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Gamer Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 2018

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January has come and gone and we’re in the first days of February, which means many people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day soon. The title of this post might be misleading because, of course, not all of these items are gender specific. If you like these items too, go for it!

And if you’re single on this Valentine’s Day (or in that case Single Awareness Day), go treat yourself!

All of the following items are either from the ever-popular ThinkGeek, Merchoid (free shipping!), Entertainment Earth or TeePublic.

Gamer Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

  1. If your love doesn’t mind getting socks, get them these cool yellow Destiny 2 Warlock Socks!
  2. Any Assassin’s Creed fan will appreciate this badass Assassin’s Creed Laptop Backpack.
  3. If you’d like to bypass the official products in favor of supporting freelance artists, then this  Life is a game t-shirt is a great choice to start!
  4. Is your other half a fan of Bloodborne? Get them the Eileen the Crow mug!
  5. One can never have too many wallets, therefore -> Call of Duty: Duty Bound wallet!
  6. You gotta admit these Timepieces of Destiny 2 look pretty amazing…
  7.  Can’t decide which color to get? Why not both with this Halo Mjolnir Mark V and Mark VI statue 2 pack?
  8. Overwatch Heroes Never Die snapback can’t guarantee you won’t die but you’ll look cool as heck.
  9. It’s not a Lego but this Mega Bloks Destiny Arcadia Jumpship is perfect for expanding any Destiny collection.
  10. Who wouldn’t want a game themed underwear? Get this Legend of Zelda Boxer Briefs 3-pack!

If you’re not sure about these but still would like to buy some cool gaming gifts for your significant other, check out this 15+ Christmas Stocking Fillers post or my slowly growing Gaming Gift Ideas section for more ideas!

If you could choose which one of these gifts you would like (regardless your gender), which one would it be? Let me know in the comments below!

Let's talk about gamer Valentine's Day! Expensive restaurants, museums, cinemas? Nah, playing a game with your loved ones is the best activity for Valentine's Day...and you can even give them a little gift! Why not give them a nice t-shirt with video game characters like in the picture?
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