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Geeky Gaming Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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The year has flown by very quick and Christmas is just around the corner again! Ugly (and not so ugly!) Christmas sweaters have recently made quite a comeback, adding more and more cool designs to the collection. Thanks to that we can now get sweaters (or even jumpers and t-shirts!) with various topics, from Star Wars to comic books and, of course, some gaming ugly Christmas sweaters. I chose a selection of these sweaters to show you from my favorite store, Merchoid, which offers free worldwide shipping.

Legend of Zelda Christmas Sweaters

If you are a fan of the Legend of Zelda franchise, you will definitely like these officialy licensed sweaters and jumpers! On the blue and green sweaters (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) Link looks like one of Santa’s little elf helpers, doesn’t he?

If you don’t like sweaters all that much but want to stay warm, why not get the Legend of Zelda retro jumper? Or if you love the Hylian crest, you will definitely like the green knitted sweater (100% acrylic)!


Super Mario Christmas Sweaters

The Super Mario series is a classic which everybody loves, except when you play Mario Kart with your friends. That game has ruined so many friendships! ūüėÄ Hopefully when you wear one of these Mario Christmas sweaters, no friendships will be ruined but please don’t take my word for it! If you would like a proper Mario sweater, Merchoid offers this knitted ‘Three plumbers jumping’ sweater in red (100% acrylic). You can also choose from selection of colorful jumpers, starting with the green one which features some of Mario’s enemies.

If you are proud of your achievements in Mario racing, get the black festive Super Mario Kart jumper. If you are a fan of the classics, go for the grey ‘Ho ho ho, it’s-a-me!’ jumper, the Donkey Kong black jumper or the blue jumper featuring Mario jumping for coins.

Pokémon Christmas Sweaters

What would Christmas be without some Pok√©mon? If you are a fan of the franchise, why not throw some snowballs in this snowball Pok√©ball black knitted sweater (100% acrylic)? If you’re more of a jumper fan, the grey Pikachu jumper is terribly cute.

Other Gaming Christmas Sweaters

If none of these have taken your fancy yet, just wait until you see the following officially licensed sweaters! The red Gears of War sweater is personally my favorite; who says Lancers can’t be Christmassy? My favorite feature is by far the brilliant back design, where a couple of Pouncers are towing a sleigh. I’m a fan of grey color and I really like the Playstation knitted sweater/jumper (100% acrylic) with the Playstation logo in the middle and the controller buttons all around.

I have a few friends who would definitely appreciate the following sweaters. Since Destiny 2 has been released, so has the Destiny Christmas sweater, featuring the logo on both sleeves, the Ghost pattern on the bottom and The Traveller in the middle.

It can get really cold during the nuclear winter, so you can bundle up in the green Vault Boy knitted sweater (no radiation protection though!).

I remember when I was around 9, there was a TV programme where you could phone in and play Crash Bandicoot with your phone (I still don’t know how that works) to win cool prizes. It was definitely entertaining and while I haven’t played the game myself, it brings back fond memories. The game that I’ve played a lot of though is definitely Pacman. This purple Pacman Christmas sweater will not protect you from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present or Future!

Almost everybody has played Sonic the Hedgehog at one point or another in their lives. You can get this red 8-bit Sonic knitted sweater (100% acrylic) to remind you of the good times! And when you’re on the trip down the memory lane, why not get this Ken vs Ryu Street Fighter sweater (100% acrylic)? And if you’re a fan of Street Fighter, check out my latest review of a Street Fighter t-shirt in this article!

Make sure to check out Merchoid for more geeky Christmas sweaters (with free worldwide shipping)!

Which sweater/jumper from this article did you like the best? Let me know in the comments down below! ūüôā

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