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Top 6 Scary Video Games You Should Try

It’s October and you know what that means! Pumpkin flavored everything, skeletons, ghosts and other supernatural beings and of course, Halloween! So I thought that I’d introduce you to some great classic horror video games. Whether you like horror games or not, you should definitely try these out at least once! So turn off the lights and read more!

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20+ Beautiful Video Game Tattoos

I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a long time now and recently I’ve finally chosen my design (not video game related though) and now I only need to drop by my chosen studio for a consultation and to schedule an actual appointment. That made me think; why not create a post of beautiful video game tattoos? Maybe if you want a gamer tattoo and don’t know which one to get, you can get inspired by some of these!

Please make sure to NOT copy these designs, stealing somebody else’s tattoo is not cool and reputable tattoo artists will not tattoo a design made by someone else. If you like some of these, you can take them to your tattoo artist and let them come up with their own spin on it and personalize it just for you.

Video Games

5+ Upcoming Video Games in April 2018

Happy holidays everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t updated for a while, I’ve taken on a second job, so it has been quite hectic lately. Either way I should have more free time in April, so I can update more regularly. Let’s look at some of the upcoming video games for this month, shall we?

Video Games

Upcoming Video Games in 2018

2018 has officially started in every time zone of the world, so I decided to write up a list of the 10 most anticipated upcoming video games of this year, along with their official trailers and gameplay trailers!

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Gamer Talk – The Unique Language of Gamers

“Get rekt, noob!” – and any variations thereof – you will most likely hear if you’re just starting out with video games and bravely venturing out into the wildreness that is online multiplayer, whether on a PC or a console of your choice. If you want to learn how to “talk like a gamer” or just want to see if there are words or phrases you don’t know, make sure to go through the slightly tongue-in-cheek dictionary below. 🙂

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List of 5 Minecraft Monsters You Don’t Want to Meet

I have to be honest; my first introduction to Minecraft on PC was not a positive one. My friend at university linked me the game and I tried it. I didn’t like it at all, from the blockiness to the pixellated graphics and an unknown purpose. I died by mining straight down. So any interest in a list of monsters or things to do was never really there.

Fast forward a couple of years and I somehow find my way to the game again. Except this time I got hooked BIG TIME. I found a great friendly server and then spent hours, days and months of gameplay on there, building cities, mining diamonds and getting killed in PvP events (fun times!).

One thing that is constant in Minecraft no matter the update: monsters. This is not a complete list of all Minecraft monsters but here’s 5 of the most annoying ones in no particular order. They have always been a huge pain in my blocky backside. Ready? Let’s go!

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Why Do We Collect Video Game Memorabilia – An Insight Into One’s Mind

Firstly, let me warn you that this post is in no way a psychological research. I’m not a scientist and don’t claim to be one, so this post is only an insight into my (and others) mind. I bet if you searched around the web, you could find some articles and scientific reports on why we collect things done by proper scientists.

Secondly, I feel the real life experience described in this article could be applied for other memorabilia, not just video game ones. But since this is a video games related blog, I’ll stick with what I love. 🙂

That’s that for a disclaimer. Now for the real stuff.

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Girls don’t play video games…or do they?

This is a myth.

Of course there are girls who don’t play video games but same can be said for boys. Some people have no interest in them no matter what gender they are. The truth is, you can say that just about anything. Sports, gardening, hand crafts, cars, etc. Video games is nothing different. It’s just the marketing that has thrown society off to believe that video gaming is a male dominated industry.