When it comes to being able to play games on your PC, you can usually use your controller as well as the mouse and keyboard.

There are going to be games where you are intended to use a controller such as Yakuza or Devil May Cry, but when it comes to shooters, you can’t go wrong with either choice.

There is no “better” option as it comes down to personal preference. However, there are some advantages on either side.

Gaming keyboard and mouse

I’ve grown up playing games on the PC and only later in life got an Xbox One. On the PC I played predominantly with mouse and keyboard, occasionally some sports games with a controller.

I play Battlefield games on the Xbox and games like PUBG or Apex Legends on the PC. For me, mice is better and more precise at aiming, while controller is better for movement.


Movement is the defining characteristic of the majority of video games. For a large percentage of FPS games, they use the WASD controls for the player to move. It’s a system that works, but it feels like you could always have something that’s a bit more precise.

For the majority of games, this setup is more than enough for you to be able to make it in shooters. Unless games have more complex camera movements, there really won’t be a need to add any more letters when using your keyboard.

When you use a controller, you get to use the analog stick. On the keyboard, you can only go in 8 different directions along with using the camera to turn. It usually won’t make the difference when you’re winning games online, but a lot of FPS players like to use this because it’s familiar.

When playing games like Call of Duty or Halo, you probably want the experience of gaming on a controller because the left analog stick feels familiar. There isn’t a wrong option here, it all comes down to the preference you have as a gamer here.

Use whatever is the most comfortable to you. If you plan on putting hundreds of hours into a FPS game, the keyboard is usually the safer option. Keyboards are usually meant to take millions of taps from gamers and are very consistent.

Controllers are a bit more sensitive and require you to take care of them a lot. When you don’t look after them, the analog stick is going to have some dust and not do the things you want. The controller is also going to do whatever you want if you like to eat while you play games.

Either is still viable, just pick what you’re willing to take care of.

(Not to mention, it’s harder to toss a wired keyboard than a wireless controller when you rage quit :D)


This is generally the main reason why someone would choose the keyboard and mouse over the controller. For the majority of big shooters that people prefer today, people will prefer the mouse. The mouse has a lot more sensitivity, allowing for skilled players to hit flicks and other kinds of complex shots.

The controller uses the right analog stick where things can feel a bit more unnatural depending on what kind of player that you are. Everyone who plays shooters at a competitive level uses the mouse because it has the best results and gives the best player the most freedom.

For casual players, they should go with the controller that they have. For one, when you use your controller on your PC, you are usually given the option of using the aim assist in Call of Duty: Warzone among other choices.

Games like Halo are also a lot less precise than games like CSGO and would actually benefit from you using a controller on average.

There is also the mechanic of aiming down the sight in a gun or using the scope. In most shooters, you only have to use the right click on the mouse to aim down the sight and then use the left click to shoot the gun.

With a controller use, you use the left trigger on the Xbox controller to aim down the sight. With the Xbox one controller, they even vibrate, making you feel like you are more immersed in the experience.

What you decide to choose is purely a matter of preference so choose the option that is more appealing to you.

Side functions

In many FPS games, you do more than just shooting guns. Generally, the most important side functions are using grenades and melee attacks.

The controller is going to be more convenient to do these things on average. When you’re in a tense firefight, you don’t want to have to hit specific number keys and move your fingers. It takes a lot of practice and gameplay to make sure that you don’t mess that up consistently.

On the controller, you hit one of the bumpers and get what you want. On the contrary, it can be easy to accidentally hit the right stick and do melee by accident.


One thing that is a lot better on the keyboard and mouse is the crouch function. For a lot of games such as Battlefield and CSGO make you hit CTRL to crouch. This is good for aiming as well as positioning and you only have to slightly extend your pinkie to make this happen.

On the controller, you hit the B or circle button by default which is much more inconvenient when both of your thumbs are on the analog sticks. Some functions are worse on the keyboard and mouse others are better like switching weapons with the scroll function.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Keyboard & Mouse

+ mouse is more sensitive and accurate => better aim
+ speed
+ can change key layout and function in most games
+ there are more keys
+ forces you to have a better posture

– always used on a desk
– needs more space
– learning curve


+ needs no space
+ bigger range of movement with the analog stick
+ ergonomic
+ easy to learn

– can cause you to slouch
– slower aim
– limited number of keys


If you’re someone who has been playing FPS games on their gaming console all their life, the thought of using a mouse to play can be a bit scary.

Generally, you have to adjust some of the controls with the settings, many of which you have never seen before.

Though, with the controller, you will be put at a disadvantage when aiming due to the lack of sensitivity in the right analog stick.

There’s no clear winner in this debate and you have to weigh in all the pros and cons. Both solutions need time to learn and master.

controller vs keyboard pin

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    Thank you for this article, I found that keyboard will be more useful and universal solution for me.


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