There’s times when you can’t afford any new gaming merchandise and that’s okay! If you’re a bit crafty, with a few inexpensive supplies you can make some great things! In this post I’ll show you how to make Yarny from the game Unravel. Yarny is a cute little figure made out of single piece or yarn which unravels as he travels through the environment.

Unravel is a fun physics-based game with amazing graphics and heartfelt story. Yarny goes on adventures where he uses his yarn to solve puzzles by creating bridges, springs or pulling things.

For making Yarny you will need:



  • red and white yarn, ideally thick and fluffy
  • armature wire or any other wire that’s easily bent (I used 0.5mm beading wire in the pictures)
  • scissors, pliers, wire cutters
  • piece of wire or paper clip or large eye beading needle
  • picture of Yarny as a reference


Difficulty: Easy
Estimated time: 3-4 hours

The skeleton

For the skeleton I’m using a 0.5mm beading wire. I tried with thicker stainless steel wire but it was a bit harder to bend, so I tried the only other wire I had available from my jewelry crafting days. There are multiple ways to shape the skeleton but for me I chose the simplest one – the body is divided into three parts, legs, arms and head and then connected together using wire.

I used my pliers to press the ends to hide them better. Cutting them with the wire cutters sometimes left a pointy sharp end, so I wanted to make sure these were not poking out anywhere.

I have used my previously made Yarny as a template for this tutorial. My Yarny is approx. 20cm tall but you can make him in any size. 🙂 If you don’t have a model to go by, you can find a picture of Yarny online and have that as a reference.

The legs

I started with the feet/legs/torso, roughly measuring the length by the template model. If you’d like a similar sized Yarny, the legs are around 30cm long but you need to double that amount of wire to make the legs a bit sturdier. I used triple the amount only because my wire is thin. Simply twist the remaining wire around itself to make it stronger. I chose to make loops for the feet but you can use whatever you feel works for you best.

The arms

The arms are made in pretty much the same fashion as the legs/torso. The arms are around 16cm long and again double (or triple) the amount of wire needed to make them stronger.  Make loops for the hands.

Attach the arms to the torso/leg part with a short piece of wire.

The head

The head is a little more difficult to shape but try to mold it into a shape that resembles a cat head. I find that it works the best for me. Exaggerate the ears a little bit, once the yarn is wrapped around them, they will disappear a bit. Make sure to have some extra wire on both ends, so that you can wrap them around the torso/arms to secure it.


It’s a good idea to reinforce some parts of the body to give Yarny more stability. I have wrapped an extra wire around his torso, so he can’t be squished too much in that area. I’ve also wrapped a piece of wire around his head, giving him a more rounded base because it will make wrapping the head with the yarn easier later.

If you feel like your Yarny is a bit squishy or the parts are bit loose, don’t be afraid to use more wire. It doesn’t really matter how it looks like (after all, I had to bend his wrists back because I felt they were too long 🙂 ), we’ll be wrapping the skeleton in plenty of yarn to hide all the imperfections!


It’s best to start wrapping the feet first, simply hold the end of the yarn around the ankle and then wrap it tightly a few times around to secure it. Continue with the foot; it’s a bit challenging but with patience you can create nice little feet. Continue up the leg, it’s up to you whether you want to define his body as if human (larger thighs, calves and torso, narrow elbows and knees, etc.) or you could just define some or no parts. I only made the hands a bit defined, the rest is pretty much the same.

Once you reach the spot where you want Yarny’s ‘shirt’ to begin, wrap the yarn around his body and continue down the other leg, repeating the same process, then come back up. Make the bottom of the shirt a bit looser so you can position his legs easier. Start wrapping his hips and torso; it doesn’t have to be wrapped neatly, I feel like uneven or even sloppy wrapping gives Yarny more originality. No two Yarnys are the same in that case.

Once you get to the neck area, continue with the arms and hands, then move up towards the head. I find that the head is what takes up a lot of yarn in my case but I think with thicker and fluffier yarn it would be less. Once your are done, leave a few centimeters of the yarn and snip the rest off.  Then using either big eyed needle, paper clip or a piece of wire, tuck the end safely into his body, making sure it won’t unravel.

Next take some white yarn and sew on the eyes, making sure to tuck the remaining yarn into his head. At this point you should be done, if you feel like you could add more yarn to his legs, arms or body, just follow the same procedure.

And you’re done! As you can see, one of the ears kind of had a mind of its own but I left it like that. 🙂 Now that you’re finished, you can pose Yarny as you wish. Or maybe make him a companion, experiment with both wire and yarn thickness and the size of your Yarny, there are no limitations!

If you liked this tutorial and would like to see more DIY gaming crafts in the future, let me know in the comments below! If you decide to follow this tutorial, I’d love to see your creations!