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Vertical monitors are great for those who want to multitask, but they have also been getting more popular for gaming purposes.

Yes, you can game on a vertical monitor but you still have to consider all the factors related to gaming. You need to make sure that the monitor is capable of handling your gaming needs before you buy it.

A portrait monitor should be your choice instead of a landscape monitor if a game has been specifically designed for portrait display If the game has been designed for landscape display.

How To Game On a Vertical Monitor

While gaming on a vertical monitor is possible, it does change the experience and won’t give you the same experience landscape monitors give.

This type of set up is not usually recommended unless you’re gaming casually. Most professional gamers don’t use portrait display for the same reasons. It would help if you considered all the benefits and the disadvantages before changing your display to portrait.

If you decide to try gaming on a vertical monitor, your first step is choosing the correct settings. Bear in mind that there aren’t many games that are compatible with portrait modes.

What Games Are The Best For Gaming On Vertical Monitors?

Portrait gaming is really great for racing and simulator games. You can see a lot further ahead. Tweak the settings a little bit and make sure the field of view is optimal for you. Don’t forget arcade games! Most are vertically oriented, so they will look great on a vertical monitor.

Arcade shooters

Vertical monitors can also be great for games in third-person view and app-like games.

Ensure that the monitor you buy has an in-play switching type of display to give you the accurate colors you want for gaming. Consider the screen size as well, and don’t go for anything less than 21 inches unless you’re trying to pair it with another screen and want the perfect ratio.

You can change how the game launches by changing the name of the root folder of the installed game for those who want to play horizontal games on vertical monitors.

However, if your goal is to have one monitor at a time, you can install different versions of the same game on the different monitors to allow you to turn on one screen without affecting the other, especially if you want to game.

Try games such as Downwell (Steam), various pinball games, Ikaruga (Steam), Crimzon Clover: World Ignition (Steam) and let’s not forget good ol’ Tetris!

Why Should I Play On A Vertical Monitor?

One of the reasons why people like vertical monitors is that they provide more comfort since they don’t cause straining. With landscape monitors, the angle sometimes gets too wide that you are forced to strain to see what’s happening. Vertical monitors are more precise, especially when you choose a game that will not be distorted by the change of resolution.

Vertical monitors allow you to enjoy complex games better. For instance, games that require more complicates strategies, as well as detailed storylines, are often better if displayed on one platform.

With landscape monitors, such games can easily confuse you with the intended message getting lost along the way. Vertical monitors also allow you to enhance particular features you want in a game easily.

This is very important if you’re looking for one game in a category that has similar games and wants to determine the distinguishing aspects of each game. The layout of the monitor will allow you to highlight those features with ease and therefore determine the most suitable game for your current needs.

Vertical monitors are also better for app games or any other games with the user interface specified as a portrait. While it may be easier to play games intended for landscape display on portrait display, playing portrait games on landscape display isn’t very effective.

The graphics and the visual appeal of the game will be lost, making the game less enjoyable. A portrait set up offers more freedom in terms of multifunctionality.

Portrait monitors also make it easier for you to explore different gaming features and options, which increases your chances of getting the right game. Survey has shown that gaming galleries that have portrait display get 13% more exploration rates, which shows that for most people, exploring portrait display is better than exploring a landscape display.

This may be attributed to the fact that most people don’t like having to scroll the screen in order to see all the information. Since landscape setups require downward scrolling to get full information, they are less appealing.

Since most people use mobile devices and most mobile games come in a portrait view, investing in a portrait monitor will give you better value. It will be easier for you to play more games on the screen, which means that you’ll be using the monitor more frequently. This may only appeal to casual gamers or beginner gamers.

However, professional gamers can benefit more from portrait monitors because most developers are exploring the portrait monitor option and are creating games that are compatible with such a setup.

As the type of display is seen as “revolutionary” by some people. Apart from that, the portrait games bring a lot of benefits to the developers and bring an interesting change to the gaming industry.

What Else Can I Use A Vertical Monitor For?

Even if your monitor is mainly used for gaming, vertical monitor is great for plenty other things! Vertical monitors are great for programmers, webdevelopers, writers, etc. You have much more text visible on the page and can go back and forth quickly without scrolling.

It’s great for Discord chat while you’re gaming too or browsing the internet.

Best Vertical Gaming Monitors

What if I told you that any monitor can become a vertical monitor? All you really need is a VESA stand (and VESA compatible monitor), which will allow you to rotate your monitor however you like. There are also monitors, which have a pivot already built in.

Best Multi-Monitor Stand

If you’d like to have multiple monitors, your best choice is this VIVO Dual Monitor Stand (Amazon) for two monitors. For three monitor setup, this Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand (Amazon) will do a great job!


Gaming on a vertical monitor is a cool concept that you should try whether you’re using multiple screens or just the one. There are many suitable monitor brands that you can choose from to enhance your gaming experience, and they all come with different features and at affordable prices.

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