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The Last Of Us II has certainly received mixed reviews over the past eleven months since the game has been out. Both games in the franchise are heart-wrenching though and both have won numerous awards.

The main characters have become iconic in the gaming world and it’s no wonder a lot of merchandise has been made to celebrate the success of the games.

One of the most popular merchandise that gamers usually get are action figures and statues. I have decided to buy a statue of Ellie with a bow from The Last of Us II and write a little review here.

Last Of Us 2 Ellie Statue


  • Manufacturer: Dark Horse Comics
  • Ages: 14+
  • Height: 8 inches (~ 21 cm)
  • Width: 6.9 inches (~17.5 cm)
  • Weight (statue only): 12.25 ounces (~ 349 g)
  • Material: PVC
  • Box: 10.1 (h) x 8.11 (w) x 7.12 (d) inches (~25.7 x 20.6 x 18.1 cm)

This 8″ figure was released on December 9, 2020, nearly six months since The Last Of Us Part II first came out. The statue itself was designed and sculpted by the artists at Naughty Dog, who have developed the games. The prototype was created by Gentle Giant Studios, who also did all the paintwork on the statue.


The Ellie statue comes in quite a large box, standing at about 10″ tall, 8″ wide and 7″ deep. It’s safely enclosed in a blister packaging inside the box, so there’s little chance of breaking.

The box came in a package that was padded with ample enough of packing material, so it arrived safely.

The front, top and the sides of the box are transparent, while the bottom and back are covered and printed with the necessary information and additional imagery.

I wasn’t sure what to expect weight-wise as I’ve never owned a statue of this size. Although I do own a Connor Kenway figure from Assassin’s Creed that comes close to the 8″ size, it’s not as heavy as this one.

It weighs about twelve ounces and feels sturdy and not flimsy in any way. At the bottom of the base there is copyright and trademark information.

Sculpting and Paint

Out of the box I immediately noticed the detailed sculpting and paintjob of the whole statue.

The Statue Base

The base sounds hollow when I tap it but as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t feel flimsy. The game title is carved into the base and the texture on it reminds me of wood. I think that’s a nice touch rather than leaving the base smooth.

I like the sculpting of the ground beneath Ellie’s feet. The rocks are pretty detailed with various textures, even the moss “growing” on them has its own bumpy texture. I like the addition of the wooden planks and little pebbles scattered around.

Ellie’s Likeness

One of the most important aspects of video game statues apart from the quality is the likeness to the character. I was pleased that Ellie’s features closely match her in-game appearance. There is a fierce look on her face covered in blood, reflecting the game’s theme of vengeance.

The hair is nicely sculpted and painted with different shades to create more depth and realism. The skintone is even, her lips are painted with soft pink color. I was surprised to see that the bags under her eyes and the creases between her eyebrows are sculpted as well; the detailed work is amazing.

For comparison, in my previous review of the Amanda Ripley action figure, her lips and face were painted one color, which made her face look a little bit flat.

Despite her features being small, the painjob is pretty much precise, the eyes have a clear lashline, iris and pupil.

I would probably choose a different shade of red for the blood on her face and neck but I’m just being nitpicky. 🙂

Ellie’s Clothes and Body Details

All the fabric on Ellie’s clothes is very realistic, from frayed edges on the sleeves and jeans to the creases in the material, the seams, the fly, the pockets and the belt loops. Everything is sculpted very well, the subtle texture on the jeans makes it even more awesome.

There’s a bit of weathering present on the clothes, giving the impression of well-worn and ‘lived-in’ material. Her shoes are scuffed and dirty and the laces are sculpted rather than just painted on.

I’m a sucker for tattoos and I already liked Ellie’s tattoo in the game, which was meant to cover up her bite mark scar. The tattoo consists of a moth and leaves and on the statue it’s very clear and crisp. I like that it’s not black like a fresh tattoo but more of a bluish tone like tattoos tend to get as they age.

I like that they have included freckles on her arms (as well as dirt). There’s a tiny patch of paint missing on the arm holding the bow but it’s miniscule and you have to look close to see it.

Ellie’s Accessories

It wouldn’t be Ellie without her iconic backpack and a bow.

The sculpting and paintjob of the backpack are really great and realistic. The tabs, the zippers and the pockets are all well defined. The silver pins are really well detailed. The paint is really made to precision, even the tiniest detail like the zipper is painted cleanly.

The moon with a rocket pin reminds me of the flashback when Joel took Ellie to the Wyoming Museum of Science and History for her sixteenth birthday.

The backpack has three arrows sticking out of it as a makeshift quiver. They are made out of softer plastic, so they’re a bit bendy. But I’d definitely be careful with them.

On the side of the backpack there is a bloody machete attached to it. The blade isn’t smooth but rather jagged at the tip. It’s also a bit softer like the arrows.

Ellie is holding a bow, which is fairly sturdy. The attached arrow is of the same softer material as the arrows in her backpack and might not snap off as there’s some give to it. The string of the bow is a simple brown string, not elastic.

Final Thoughts

The superb sculpt and the precise paintwork makes this statue a very nice piece you can proudly display in your collection. For any fan of The Last of Us II, this Ellie statue is worth every penny.

My overall rating: 10/10

PS: Psst, do you know how to take care of your action figures and statues? I wrote a handy post with tips and tricks how to keep your collectibles clean and safe!

Here’s a little video of the unboxing!

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