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Elderly couple playing video games

Are Video Games Good For Seniors?

Studies have found that video games can be great for the elderly. They can bring cognitive, physical and also emotional benefits. While aging can influence the way seniors interact with [...] Game on →

Why am I bad at video games?

Why Am I Bad At Video Games?

There are a lot of reasons why you're "bad" at video games. Stress and frame of mind can greatly impact your gaming performance. Your concentration suffers and you end up [...] Game on →

cloud gaming

What Is Cloud Gaming?

Simply put, cloud gaming is a type of service which allows you to remotely play games from a server. You don't need to download a game, you don't need to [...] Game on →

Sims DLC list

DLCs: What Are They?

If you're familiar with video games, you must have heard the initials DLC, right? If you haven't, then the question ringing in your mind right now is - what is [...] Game on →

Dog with glasses

Can Video Games Damage Your Eyes?

In this modern and technology-centric generation, computer screens and consoles force our eyes to overcome different challenges that bring new hazards to our eyesight. Prolonged video gaming sessions and too [...] Game on →