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I know it’s early but we have to think ahead before everything is gone for the holidays! Plus you’ll beat any Christmas queues and that’s a win in my book. You don’t want to miss out these great video game ugly Christmas sweaters and feel like the odd one out on any Christmas parties this year!

Christmas sweaters have recently made quite a comeback, adding more and more cool designs to the collection. Thanks to that we can now get sweaters (or even jumpers and t-shirts!) with various topics, from Star Wars to comic books and, of course, video game related ones.

Here are some of the top gaming ugly Christmas sweaters you need to get this season! Whether you’ve been roped to another family get-together or an office Christmas party or you just simply want to hang out at your place and play video games, these are for you!

Make sure to check the sizing to avoid any problems.


Fall Guys Ugly Christmas Sweater

Fall Guys is such a fun colorful game I enjoy playing, even though some maps can get frustrating sometimes. But even then I’d still wear this official sweater with a king bean on the front, other beans falling in the colorful stropes and Door Dash door at the bottom!

Get it on Just Geek!


Happy Halo-Days! Official Christmas Sweater

I really like the play on words in this green 100% knitted HALO sweater! With Halo Infinite hopefully launching in December 2021, this will be a great addition to your Christmas wardrobe.

Check it out on Just Geek!

Pac-Man: Ghosts Of Christmas Past Knitted Christmas Sweater - Merchoid

Pac-Man Ugly Christmas Sweater

What would Christmas be without some Pac-Man? If you are a fan of the franchise, why not throw some snowballs in this Ghost of Christmas Past dark blue knitted sweater?

You can buy it on Merchoid.

Fallout Vault Sweater

This sweater is not just knitted! It has Vault Boy patches sewn on it! Perfect choice if you want to throw a party in the Vault.

Check it out on Amazon!


Destiny Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you like Destiny, you’ll definitely like this sweater. No matter if you play as Hunter, Warlock or Titan, all three classes are represented on this official knitted sweater with embroidered Guardian crest on the front.

You can find it on Just Geek!

Pokémon: Christmas… I Choose You! Christmas Sweater - Merchoid

Pokémon Christmas Sweater

This cute and fun Pokémon sweater has a large smiling Pikachu on the front, Squirtle on the back, Bulbasaur and Charmander on the sleeves. All this with stars, baubles and Pokéballs as a decoration.

If you’re interested in this cute sweater, check it out on Merchoid!

Spyro The Dragon Sweater

Christmas is all about bright and vibrant colors and this Spyro Christmas sweater is ideal for any office or house party. Spyro might look a bit scared about the whole thing but you’ll definitely get some compliments on this ugly sweater.

If you like it, Amazon is where it’s at!


Official Call of Duty Monkey Bomb Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s not a Call of Duty Zombies game (and apparently Christmas too) without a Monkey Bomb! Now you can have it on an ugly Christmas sweater without blowing anything up.

Check it out on Just Geek!

(If you’d like more CoD gifts, check out my post here!)

PlayStation: 12 Days of Play Christmas Sweater - Merchoid

Colorful Playstation Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweaters don’t have to be in boring colors and this Playstation sweater shows how much fun you can have with colors!

You can check it out on Merchoid, grab it before it’s gone!


Playstation Ugly Christmas Sweater

I don’t own PlayStation (wish I did though!) but I’d definitely buy this sweater. I love the layout! The Playstation logo, the deer and the controller buttons!

You can check it out on Just Geek, grab it before it’s gone!

Gears Of War: Gear-ing Up For Gifts Christmas Sweater (Includes Fruitcake Weapon Set DLC) - Merchoid

Gears of War Christmas Sweater

Not only will you get a great red Gears of War sweater with the cog, skull and lancers, but if you order, you will also get a Gears 5 Lancer DLC code with Fruitcake skin!

Don’t wait and get it on Merchoid!

Sonic the Hedgehog: Unisex Knitted Christmas Sweater/Jumper (Size: S)

Merry Christmas Sonic Sweater

Almost everybody has played Sonic the Hedgehog at one point or another in their lives. You can get this red 8-bit Sonic knitted sweater (100% acrylic) to remind you of the good times!

Check it out on Merchoid!

Xbox: Christmas Unlocked Knitted Sweater - Merchoid

Xbox Controller Ugly Christmas Sweater

Console wars are stupid, play what you love! If you lean more towards Xbox, wear it loud and proud at your next work Christmas party.

You can get it at Merchoid.


Xbox Green Christmas Sweater

What’s better than an Xbox Christmas sweater? Two Xbox Christmas sweaters! It’s up to you which design you prefer more.

Check it out on Just Geek!

Spider-Man: ‘Tis The Season To Be Spidey Knitted Christmas Sweater - Merchoid

Spiderman Ugly Christmas Sweater

Technically also not a video game first but the PlayStation 4 game Spider-Man was top notch!

I really like the colors on this sweater and the fact that it’s an official merchandise by Marvel, which means it’s gonna be great quality! You can find it on Merchoid.

Star Wars Christmas Sweaters

Technically Star Wars were movies first before the Star Wars: Battlefront games ever came out. It’s a double win because you can get them for someone who’s not a gamer but likes the movies!

Star Wars: Happy Hoth-idays Christmas Sweater - Merchoid

Hoth Christmas Sweater

The iconic icy planet Hoth is all over this knitted sweater. AT-AT Walker on the front, Tauntaun and Rebel Alliance logo pattern on the bottom and of course, snowflakes everywhere.

Use the Force and buy this sweater on Merchoid!

Star Wars: All I Want For Christmas Is R2 Christmas Sweater - Merchoid

R2 Christmas Sweater

R2 in a Santa hat and a red scarf? Yes, please! This cute officially licensed R2 sweater is 100% knitted and festively decorated with snowflakes, snow, and Rebel Alliance logos.

Definitely a good choice for any Star Wars fan, you can check it out on Merchoid.

Star Wars: Lack of Cheer Disturbing Unisex Knitted Christmas Sweater/Jumper (Size: XXXL)

Darth Vader Sweater

Nothing says Christmas quite like a black Darth Vader sweater…right? I mean, it’s got snowflakes, Santa Hat, TIE fighters and Death Stars. If you’re not one for bright colored and flashy Christmas sweaters, this one is for you.

If you’re interested, you can buy it on Merchoid.

Star Wars: Away on A Razorcrest Baby Yoda/Grogu Christmas Sweater - Merchoid

Grogu Ugly Christmas Sweater

You’ll be the star of every Christmas party with this Grogu ugly sweater! It’s 100% knitted and while Grogu isn’t technically in a video game (yet?), it’s still Star Wars!

If you’re interested, you can check it out on Merchoid.

You can check out more geeky Christmas sweaters on both Merchoid and Just Geek.

If you could have an ugly Christmas sweater of any video game or movie/franchise ever, what would it be? I’d love an Alien sweater with little Christmassy Xenomorphs, maybe with Santa hats as well? 😀

Let me know in the comments down below! 🙂

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