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If you’re a regular reader on my blog you may (or may not) know that my current hyperfixation is Resident Evil. And of course with any hyperfixation comes the need to look for merch.

That’s why I decided to compile a selection of really cool Resident Evil gifts for any occasion. I’ve specifically chosen most items made by the fans and independent artists because I love to support them. The creativity of the fandom knows no bounds.

Let me know which gift(s) you like the most! I wouldn’t be able to choose just one!

1. Resident Evil Characters Herb Prints

JIll Valentine Herb Print - PrinceRevenant
Photo by PrinceRevenant

I absolutely adore this artwork! You can choose from six classic Resident Evil characters – Jill (as pictured above), Chris from RE8, Ada, Leon, Claire, and Carlos. You can also order multiple characters if you so wish!

Each print is in 11×16″ size and comes without a frame. While the stock and the inks are of the highest quality, the seller mentions that they’re not of archival quality, so may turn yellow with UV rays.

You can contact them to see what your options are for archival quality print. The seller, princerevenant, is located in Canada.

2. 1/10th Scale Licker Statue

Licker Statue - AmebaFigures
Photo by AmebaFIGURES

Lickers are one of those video game mutants that makes you think “who thought of this?” but they look hella cool. If you or someone you know is a fan, this 1/10 scale figure would be a perfect gift. Stunning attention to detail!

It’s made out of polyurethane resin and you can choose the style which you’d like your statue to be painted (or just blank and primed).

The seller, AmebaFIGURES is located in Spain, so allow ample time for shipping if you live in the US. They also have some other Resident Evil figures.

3. Ada Wong Enamel Pin

Ada Wong Pin - SuugrStudio
Photo by Suugrstudio

Ada is an iconic character from the series and this cute chibi enamel pin is a great way to show your appreciation. It’s about 1.77″ tall and has gold plated back. You can choose between a rubber backing or a locking clasp.

The seller, Suugrstudio, is based in United States. They also have similar pins of Leon and Claire.

4. T-Virus Vial Prop

T-Virus Prop Anexo3D
Photo by Anexo3D

If you or a loved one likes to display props, why not get the T-virus vial? It’s a real medical vial with water and a 3D printed double helix inside. The seller has other Resident Evil props like this in their shop, so check them out!

The seller Anexo3D is located in Spain, so make sure to order well in advance if you’re from overseas.

5. 1/6th Scale Leon S. Kennedy Figure

Leon S. Kennedy Sixth Scale Figure by Damtoys

I do like articulated action figures and this 1/6th scale Leon figure by Damtoys looks amazing! The figure has over 30 points of articulation, so you can manipulate it into a lot of various poses.

It also comes with tons of accessories, weapons, costume parts, and extra pairs of hands. It stands about 11.83 inches tall and is about 3 lbs.

6. Resident Evil Plushies

Resident Evil Village Plushies PliskinArt
Photo by PliskinArt

These plushies are the cutest! You can choose either Lady Dimitrescu, Ethan Winters or Karl Heisenberg (or all of them). They measure about 7.9 inches. If a plush is out of stock, check out the seller’s store for pre-order listing and make sure to check out their other Resident Evil stuff.

The seller, PliskinArt, is located in Canada.

7. Jill Valentine Starry Night Canvas

Jill Valentine - Starry Night canvas

Starry night is a wonderful painting by Vincent Van Gogh and I love how the artist took that and transformed Jill, Nemesis and the police department building into the same style.

If you don’t want a canvas, you can also have the same design on a poster or an art print. What’s more, it’s also available on clothing, pillows, mugs, stickers and other products, so the choice is yours!

8. Four Lords Motel Keychains

Four Lords Motel Keychains Sanglunaria
Photo by Sanglunaria

I really like these hotel-inspired keychains for the Four Lords! Each of them has the name of the Lord’s settlement and their house crest. The acrylic keychains measure about 3.25 inches in height and are one-sided.

The seller, Sanglunaria, is based in United States.

9. Resident Evil Pub Glasses Set

Resident Evil Glass Set - CustomShot
Photo by CustomShot

Glassware always comes in handy and when it’s hand-etched with a design from your favorite game, it’s even better. The set includes two pub glasses (one with S.T.A.R.S. logo, the other with Umbrella Corp logo) and small shotglass with the umbrella logo.

The seller, CustomShot, is located in United States and also accepts custom orders and personalizations, so make sure to contact them beforehand if that’s something you’d like.

10. Visit Raccoon City Hoodie

Visit Raccoon City Hoodie

I love the monochromatic look of this Raccoon City design hoodie! I like the way the umbrella logo is incorporated in the name as well as the zombie silhouette on red background.

You can choose to have this design on a variety of products – other clothing items, laptop cases, tapestries, prints, mugs and a lot more.

11. Karl Heisenberg A3 Print

Photo by ShortysPrintStudio

This print is super-gorgeous, depicting Karl Heisenberg. I think the hands of Mother Miranda nicely depict the influence she has on her “family”. The seller also has artwork for the other Lords and you can also order a whole set of postcards with this design.

The seller, ShortysPrintStudio, is based in United Kingdom.

12. Dimitrescu Daughters Enamel Pin

Dimitrescu daughters pin - Kapsistudio
Photo by KapsiStudio

How cute is this pin! If you like the chaotic bug-trio of the Dimitrescu household, you might like this enamel pin. It’s about 0.39 inches and has golden back. You can also order a Lady Dimitrescu pin so you can have the entire family.

The seller, KapsiStudio, is based in Hong Kong, so make sure to order well in advance!

13. Leon Kennedy & Claire Redfield Diorama Statue

Leon & Claire statue by FSPainting
Photo by FSPainting

The creativity of Resident Evil fans knows no bounds and it shows in this 1/6th scale 3D printed diorama statue of Leon and Claire fighting zombies. You can choose only of the characters or you can have both. You can also choose the finish – painted or blank. The diorama is approximately 15 inches tall.

The seller, FSPainting, is based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you’re ordering from the US, make sure to give enough time for shipping. The shipping is free at the time of posting.

14. Lady Dimitrescu Print

Lady Dimitrescu Print - Solanumm
Photo by Solanumm

I stumbled upon this seller last year where they offered a Lady Dimitrescu t-shirt with the same design as above. Of course I had to get it quickly and you can see the result on this Twitter post, I absolutely adore it.

If you like the design, you can order it as a print (no frame)! The seller, Solanumm, is based in The Netherlands.

15. S.T.A.R.S. Spiral Notebook

S.T.A.R.S Spiral Notebook

I love stationery as evidenced by the amount of yet-unused notebooks lying around my room. I like this S.T.A.R.S. themed notebook though, love the distressed logo. You can choose between hardcover notebook (ruled or blank) or a spiral notebook (ruled only).

You can have the logo on more than just a notebook – mugs, stickers, clothing, tote bags and tons more!

16. Nemesis Controller/Phone Holder

Nemesis holder - CaveArtStudio
Photo by CaveArtStudio

I found this Nemesis controller/phone holder so funny, so I needed to share it. It looks like he’s struggling a bit! It measures about 10 inches, is 3D printed, painted with acrylic paints and varnished.

The seller, CaveArtStudio, is based in Turkey. The shipping is free at the time of posting.

17. Racoon City Police Precinct Keys

Precinct Keys - DarkMatterProps
Photo by DarkMatterProps

These replica Raccoon City Police Precinct keys from Resident Evil 2 are made out of metal and hand painted to give them that weathered look. They are 1:1 scale, measuring between 4.25 – 4.6 inches.

The seller, DarkMatterProps, is based in the United States.

18. Goat of Warding Statue

Goat of Warding figure - The Bear and Wolf Studio
Photo by TheBearandWolfStudio

I love the look of the Goats of Warding in the game and I think this 3D printed figure will look great in any Resident Evil’s fan collection. You can choose either a 5 inch or an 8 inch figure, painted or left blank.

The seller, TheBearandWolfStudio, is located in the US and offers free domestic shipping.

19. First Aid Spray Replicas

Resident Evil First Aid replicas - DigitalWasteland
Photo by DigitalWasteland

If you love props of any kind to display in your collection, you will love these first aid spray replicas inspired by the franchise. They’re empty, so can’t give the first aid like in the games and stand about 9 inches tall. Featured are spray bottles from RE0 to RE5 + RE2 remake.

The seller, DigitalWasteland, is based in the US and has a lot more Resident Evil themed props, so make sure to check out their store.

20. Autographs & Video Shoutouts

Streamily logo

Thanks to Streamily you can get an autograph of your favorite Resident Evil voice actor or even get a video shoutout similar to a Cameo. What’s more, besides a non-personalized print, you can also watch the actor sign your print LIVE on their social media.

You can get autographs from Maggie Robertson (Lady Dimitrescu), Nicole Tompkins (Jill Valentine, Daniela Dimitrescu, Elena), Bekka Prewitt (Bela Dimitrescu), Katie O’Hagan (Mia Winters), Aaron LaPlante (The Duke), Stephanie Panisello (Claire Redfield), D.C. Douglas (), Jeff Schine (Carlos, Chris Redfield), Paula Rhodes (Angie, Eveline) and many more.

Keep an eye on the website or their social media as they open and close their shops based on their availability.

21. Resident Evil T-Shirts

Resident Evil T-Shirts

I was attending Comic Con Prague in April 2022 and since I didn’t own any RE merch at the time, I decided to order two t-shirts from Teepublic. I love supporting independent artists and absolutely loved these designs, so it was a no-brainer.

I ordered one size up (M->L) because some female fits tend to ride up on me and I didn’t want that moving about at a con. I think the size is just perfect and it doesn’t look oversized while still looking fitted.

You can get these designs on more than just t-shirts, hoodies, posters, stickers and so many more products are available. The artist behind the Lady D t-shirt, monoblocpotato, also has some other Resident Evil designs, so make sure to check them out!

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