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Thanks to their boom a few years ago, coloring books are no longer considered a “kid’s hobby”. But did you know coloring books were originally aimed towards adults back in the 17th century and onward? If you don’t believe me, read this great Time article!

When I was browsing for some blog post ideas, I got these video game based coloring books recommended to me. I never really thought about them being a thing before but I’m glad they’re available now. Let’s check some of them out!

3 In 1 Gaming Coloring Book

Who says Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite and Lego are just for kids? Some illustrations in the coloring book are simpler, some are more elaborate, so this video game coloring book is both for kids and adults.

Assassin’s Creed Official Coloring Book

This Official Assassin’s Creed Coloring Book contains 96 line art pages filled with all the assassins (main games and DLC), iconic locations and even details like the famous hidden blade gauntlet.

Overwatch Coloring Book

Overwatch is one of the most popular games nowadays, so grab your pencils and sit down to color all your beloved characters and settings. This Overwatch coloring book has 88 pages.

Borderlands Coloring Book

This independently published Borderlands coloring book has 68 pages full of classic Borderlands characters.

Great for both kids and adults, and any lovers of the game franchise.

World of Warcraft Coloring Book

This official World of Warcraft coloring book boasts with 88 pages of concept art, character art, paintings and sketches converted into illustration that you can color.

Each illustration is on both front and back of the page, so make sure to use soft pencils to prevent bleed-through.

Coloring Book For Minecrafters

This unofficial Minecraft coloring book is a great pasttime for fans of the game. The illustrations in this 62 page coloring book are simpler than normal adult coloring books, so it’s suitable for kids as well.

Super Mario Coloring Book

This unofficial Super Mario coloring book has whopping 110 pages. Each illustration has its own page, so there is no risk of bleed-through.

This coloring book is great for smaller children as well (5 year old) because the illustrations are bigger with thicker lines.

Crash Bandicoot Coloring Book

This official Crash Bandicoot coloring book by Activision has 88 pages. Each illustration is printed on a separate page to prevent bleed-through.

Lots of great designs with familiar characters, both for children and adults.

Animal Crossing Coloring Book

This unofficial and independently published Animal Crossing book has been illustrated by Amy Wood.

There are 68 pages, each design is on a single page so that there’s no bleed through.

The Official Destiny Coloring Book

This official Destiny coloring book boasts with 96 pages of iconic characters, vessels, guns and places for you to have fun with and color. Perfect gift for any Destiny fan!

HALO Coloring Book

96 pages and 45 unique high-detail illustration guarantee hours of fun coloring this official Halo coloring book. Master Chief, Cortana and many others including iconic weapons all fill this coloring book.

Mass Effect Coloring Book

96 pages make up this official Mass Effect adult coloring book. Filled with super-detailed line art of iconic scenes and Mass Effect characters, this coloring book will definitely keep you entertained for hours!

Sega Coloring Book

The official Sega coloring book will bring you a dose of nostalgia. Everything from Sonic to The Revenge of Shinobi and console illustrations by Patrick Spaziante, this book is perfect for any Sega fan.

Colored Pencils & Pens

You really can’t do any coloring without the proper tools! You can mix wooden color pencils, gel pens and even crayons to creat stunning color combinations. Give these high-quality affordable writing supplies with vibrant colors a try!

Prismacolor Soft Core Colored Pencils 150 Pack

This set contains 150 pieces of wooden soft-core colored pencils to make sure you get the full range of colors. These pencils also come in packs of 36, 48 and 72 pencils.

Shuttle Art 160 Gel Pens

This pack includes 160 gel pens that you can use for coloring, sketching, bullet journalling or even highlighting. There are all the colors and finishes you might need, from standard to metallic, glitter, neon, pastel and swirl. They have a precision tip, so it’s easier to color all the small details.

Crayola Crayons 24 Pieces (2 Pack)

This Crayola set includes 24 crayons. What’s more, you get 2 packs, totalling at 48. Crayola is a well-known brand for its quality crayons with vibrant colors.


  1. Comment by Zed

    If I ever have kids I will most definitely be grabbing a few of these to keep them entertained 😀 Best way to get them into games at an early age without having them be in front of a screen 🙂

    • Comment by Dana - GeekyGamingStuff.com owner

      Why wait? Get yourself some of these! 😉

  2. Comment by Esther Muñoz Martín
    Esther Muñoz Martín

    I love the applications of painting and coloring and I like to see that every time we have more variety and better tools to develop our imagination

  3. Comment by Rebecca Foughty
    Rebecca Foughty

    My kids love video games and I think they would love all of these!

    • Comment by Dana - GeekyGamingStuff.com owner

      Definitely! And if you have gamer friends, they could enjoy them too! 🙂

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