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Kiss Me, I’m Irish! – Jacksepticeye Merchandise

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If you’ve been to my blog before or know me in real life, you know that I’m not Irish. And you’re probably asking who the heck is Jacksepticeye. Since St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, I have decided to write about my favorite Irishman, the loud and boisterous Jacksepticeye, one of my favorite Youtubers.

@Jacksepticeye InstagramWho is Jacksepticeye?

Jacksepticeye (his real name is Sean) is an Irish youtuber who uploads 2 gaming Let’s Play videos (and sometimes vlogs and ‘reading your comments’ videos) every day to Youtube. At the time of this article he currently has 9,186,569 Youtube subscribers and over 4 billion channel views. He plays any and all kinds of games. His distinguishing marks are his green hair and flat cap that he wears in almost all of his Let’s Plays.

Why Jacksepticeye?

Born in 1990 as the youngest of 5 siblings, he got the nickname Jack from his mum when he was young. ‘Septic Eye’ was added after he got cut in the eye while playing soccer. The wound got infected after some time and thus Jacksepticeye was born. His channel mascot is a green septic eye called Sam.

My experience

When I first saw one of his videos, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of the presentation. Jack is very loud and highly energetic, something that I wasn’t used to before I found him. But slowly over time he grew on me with every ‘Top of the morning to ya laddies!’ greeting and after having watched a lot of his videos, his presentation and boisterous personality does not bother me.

Quite contrary, I really enjoy his energy and quick wit, especially when he responds to negative comments. I also can’t quite help but recite his outro with him every video and give my screen a high-five. Lame? Yes. Do I care? No. ๐Ÿ˜€ His energy and good vibe makes me happy and it’s almost impossible to be sad while watching Jack.

Some of his catchphrases have stayed with me; probably my most favorite ‘Glory Greatest Country, Arstotzka Proud!’ from the game ‘Papers, please!’. He has a lot of phrases like this which have stuck with the fans, most notably:

  • Speed is key!
  • Hey, Ma! Ma!
  • Screw you, Billy! (character in Happy Wheels game)
  • Booper dooper!
  • I love balls!
  • ‘Ticky bomb!

I like the way he tries to include the audience into his gaming, often lookingย  into the camera and speaking to you as a friend would, rather than just sit and stare at the screen and comment. It gives him that extra something which makes him special.

jacksepticeye gifHe is an incredibly humble, genuine being and hasn’t let his online fame go into his head. He loves his fans and doesn’t want to name them as a group, which is often the case with big Youtubers. Instead, he says he wants to keep his fans individual rather than clumped into this one big mass. Not only that but he always takes a few hours of his day to communicate with the fans on social media.

Many people think that having a gaming Youtube channel as your full-time job is the epitome of laziness and that you dropped out of school. It couldn’t be farther away from the truth in case of Jack. Jack (or rather Sean ๐Ÿ™‚ ) finished college around 2014, when he had around 1 million subscribers.

While he does spend hours playing video games for his viewers, many people forget that there is a background process in which the resulting video is cut, edited, processed and then uploaded to Youtube. Depending on the length of the video, the editing could take a long time. Jack is very diligent and consistent in his uploads, uploading two videos a day at the same time every day. If he’s away at a convention, he usually pre-records many videos in advance and then schedules them, so that his fans get new videos every day. He’s also doing all the editing and thumbnails and effects alone.

Jack has also donated to charities (notably Pewdiepie’s jack-hairWinter charity drive) and has taken part in promoting charities and raising awareness – he dyed his hair green and donated to Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance during Markiplier’s charity livestream.

Despite the fact that the channel’s subscriber count goes up every second, he has stayed humble and with his feet firmly on the ground. He is very well aware that doing Youtube is about the community, about having fun and about helping one another and that’s what he conveys to the audience.


If you are interested in Jack, I encourage you to watch a few of his videos. I know that he is not for everybody and that’s completely fine. The world would be a very strange place if all people liked the same things. Give him a chance and if you like him maybe even subscribe to him! Just a warning, he’s Irish, so expect naughty language!

Jacksepticeye Merchandise

Jack has released his own official merchandise at Fanfiber, including a very adorable plushie of the mascot, Septic Sam.

Jacksepticeye Unofficial Merchandise

The creativity of Jack’s fans knows no bounds, so here is a selection of some great designs the fans have made.

Are you a fan of Jack’s or did you just discover him? I’d love to hear your opinion down below in the comments!

*I’m in no way affiliated with Jacksepticeye. All designs belong to the respective authors.

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  1. March 20, 2016 at 2:51 am

    Hi Dana

    This is a very sweet post about Jackaboy! I really enjoyed it, I really appreciate that he takes the time to answer twitter and youtube comments when many other big youtubers don’t. Also i love the fact that he’s never flash or acts spoilt, you know he is earning quite a bit of money from youtube but doesn’t wear flashy watches or brag about expensive cars. Real humble guy. I heard he works 12 hours a day. thats tough…

    great post

    • Dana
      March 21, 2016 at 5:22 pm

      Hi Kyle, I’m so happy to find another Jacksepticeye fan here! I do agree, he’s very humble and I love that about him. The hard work he puts in everyday is paying off and his channel’s growth has been massive. I hope he never changes!



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