcrate review here.

My overall rating: 9/10

Have you tried MyGeekBox in the past or are you a subscriber already? What is your experience? Are you subscribed to other geeky boxes like this? If you’d like me to do a review of another subscription service, let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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    I would love the Geek box. Thank you for the opportunity!

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