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Can Video Games Cause Anxiety Attacks

Can Video Games Cause Anxiety Attacks?

Despite being a hobby for most people, video games have been associated with a lot of adverse effects on people's mental health. According to some studies, gaming does lead to [...] Game on →

cloud gaming

What Is Cloud Gaming?

Simply put, cloud gaming is a type of service which allows you to remotely play games from a server. You don't need to download a game, you don't need to [...] Game on →

Actors Who Stream on Twitch

Actors Streaming On Twitch

With over 9 million of active streamers at the end of 2020, it shouldn't be a surprise to find a few familiar faces on the platform. You can find actors, [...] Game on → Blog Updates

Monthly Gaming Recap: January 2021

January sure was a wild year, right? At least it feels like that! Here's the first of my monthly recaps. I'll be giving my opinion on the happenings in the [...] Game on →

Sims DLC list

DLCs: What Are They?

If you're familiar with video games, you must have heard the initials DLC, right? If you haven't, then the question ringing in your mind right now is - what is [...] Game on →

Can you game on Macbook Air?

Can You Game On A MacBook Air?

If you're a gamer you might be wondering whether you can game on MacBook Air. Well, the simple answer is that you can game on your Mac but the experience [...] Game on →