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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I like to dress up in fun costumes and show my love and appreciation for my favorite characters.

The best thing about Halloween video game costumes is that they’re not exclusive to this holiday! You can take them out throughout the whole year if you like to visit conventions (or just dress up at home, because why not?)

Where To Buy Gaming Halloween Costumes?

Most people will shop at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Party City and other party stores for their Halloween costumes. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Especially when you’re buying last minute, these stores can be a good alternative. Just bear in mind that a lot of the times these costumes are of poorer quality. As such it’s better suited for one-time event, especially for kids as they grow out of them.

If you’re looking for video game Halloween costumes for your kids, I’ve got you!

My favorite places to shop for costumes and cosplays are MicCostumes and RoleCosplay. Both are based in China (though MicCostumes have a warehouse in the US for quicker shipping), so if you’re looking for a cosplay for a convention or planning early for Halloween, these are the best options. They are quite affordable and of great quality.

RoleCosplay currently has a 17% off site-wide sale, so if you’re interested in a Halloween costume or a cosplay, check them out!

Not only do they offer already-made costumes, but they also have made-to-order ones, so you can be sure they will fit you perfectly.

Of course, you can commission someone to make you a costume (I like Etsy!) or you can DIY it. If neither option is doable for you, I recommend the two stores above.

Male Video Game Characters Halloween Costumes

Dante Costume (Devil May Cry 5)

Are you a fan of Dante from Devil May Cry 5? Then this costume will be a great choice for you for Halloween! The costume includes the black and red coat, grey tanktop and his iconic necklace.

Weapons, pants, gloves and boots are not included.

Detroit Become Human RK800 Connor Cosplay Costume

RK800 Connor Costume (Detroit: Become Human)

RK800 Connor is one of the three androids from the game Detroit: Become Human. If you’d like to get a little futuristic in your cosplay, this Connor costume consists of a gray polyester jacket with two functional pockets, the model number on the front and the back. There are blue embellishments around the sleeve and on the front and back.

You can order only the jacket or alternatively you can choose to add shirt and tie for an extra fee. Pants, shoes and wig are not included.

Buy Persona 5 Joker Black Suit Game Cosplay Costumes - RoleCosplay.com

Joker Costume (Persona 5)

Joker, also known as The Trickster in some circles is the protagonist in Persona 5. Now you can dress up as him in his iconic Joker costume, which consists of long tailored black coat with popped collar, gray long-sleeved shirt, pants and red gloves.

You can also order the Joker’s wig, shoes and mask for an extra fee.

Soldier 76 Costume (Fallout 76)

This blue two-piece soldier jumpsuit is made out of spandex and perfect for everyone who loves the Fallout franchise. The costume includes the jacket and the pants and brown PU leather armguards. Shoes are not included.

The Hunter Costume (Bloodborne)

You can replicate Hunter’s iconic look with this dark green costume. It includes a knee-length dark green button-down coat with chains, a cape, EVA foam hat, scarf, PU gloves, scarf and a mask.

This costume will definitely keep you warm during chilly Halloween night!

Link Costume (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

This Link costume includes the iconic blue tunic with printed ornaments, white undershirt, gray Hylian hood, pants, gloves, wrist guards and a set of PU leather belts including the Sheikah Slate pouch.

Shoes and wig are not included but you can purchase them separately for an extra fee.

Geralt of Rivia Costume (The Witcher 3)

Who doesn’t want to become the legendary Geralt of Rivia at least once? Now you have the chance with Geralt’s costume from The Witcher 3. The set includes white shirt made out of down fabric (so that you can look even more buff), brown pants, PU leather top, a corset adjustable on both sides, gloves, wrist guards, shoulder straps, waist belt and shoulder protectors.

The attention to detail in this costume is amazing!

Roxas Costume (Kingdom Hearts)

Roxas is a major character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, an anti-hero, anti-villain and a protagonist. You can now cosplay him in his casual attire with this costume.

The set includes the white jacket and trousers, checkered bracelet and two fabric finger sleeves. Wig and shoes are not included but you can buy them separately.

Scorpion Costume (Mortal Kombat)

Scropion is a very iconic character with easily recognized clothing. This costume includes a black shirt with hood, yellow tabard made out of down fabric, black PU leather arm guards, yellow face mask, yellow shin guards and black pants.

You only need your own boots to complete this cosplay.

Buy Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Noctis Black leather Cosplay Costume For Sale - RoleCosplay.com

Noctis Costume (Final Fantasy XV)

This Noctis costume is detailed and accurate to the game. It includes the coat, black t-shirt, black pants and a glove. Weapons and boots are not included. Role Cosplay offers both male and female sizing options.

Wig is not included but you can purchase it separately.

Buy OW Game Reaper Customized Cosplay Costumes Full Set - RoleCosplay.com

Reaper Costume (Overwatch)

Reaper is one of the deadliest short-range characters in Overwatch. While this costume won’t give you his abilities like the ability to change into a Wraith form, it sure does look cool. The costume includes highly detailed coat with a hood, vest, paints, a pair of gloves and wrist protectors, belts, shin protectors and shoe covers.

Alternatively you can choose to also include the mask for an extra fee. The costume is available in male and female sizing.

Buy Game Genshin Impact Diluc Cosplay Costume For Sale - RoleCosplay.com

Diluc Costume (Genshin Impact)

Diluc always appears very dapper and you can be too with this costume. It includes an incredibly detailed brown coat, shirt, pants, belt, gloves, scarves and accessories. Wig and boots are not included but you can buy the wig separately in the Role Cosplay store.

Female Video Game Characters Halloween Costumes

Buy Final Fantasy VII 7 Aerith Red Dress Cosplay Costume For Sale - RoleCosplay.com

Aerith Red Dress Cosplay (Final Fantasy VII)

Aerith’s red dress from Final Fantasy VII is so beautiful and this costume really does it justice with all the lovely details. It includes the red dress, hair accessories, a ribbon, two bracelets and necklace. Shoes and wig are not included but you can purchase the wig separately.

Princess Zelda Costume (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

If there’s two of you, whether a couple or a pair of friends, maybe you can pair up the Link costume from above with this wonderfully detailed Princess Zelda costume!

It includes the blue top with long sleeves, an undershirt, white chiffon skirt, blue upper skirt, gloves, armbands and a headpiece. It does not come with a wig, shoes nor elf ears.

Alcina Dimitrescu Costume (Resident Evil 8: Village)

One of the most iconic characters of 2021, Lady Dimitrescu has become a recognizable character all over the world. Her wardrobe is rather simple and so is this costume. It includes the dress, black hat, black gloves, necklace and three black rose corsage. The costume doesn’t include a wig or shoes.

If you’d like to see more Lady Dimitrescu costumes, there’s a lot to choose from! Check out my post here!

Buy BioShock Infinite Elizabeth Blue Dress Cosplay Costume - RoleCosplay.com

Elizabeth Costume (Bioshock: Infinite)

Elizabeth’s dress from Bioshock: Infinite is so pretty and you could pass off as a princess on any Halloween party with this costume. It includes the short blue jacket, white tailored top and a blue full skirt. Shoes, wig and choker are not included.

YoRHa No.2 Type B Costume (Nier: Automata)

YoRHa No.2 Type B is definitely one of the most recognizable characters from Nier: Automata and you will definitely draw people’s eye with this costume. It includes the black skirt with a really nice and precise pattern, a jumpsuit, pair of gloves, a pair of silk stockings, a blindfold and a pair of leather stockings and a headband.

The costume doesn’t include boots nor a wig but they can be bought separately.

Triss Merigold Costume (The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt)

Triss is definitely one of the most important supporting characters in the Witcher franchise. Her outfi is iconic and you can become the sorceress for a while in this costume. It includes an incredibly detailed vest, short blue jacket, an undershirt, pair of red gloves, pants, leg sleeves

The costume is also available in regular sizing.

FINAL FANTASY Tifa Full Sets Cosplay Costume

Tifa Cosplay (Final Fantasy)

Tifa Lockhart is a well-known protagonist and supportive character of the Final Fnatasy games. Her outfits are iconic and this costume features her most famous outfit. It includes a white and black crop top, suspenders, miniskirt, thigh high black socks, pair of fingerless gloves, sleeves, red armguards, two side pockets, bracelet, hair accessories and red shoes.

The wig is not included in this costume but you can order it separately.

Ahri Costume (League of Legends)

This costume of Ahri in her Spirit Blossom skin is really cute and the colors are fun! It includes the white and blue dress, pants, tail, bow, hair bows, choker, ears and a belt.

The wig and shoes are not included with this costume. The wig can be bought separately.

Bela Dimitrescu Cosplay (Resident Evil 8: Village)

It wouldn’t be a great Halloween party without at least one of the Dimitrescu sisters! The costume includes the black cotton dress with hood, PU leather gloves, a choker with the jewel and a longer necklace. Wig and shoes are not included.

MicCostumes advertise this as the Daniela version but Daniela’s jewel is yellow, not red. Red jewel and blonde hair belong to Bela. 🙂 All you need is a scythe!

Buy Game Genshin Impact Shining idol Barbara Cosplay Costume - RoleCosplay.com

Barbara Costume (Genshin Impact)

Barbara is a fun, cute character adored by everybody. Now you can borrow some of her cuteness with this costume; it includes the incredibly detailed white and blue dress, hat, bib, hair accessories, front dress bow, underskirt, a necktie and a book.

The wig and shoes are not included but you can purchase both separately.

Yuna Costume (Final Fantasy X)

Yuna’s dress is instantly recognizable for any Final Fantasy fan. This very detailed costume includes the white top, blue skirt, sleeves, yellow sash and a bow, a necklace, a ring, an earring.

Wig and shoes are not included but you can purchase them separately.

Ciri Costume (The Witcher 3)

I’ve already included Geralt and Triss in this post but I shouldn’t forget Ciri as well. This incredibly detailed costume consists of a white shirt, brown PU leather pants with studs, brown corset, belt with two bags, gloves, shoulder strap and arm guards.

Wig, boots and sword do not come with this costume.

Final Thoughts

There are so many video game cosplays and Halloween video game costumes to choose from and I hope that my selection helped to inspire you in getting a new one for yourself for any occasion! 🙂

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