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Infinity Crates May 2016 Review

In my quest of searching for more geeky subscription boxes, I’ve had a rather tough time. Boxes I’d love to try don’t ship to my country, so I have to search really hard. However, I have came across Infinity Crates. This UK based service offers a few options – Classic Crate, Premium Crate, Kids Crate and T-shirt only Crate.

Subscription box: Infinity Crates
Description: Infinity Crates is another geeky subscription service with 4 different boxes, including a T-shirt only box!
Price: starting at £7.99 + P&P
Shipping: ships to the UK, US and most EU countries, £3 to the UK, £9 to the US, £8 to Europe

The website

What pleasantly surprised me is that they advertised a personalized items for me in every crate. All you had to do was sign up and list your interests and order a crate. I’m not sure how that works because I didn’t get any item from my list of interest. I didn’t list any rare fandoms for those of your wondering. I had Doctor Who and Assassin’s Creed in there.

I’m not sure if that was a fault on my side or maybe things are not explained well enough on the website and I need to order some other crate. I genuinely do not know.

Anyway, let’s roll and see what kind of goodies I got!

The box

Before I had the chance to take a picture or measure it, I threw the box out, so I apologize for the lack of detailed information in this section. 🙂 Size-wise it’s a similar to the MyGeekBox one. There’s no artwork on the inside of the cardboard as seen previously in Lootcrate. The box bears the Infinity Crates logo and if I remember correctly, links to social media. The box came as is, unlike My GeekBox which came in extra plastic bag.

This is what was in the box for May 2016:

  • 1 Funko POP! Superman figure
  • 1 pair of Batman socks
  • 1 Batman vs Superman poster
  • 1 Man of Steel vinyl sticker
  • 1 Captain America shield mousepad
  • 1 Batman vs Superman keychain
  • 1 Iron Man vs Captain America t-shirt (ladies size M)

I was surprised at the amount of merchandise packed into this box. Out of the three boxes that I’ve tried, this one had the most items in it.

Funko POP! Superman figure / Man of Steel vinyl sticker

What a cutie pie! I absolutely love Funko POPs (I own only one so far, Connor from Assassin’s Creed), they are really cute. My friend Eboy87 is a Superman fan, so this came as a perfect gift for his May birthday. 🙂 The sticker looks really cool too and I added that on top of the POP figure for my friend.

Figure manufacturer: Funko
My rating for both: 10/10

Batman socks

Batman socks

These are probably my favorite item from the whole crate, simply because these socks have a cape! It’s so funny and geeky and I love it, despite the fact that I don’t watch Batman movies or read the comics. I can just imagine someone wearing them, running around and the little capes flying behind them! 🙂

Material: Cotton/polyester/elastane
My rating: 10/10

Batman vs Superman poster

Superman vs. Batman poster

The small poster is nice but I don’t like the design as much. I like the contrast in their capes though.

Dimensions (w x h): 41.7 x 21cm (~16.4 x 8.26in)
My rating: 8/10

Captain America shield mousepad
Captain America shield mousepad

This mousepad looks really great and almost 3D. It also looks sturdy enough but unfortunately I don’t use mousepads. However my friend R. said he wanted it, so I’m just gonna gift it. 🙂

Dimensions: 18cm (~ 7in)

Batman vs. Superman keychain

Superman vs. Batman

I really like this keychain, a simple Batman logo with Superman logo inside it. It’s made out of rubber. The keychain is not the same design on both sides, the front side is matte with the white outlines, whereas the back is shiny and there’s just copyright text.

Dimensions (w x h): 6.5 x 3cm (~ 2.55 x  1.18in)
My rating: 10/10

Iron Man vs. Captain America T-shirt

This shirt is great, I love the fact that it’s 100% cotton. The colors are vibrant and the design isn’t damaged in any way.

Material: 100% cotton
My rating: 10/10


I feel this crate was good for someone who is a fan of superheroes. I’m a bit disappointed by the fact that the items inside were not tailored to my interests as the site suggested but at least it gave me the opportunity to spoil my friends with little geeky gifts!

My overall rating: 7/10

Let me know what you think of this crate in the comments below! Which subscription box that I reviewed so far has been your favorite? If you’d like to try Infinity Crates for yourself, you can do so here!

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