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Infinity Crates Subscription Box June 2016 Review

At the end of May I got an email that my next Infinity Crate for June was dispatched. I thought that maybe they messed up and sent it by accident because I clearly remember cancelling my 1 month subscription (which was a test, you can find the May crate review here). Lo and behold a week or so later I actually got the box and it was a mistake on my part because I cancelled it only after I paid for the June one.

I really can’t complain, it’s a win/win situation for me. As always, I’m here for you guys to give my unbiased and honest opinion on the contents. Let’s get on it!

Subscription box: Infinity Crates
Description: Infinity Crates is another geeky subscription service with 4 different boxes, including a T-shirt only box!
Price: starting at £7.99 + P&P
Shipping: ships to the UK, US and most EU countries, £3 to the UK, £9 to the US, £8 to Europe

The box

InfinitCrate box

This time I kept the box so I could measure it and take a photo of it, since I did a really poor job the last time. 🙂 It measures 25.5 x 18 x 13cm (10 x 7 x 5.1 in). The box came in good condition, it’s from a sturdy cardboard, so no harm was done.

Infinity Crates June 2016 consisted of the following:

  • 1 Wolverine plushie
  • 1 Game of Thrones T-shirt (women’s size M)
  • 1 Adventure Time mug
  • 1 Game of Thrones mini sword
  • 1 Harry Potter Gryffindor coaster
  • 1 mini poster
  • 1 Buzz Lightyear Funko Pop
  • 1 product postcard
Product postcard
Product postcard shows item variations

If you remember from my last month’s Infinity Crate review, I mentioned that Infinity Crates on their website advertised the ability to customize the crate to your interests. My first crate didn’t include anything from my interests and I wasn’t sure how the process worked. I have to say I still don’t quite understand because none of the themes of the items above were in my interests list.

Wolverine Plushie

This little fella is really cute despite the frowny face he is making. He has a loop and ball chain on the top of his head so you can hang him anywhere. He’s small and fits into a pocket.

Size: 11cm (~ 4.33in)
My rating: 10/10

Game of Thrones t-shirt
Game of Thrones T-Shirt

I really like the design of this T-shirt, it’s only a shame that it’s not a 100% cotton one.

Material: 85% cotton, 15% viscose
My rating: 9/10

Adventure Time mug

I was really surprised to find an intact mug inside the box. Considering that there is no protective padding inside the box (only if you count the other items), I would presume that it’d get broken easily. But no, the mug is in top shape. It’s really cool too, there’s a big picture of Finn on one side and a quote on the other side. Plus a little Jake the Dog on the inside.

My rating: 10/10

Game of Thrones Mini Sword

At first I wasn’t sure what purpose I could use this mini sword for. It doesn’t have any fastenings or loops for it to be a keychain or pendant. A thought struck me a few minutes ago and I took an unopened letter on my desk and sliced through the top like a breeze. The edges are not sharp enough to cause damage to your skin or anything like that. It works smoothly with paper though. It’s a bit small for my tastes as a letter opener and I’d prefer if it was a piece of jewelry instead. 🙂

Size: 7.5cm (~2.95in)
My rating: 10/10

Harry Potter Gryffindor coaster

This Gryffindor coaster is laminated and seems to be sturdy yet lightweight. The backing is made out of cork and can be used for both hot and cold beverages. I might put my Adventure Time mug on it! 🙂

Size: 9cm (~ 3.54in)
My rating: 10/10
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This poster features 8 characters from pop culture, including Master Chief, Storm Trooper, Captain America and more, with ‘Honour’ written across. I think this is a nicely designed poster.

Dimensions (w x h): 41.7 x 21cm (~16.4 x 8.26in)
My rating: 10/10

Buzz Lightyear Funko Pop

This little POP figure of Buzz from the favorite movie Toy Story is really cute! I love the oversized head with the helmet (non removable). The head is the only thing that can be moved (turned).

My rating: 10/10
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I was not expecting to receive this crate. Therefore I wasn’t as disappointed as I was the first time and kind of knew that I might not be getting any personalized items to my interests. I really think Infinity Crates is great, the items within combined are more value than what you pay for the monthly subscription.

I don’t mind that these items (or any other items in other geek boxes) are not catered to my interests, after all I have a lot of geeky friends that I can pass these on to. I really like giving gifts! 🙂

What’s your favourite item from this box?

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