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Roblox has been around for whopping 15 years (released for PC in 2006) but it has gained more widespread popularity only in the last 5 years. It’s free-to-play game but it does include microtransactions.

Roblox allows gamers to create their own Roblox games via their engine which other users can play as well. The most popular Roblox games are Adopt Me, Jailbreak, Royal High, Welcome to Bloxburg and more.

Gift ideas for Roblox fans

Can I Gift Robux?

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer existing Robux from one account to another. However, you can purchase a Robux gift card in various values. This is the simplest way to gift Robux to a friend or a loved one.

Can't Hear You I'm Gaming Roblox Noob Gamer Christmas Birthday Gift For Kids by smoothnoob

Roblox Gaming T-Shirt

Got a loved one who gets lost in Roblox (or any game) for hours on end? Then this t-shirt will be perfect for them! It won’t make them stop playing or take off their headset but it will deter even the most determined conversationalist.

2,000 Robux Digital Gift Card

There’s never enough Robux when you’re a huge fan – you need to make your character pretty or you need to use some perks in games.

You can choose among four denominations (800, 2000, 4500, 10 000), no shipping required as it’s a digital code. When it’s redeemed, you get a virtual item for the game!

Custom Roblox LED light

Custom Roblox LED Light

Customized things are always fun and it’s something unique just for the giftee. It comes with a remote control, where you can turn it on/off and change the color of the light.

Roblox Ultimate Guide Collection

For new Roblox players this Ultimate guide collection will be perfect. It includes tips and tricks, introduces various Roblox games and more.

Roblox Pillow

This fun bright double-sided pillow comes in two sizes, 16×16″ and 18×18″. Perfect for some relaxation or just as a decoration.

Adopt Me: Pet Store Play Set

Fans of the Adopt Me game will definitely love this cute pet store play set! With plastic pet store scenery and a lot of characters, pets and accessories, your kid will enjoy hours of playing. As a bonus you get a redeemable virtual item code for the game!

Roblox Sticker Book

Most kids and adults alike love stickers and if it’s their favorite game? Excellent! This Roblox sticker book contains over large 250 stickers, including characters, items and sceneries to place the stickers on.

NERF Roblox Jailbreak Blaster

What’s better than one NERF gun? Two NERF guns! Inspired by Roblox game Jailbreak now you and your friends can have hours of fun both indoors and outdoors.

Roblox Tote Bag

Tote bags are very versatile – you can use them for groceries or just when you’re out and about. A colorful Roblox logo made out of Classic Noobs on this black 16×16″ tote bag is surely an eye-catcher!

Roblox Play Dough Mini Jar

Play Dough Roblox Mini Jar

This jar includes an official Roblox figure, non-toxic play dough and other accessories. You can choose between female, male and non-human figures. This mini set is sure to make your kids entertained for a long time.

Pink Flying Unicorn by corriefun1

Pink Flying Unicorn Spiral Notebook

Adopt Me is one of the most popular Roblox games. This spiral notebook is perfect for anyone who loves the games and loves to doodle or write down their thoughts!

3D Printed Roblox Avatar

Custom Roblox Avatar Figure

Thanks to 3D printing we no longer have to wait on companies to make figures. Now you can order a custom figure that looks like your Roblox avatar.

You can choose the size, order it painted or white (if you want to get creative) and you can decide if you want a base, LED base or just the figure.

Roblox Popsocket

I can’t honestly imagine holding my phone without a popsocket. It’s so comfortable and safe and once you get used to it, holding a phone the normal way feels weird and not secure. You can choose from fun designs, so why not this Roblox one?

Roblox poster

Roblox Poster

What kid doesn’t like posters? If your child loves Roblox, consider buying them a poster for their room. You can choose from three sizes or you can purchase the digital file and have it printed. The poster doesn’t include a frame.

Roblox Monopoly 2022 Edition

If your giftee loves both Monopoly and Roblox, you’re in luck! This 2022 Roblox edition includes player icons such as Classic Noob, Bloxy Award and more.

Instead of properties you get to buy and trade games, development teams and game promotions, Robux instead of money. You also get a virtual item (Mr. Bling Bling Hat) code for your Roblox game!

Roblox 20 Figure Pack

With so many figures to choose from, you can also create a unique one of your own by mix and matching their parts and accessories. What’s more, you get 20 virtual item codes that you can redeem in game.


There is so much more cool Roblox stuff out there that you can buy for your friends or family. If you didn’t find anything here to your liking, you can visit the official Roblox store on Amazon!

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