I have been searching for a new gaming crate to test out after I decided not to get My Geek Box any longer. I was lucky to find a couple of new gaming subscription boxes, so I started with the UK based Colossal Crate.

Colossal Crate offers a multitude of subscriptions, so there is plenty of options for everyone! I chose to subscribe to the Colossal Gaming Crate for a few months, so I could review the boxes for you!

Subscription box: Colossal Gaming Crate
Description: Colossal Gaming Crate features a variety of video game related merchandise. The boxes do not have a monthly theme. Recently the Gaming Crate has upgraded and now you will get a T-shirt in each crate!
Price: starting at £16.99 + P&P
Shipping: ships worldwide, £11.99 to the US + Canada + Australia,  £3 to the UK, £7.99 to Europe

The contents

The box was really plain, the only thing branding it was a Colossal Crate themed tape. I don’t really mind that the box isn’t all spruced up like the other ones, it’s the contents that matter after all! My Gaming Colossal Crate for March 2017 included these items:

  • Ninja Gaiden 2 wallet
  • Little Big Planet  Scared Sackboy figure
  • Crysis: Legion book
  • Super Mario Bullet Bill candy tin
  • Fallout Nuka Cola keychain

Ninja Gaiden 2 Wallet

I’m not familiar with the Ninja Gaiden game series, but the wallet looks really cool and badass with the massive chain. The leather tag on the other side of the chain has chipped. It’s probably not supposed to be like that but I think it gives it a rugged feel. It is easily removable with some pliers or you can remove the whole chain. The wallet is pretty spacious, plenty of space for credit cards and bills. However, it’s not really coin friendly as I haven’t found a sealable pocket to put my change in. I think that’s one of the biggest drawbacks, other than than it’s a pretty cool little wallet.

Little Big Planet Scared Sackboy figure

I like that the gaming subscription boxes often introduce you to new games. Such was this case with Little Big Planet, a game exclusive for the Playstation console. It’s a fun family friendly puzzle game with main character being the Sackboy, made out of fabric, zipper and two buttons. Players can customize it’s appearance in the game.  This 6 inch figure is plastic with movable arms, legs and head.

Crysis: Legion book

Crysis is a famous first person shooter series and like many other video game series, this one also expands the universe with their own books. Crysis: Legion is a novel by Peter Watts, based on Crysis 2.

Super Mario Bullet Bill Sour Candy Tin

Who doesn’t love Super Mario? I got this little fun character themed candy tin. They come in various different characters and flavors, this one is Bullet Bill and blue raspberry. The candy is shaped like the character. As for the taste, they’re not really sour, maybe only for little kids. But then again, looking at the ingredients on the back, I probably wouldn’t give this to a child. 😀 It’s a great tin and will definitely be useful for other stuff later on.

Fallout Nuka Cola Keychain

Fallout is a very popular game nowadays and some of my friends are completely obsessed with it! I think I’m gonna have to give this Nuka Cola keychain to one of them as a gift.

That’s all for the March gaming crate, I think it was worth the money and I’m glad they didn’t stick just to one theme. The review of the April crate is coming up soon, I have been away all April and I have a backlog of posts to write up!

Have you ever tried Colossal Crate? If not, would you try it based on my review? If so, you can get 10% off on your first order if you use the coupon code ‘10COLOSSAL‘.

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