It’s time for me to review the Gaming Colossal Crate from April 2017! This one was also packed with a lot of great stuff, so continue reading to find out!

Subscription box: Colossal Gaming Crate (unfortunately discontinued)
Description: Colossal Gaming Crate features a variety of video game related merchandise. The boxes do not have a monthly theme. Recently the Gaming Crate has upgraded and now you will get a T-shirt in each crate!
Price: starting at £16.99 + P&P
Shipping: ships worldwide, £11.99 to the US + Canada + Australia, £3 to the UK, £7.99 to Europe

The contents

Colossal Crate April 2017
  • Legend of Zelda festival wristbands
  • 2 Mega Man mystery boxes
  • 1 Gears of War wristband
  • 1 POP! Funko figure of Lothar (Warcraft)
  • Street Fighter lanyard + keychain

Legend of Zelda Festival Wristbands

Legend of Zelda festival wristbands

Legend of Zelda is one of the most known and loved video games of all time. These officially licensed festival wristbands are really great quality, they’re long enough to fit any wrist and the little bead doesn’t slide down and holds it secure over your wrist. These wristbands were a perfect gift for my friend who is a big Legend of Zelda fan. If you are a fan yourself, check out my post about Legend of Zelda figures and statues!

Mega Man Mystery Boxes

The Mega Man video game was created by Capcom and currently boasts over 50 games in total. I must say this game passed me by somehow and I never got to play it or see it. I do however like mystery boxes, so I was looking forward to what was inside! I wasn’t that lucky to get two different figures and instead got two Ice Man figures. If you want to try your luck, you can get the Mega Man Mystery Box too!

Gears of War Wristband

Ever since I got the newest Gears of War 4, I’ve become a huge fan! Still need to play through the earlier games though. This wristband is perfect for any Gears of War fans.

Funko Lothar Figure

The Warcraft movie was released in 2016 and is based on the World of Warcraft video games. This Funko figure is of Anduin Lothar (portrayed in the movie by Travis Fimmel), you can collect 4 more figures from the movie.

Street Fighter Lanyard

I remember playing Street Fighter when I was a kid but I haven’t followed the series since then. I couldn’t find the lanyard on Amazon, but I can link you to some other very cool Street Fighter merchandise instead!

Overall this crate was really good, a great variety of items and video games! Unfortunately, Colossal Crate has been discontinued, so you can’t order it. I decided to leave this review up to fondly remember the subscription.

What did you think of this Gaming Colossal Crate?