Arcade Light Switch

Who doesn’t love old arcade games? With this lightswitch you can arcade-up your home! The stick switches the light on and off and the buttons have arcade sound effects (batteries needed for those).

Five Nights at Freddy’s art print

Have you played Five Nights at Freddy’s? Did you manage to survive all 5 nights? Why not put up an art print or poster on your wall to commemorate the (no doubt traumatic) event?  That is, unless you’re scared of Freddy coming to life from the picture.

Portal 2 Cube Ice Tray

Not only you can use this food-safe silicone ice tray to hold ice, but it’s a great mold for small chocolate Portal themed companion cubes as well!

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Portal Bookends

Bring some Portal fun into your home with these funny bookends! Guaranteed to hold your geeky book collection in place!

Super Mario Decal Stickers

Decorate your kid’s room (or even your own!) with a touch of nostalgia with these easily removable Super Mario decal stickers.

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