If you’re a gamer then you might have definitely come across a debate on PC vs console gaming. So, which is better and why?

This is definitely not an easy question to answer as both PCs and gaming consoles have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both ends up being perfect depending upon the requirements and likes of gamers.

But if we have to answer, is PC gaming worth it? Then, yes. PC gaming has come a long way and it has got a slight edge over the console gaming.

In this article, I’ll be taking a look at the most important factors that makes PC gaming worth your time and investment.

Why Is PC Gaming Gaining Popularity?

PC gaming was always popular but since prebuilt gaming PCs are becoming more affordable, PC gaming is gaining more popularity. Even the cheapest models are offering excellent processors and graphics.

Here are the top three reasons behind the increasing popularity of PC gaming :

Platforms like Discord and Steam allow the gamers to chat with the other players and share tips and gaming strategies. This makes the PC gaming experience more fun and interesting.

With the latest developments of Windows 10, players can connect and play with console users. This means a great opportunity to play in group despite being on different gaming platforms.

Availability of free iconic games such as League of Legends and many more.

What Is A Gaming PC?

Traditional PCs that come with a strong gaming processor offer you better performance as well as the graphics. This is what most of the advanced games demand today!

A gaming PC is capable of offering:

  • A smooth and lag-free gameplay at the rate of 60 frames per second in ultra high definition along with the supremely capable NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics.
  • A high performing Intel-powered Core i5 or i7 quad-core processor which runs demanding games smoothly.
  • Sharp and crystal clear pictures, all thanks to powerful graphic cards.
  • Innovative cooling technology that prevents overheating of your system while you play for hours on end.
  • Faster loading time with quality SSD storage that doesn’t crash while you play demanding games.

Advantages Of PC Gaming Over Console Gaming

As compared to the gaming consoles, PCs offer several advantages. You can customize your PC however you want. You can create hotkeys and you can easily type in game chat. Using keyboard and mouse also offers you more accuracy.

You Can Build Your Own PC

Yes, building your own PC is a cost-effective way to get all the impressive advantages of PC gaming without spending a huge chunk of your money. There are some gamers who prefer investing in a high-end gaming PC for being able to run the latest games in best possible settings. Others take smart moves by investing in budget PCs and then later upgrading their components when required.

The three main components in which a gamer invest are :

Graphics Card

A high-end graphics card or GPU that converts data into signals that are sent to the monitor. This data in turn generates the video and images on the screen.


RAM (random-access memory) is another thing most gamers upgrade in their PCs. This is where the data is stored and retrieved when needed. Every gamer knows how much RAM he might need according to the type of games he likes to play.

A majority of games we play today demands a minimum RAM of 8GB. While you can play games with 4GB, latest games are more demanding. Your best bet is to have 16 or even 32 GB RAM for the best possible gaming experience.

Solid State Drive (SSD) / Hard Drive

SSD or hard drive is where everything in a computer is stored. This includes the data, game information, program and other software that are stored permanently and retrieved when they’re needed.

A majority of PC gamers today prefer SSD over a hard drive because it’s much faster in accessing the data. It also reduces power consumption and doesn’t crash down that often.

You Get Better Visuals

This is perhaps the biggest winning point of PC gaming over consoles. You get the most amazing resolution for playing your favorite game.

Whether it is a powerful Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or integrated graphics, you are assured to have the sharp and crystal clear images and videos. Further, you can also play on multiple screens at one time using a PC.

You Get A Better Control Over Your Game

The biggest problem with gaming consoles is that they restrict your way of playing. This problem is solved by gaming PCs as they allow you to choose from a wide range of mice and controllers.

Gamers who want to have a relaxed and comfortable gaming experiences can opt for wireless mice, joysticks, controllers and even steering for playing a variety of racing games.

However, if you want high precision, a gaming mouse is the best choice. Gaming mice allow you high level of accuracy, unrivalled control especially in the shooting games. They are an excellent option of pro gamers with limited budget.

You Can Modify Your Rig or Game

The most fun part with PC gaming is the ability to change the look of your PC. Not just that, you can even transform the gameplay with modding it. While this is not for everyone, if you’re a pro gamer with a little technical knowledge, you can create a mod of your game.

Just imagine how fun it’s gonna be whilst hunting down your enemy on a new map that you’ve just created. You can change the appearance, skins, weapons and more to make your game more interesting and fun to play.

If you don’t want to do all this hard work, you can download the mods created by other players.

You Save A Lot Of Money

Believe it or not, PC games are much cost-effective than the console games. There are a lot of gamers who think that cost of building a PC is what makes PC gaming expensive. While this is only partially true, you get advantages of playing cheap games. There are many platforms that distribute free and low-cost PC games. In fact, some games are cheaper for PCs but expensive for consoles.

Besides, if you decide you want a better graphics or less lag, you can simply purchase each component separately. You don’t have to buy an entirely new PC every few years.

You Get To Play The PC Exclusive Game Titles

While there is no doubt that many interesting games remain exclusive for console gamers, there are some popular PC exclusive games as well. Not to mention a wide range of legendary titles such as Civilization, Half-life, Sim City and others.

Plus, all PC games are backwards compatible! For the old ones, you need an emulator but you can do it yourself rather than wait for a company to release backward-compatible games.

You can check out the best PC exclusive video games of 2020 on Techradar.

Is Gaming PC A Good Investment?

So, what’s better, a PC or a console?

When deciding between a gaming console and a PC, the very important thing to consider is not just your overall budget, but also the kind of gaming experience you’re looking for. What kind of gamer you are and are you looking for a cost-effective gaming platform or a more convenient one.

Whatever your answer is, but PC gaming is a big answer. It is much better than console gaming because of the advantages it offers to the gamers.

While gaming consoles are a bit cost-effective and offer you a fully fledged gaming (and entertainment) environment, PC offers you a range of activities. You will probably not use is just for gaming but also for work. It’s much easier to multitask on a PC than a console.

With a gaming PC, you not only get a high-end gaming environment with mind-blowing graphics and lightning-fast processor, but it also helps you in several other ways through its computing power.

Should You Choose a Prebuilt PC or a Custom PC?

Another question that keeps coming to the minds of PC gamers is, should I buy a prebuilt PC or build one myself?

The answer is again very subjective. It entirely depends upon you!

As we’ve already discussed that one of the biggest advantages of PC gaming is you can build your own PC by purchasing each component separately and then assembling them to build a super fine-tuned yet a cost-effective system.

A prebuilt PC on the other hand can help you in saving a few bucks and of course your time and also you can’t go wrong with them after making a wise purchase decision i.e when you buy after considering all the important factors.

For the most part, we suggest that if you’re a beginner with very little or no technical knowledge, or if you’re unfamiliar with the entire PC building concept, then go for a good prebuilt PC.

But we’d still say, if you can read and learn about PC building or if you can get some help from a person who’s familiar with the same, PC building is a great option. Again, jumping into it out of over-excitement otherwise you’ll end up assembling the wrong component that will result in nothing but a “trash box”.

What Is A Good Budget For A Gaming PC?

If you’ve decided to purchase a prebuilt gaming PC, the next thing to consider is how much you’re willing to spend on your rig.

You can get a gaming PC for as low as $600 – $700 and if you’re willing to spend a little bit more, you can go as high as $2000 to $3000. Your budget directly depends upon your gaming skills, whether you’re a beginner, a pro player or an expert streamer. Depending upon these categories, here is a brief idea of what a good budget for a gaming PC looks like.

PC For A Casual Gamer – $600 – $800

If you’ve just started gaming or say if you don’t play that often, $600-$800 is a good budget for you. You can easily get a decent rig that will keep you good in the game for a few coming years.

PC For A Gaming Enthusiast: $1000 – $1200

If you’re a pro-level gamer who wants to keep up with the latest titles as soon as they launch, you’ll want a rig that is able to fulfil the demands of upcoming games. With a budget of $1000 – $1200 you can easily find a stellar rig that’ll offer you a stunning performance at 1080p.

PC For A Streaming Enthusiast : $1600 – $2,000

If you’re a streamer, then consider having a good budget of $1600 and $2,000. In this price range, you’ll get supreme gaming PCs that not only offer fire performance but also look aesthetic.

What Are The Most Important Parts For a Gaming Computer To Consider?

Obviously you need all the necessary PC parts to make it work. But the components which you should pay the most attention to when choosing a new PC are the following:

  • Processor (CPU) – it handles all operations of your system. If you want a smooth and lag-free gaming experience, get a powerful CPU.
  • Memory (RAM) – at this day and age 8GB of RAM is the bare minimum. I’d recommend going higher, 16GB or more if your budget allows.
  • Graphics card (GPU) – for the best looking clear and crisp high quality graphics

Storage, power supply, motherboard, cooling technology are also imporant. Without proper cooling, your PC will overheat and your system will crash and the PC parts can be damaged.

All of these things should be considered at the time of buying a gaming PC. You will also need a monitor and peripherals like keyboard, mouse and speakers. Consider the space on your desk for monitor sizes and even consider what else you’ll be using your PC for.

You can also game on vertical monitors in some cases, I wrote an article on that here.

A Note On Gaming Laptops

While gaming laptops seem like a cool idea and they can be easily transported, it’s not always the best option. Great gaming laptops can range from $800 – $2000 easily.

But if you’re sitting at home playing video games most of the time, it’s not worth putting your money into a gaming laptop. You can get a top notch gaming PC for the same price and if you’re not travelling all the time, it might not be worth it.

I wrote an article about gaming on a Macbook Air if you’d like to check it out.

I hope you found all the answers to your doubts regarding gaming PC and if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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