January sure was a wild year, right? At least it feels like that! Here’s the first of my monthly recaps. I’ll be giving my opinion on the happenings in the gaming and streaming world. It’s a mixed bag of fun and not so fun things.

2nd January

Rust Makes a Comeback

Late in 2020, the team behind OfflineTV and Youtuber and streamer Valkyrae set up a Rust server for 50 content creators. Big streaming names like Pokimane, Shroud, Sykkuno, CorpseHusband, xQc and Jacksepticeye, Rust made a “comeback” to the wider public again, gaining large popularity thanks to the big name streamers, who have brought their large audiences.

At one point Rust has become the most watched video game on Twitch, surpassing games like Among Us and Fortnite in popularity. While some people stopped playing due to the PVP nature and griefing (Valkyrae and Pokimane most notably), the 2013 game is still going strong on Twitch.

It’s funny to me how old (or unknown) games can gain popularity just because some large content creators start streaming it.

I like Rust and play it a lot from time to time (only PvE servers though). With the recent resurgence and my friend wanting to play, I started playing it again. I’m really enjoying it at the moment.

A lot of people complain about the monthly required wipes but I think it’s a good thing. Every first Thursday of the month the game gets a major update, the servers get wiped (all buildings, maps, etc.) and you start afresh. To be honest, you can do a lot in just a few days. If the wipes weren’t introduced, you’d get all the loot, you’d build the best base and after that there will be nothing to keep you there.

This way you can try something new each time, do things differently and on new servers without being worried about the other players being all geared up with the best stuff.

7th January


Twitch removed the original PogChamp emote from their service. The emote was most often used to express excitement or shock. The face of the emote, a streamer by the name of Gootecks, encouraged the violence that occured at the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th.

A lot of Twitch users complained on Twitter, asking Twitch to fix their DMCA issues first. Normally I would agree but DMCA issues most likely need some laws to change first. Deleting an emote takes a few clicks.

12th January

The voice actors Slink Johnson (Lamar) and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin), recreated the iconic scene from GTA V. You can see the video below (18+). Such a cool scene, it really made me laugh.


13th January

Razer face mask

Razer has released a concept of a hi-tech N95 mask in a project called Project Hazel. It comes with clear plastic around the mouth, built-in microphone and amplifier, RGB colors, detachable ventilator and auto-sterilization.

Clear mask is definitely a plus for people who are hard of hearing or deaf, since with this mask they could lip read other people. There are several things that I take issues with, though I do realize this is just a concept.

First off, the RGB is so unnecessary. Why is everything RGB nowadays, does it make look like a true Gamer˜™? Does it make me look cooler? I don’t know how I feel about RGB lights lighting up the spit from inside the clear mask.

Next from what I understand, masks with vents are not recommended as a substitute for proper medical masks. Though there are filters, I’m not sure this would pass as a medical tool.

What about sizing? This is not one-size-fits all scenario. Everyone is built differently, it can be small on some people or too big for others. They claim it’s airtight, but with the differences between different people, this won’t work as one size.

Speaking of the airtight seal around the face, they advertise the mask on their website with a photo that clearly shows that the mask isn’t airtight under the eyes / around the cheekbones. Please see image below:

At this point I’d probably save the money rather than buying this.

21st January

Dead By Daylight Colorblind Mode

One of the Dead by Daylight developers, when asked on stream about colorblind mode for the game, said he’s tired of “being badgered about it”. Then went on to say the following (direct quote from the clip):

“If it gets done it’ll get done when we’ll, when we have time to do it, or if somebody decides that it’s something should – that should be done.”

We’re in 2021, there are no excuses not to make your game accessible for everyone. Not to mention this game has been around since 2016. There has been plenty of time to add it. Obviously it wasn’t a priority.

Thankfully the people behind the official Dead By Daylight Twitter account came out saying they have been working on it for a while. Maybe if they mentioned it, colorblind people wouldn’t have to constantly ask about it and the devs wouldn’t feel “badgered”.

22nd January

Xbox Rises Prices of Xbox Live Gold Then Backpedals

Xbox has announced that they will be raising the cost of Xbox Live Gold subscription to $120 per year (previously $60). After a large wave of criticism, they have decided not to go with the updated prices.

Xbox was the only platform left where you had to pay for Live Gold to play Free To Play games (such as Fortnite, Apex,…). Microsoft has announced that they will no longer require a Live Gold subscription to play these kinds of games.

Many have speculated that this was a way to make people switch to the Game Pass subscription (Ultimate Game Pass with Console, PC and Live Gold is currently at $15/month), while others happily switched to Playstation (the equivalent of Live Gold is Playstation Plus, which is currently $60).

As I play mostly on PC, it’s really wild to me that people have to pay to play multiplayer games. Sure, the deals with Gold is great and you can get great games for free each month but to pay for playing with your friends? It’s a bit insane to me.

Personally, Game Pass isn’t worth it for me because I only play a few games on my Xbox and only a handful times (I still prefer PC). Plus I like to own the games.

Twitch Streamer Caught

Trigger warning for child abuse

A clip was posted on Twitter, showing a US Twitch streamer by the name of Buckkerz being abusive to his toddler son. He was playing Madden 21 with his son in his lap. In-game he wasn’t doing well, which prompted him to slam his controller on the table, breaking it.

Obviously the toddler had no clue what was happening and reacted to the outburst with crying. Buckkerz complained about breaking his $300 controller, then more or less dumped the toddler onto a nearby chair. The baby kept crying, obviously in distress, and Buckkerz proceeded to scream “Shut the f- up” directly into the toddler’s face. Shortly after the stream ended.

One of his 5 Twitch viewers then shared the clip on Twitter, rightfully causing a wave of backlash towards the streamer. Buckkerz was quick to delete all his social media, including Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. According to Twitter, Child Protection Services were called in. As of now there are no more updates on this story.

I’m not going to post the clip here for obvious reasons, but you can search his Twitch name on Twitter and the video will pop up. It makes me wonder, if this is how he acts on camera, I don’t want to know what happens off camera. I really hope that the toddler is now safe and away from this abusive behavior.

Addon: An alleged relative came out on Reddit sharing a statement from the wife. Both she and the toddler are safe and the authorities are involved.

23rd January

Twitch fails to moderate their own official channel

Twitch hosted a Participation Ceremony on the official Twitch channel to look at the most memorable Twitch moments from 2020. The show was hosted by various Twitch streamers and they gave out awards in many categories.

Twitch partner, negaoryx, went on Twitter to call out the behavior of some users in the chat. While moderators seemed present in the chat, nothing was done to combat hate speech and harassment. Here’s the start of the thread started by negaoryx:

I find it quite ironic that Twitch wants their creators to mod their chats. As a streamer, you can actually be banned on Twitch for allowing hate speech and harassment in your chat. The phrase “do as I say, not as I do” comes to mind here.

Aaaand that’s the end of Janaury 2021! Let me know if you enjoyed this recap and if I should keep doing them each month! 🙂

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