It depends on what platform you’re gaming on; you can find PvE servers on PC versions of Rust but there are no PvE servers on a console.

If you own an Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, you might be able to play PC version of Rust but there are some caveats to this and I listed them below.

Can I play PvE in Rust?
My friend’s build on a PvE server

Does Rust Have a PvE Mode?

The official Rust servers do not have a PvE (Player vs Environment) mode.

PvE servers are custom servers hosted by players. Some offer a vanilla Rust experience and some are modded to enhance the PvE experience.

Can I Play PvE In Rust on a Console?

At the moment there is no way to get a PvE server on the consoles.

Players can’t create custom servers at the moment but even if they could, they wouldn’t be able to add mods like PC users.

The one way you can sort of bypass it is to choose empty servers but bear in mind more experienced players might raid your base when you’re offline.

Can I play PvE in Rust?
My forest cottage on a PvE server

Nvidia GeForce Now

If you have Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S, you can use Nvidia GeForce Now to connect to your Steam library and play PC games on your console.


  • You need a pretty good internet
  • You need to own the game on your Steam account
  • Subscription model
  • The free tier runs on a basic rig and you only have limited gameplay time (1 hour) + waiting queue
  • Not available for PlayStation

Is Rust a Good Option For a PvE Game?

Since Rust is a survival game with predominantly PvP elements, the PvE aspect of the vanilla game isn’t developed well enough that Rust could be considered a good PvE game.

But as always, it depends on your play style and the reason why you chose PvE in the first place.

I prefer to play Rust PvE servers because I just want to build nice houses, maybe go on some monument raids, try farming and electricity, ride a horse and just chill by a pool.

I don’t want to build armored buildings and worry about other players raiding my base or getting killed over and over again “just for lolz”.

I also don’t have the time to be playing consistently and for longer periods of time, so the relaxed atmosphere of a PvE server allows me to get back to where I left off and know that my base is safe.

Can I play PvE in Rust?
A player’s build in earlier Rust version on a PvE server

The only thing you have to worry about is having enough materials in your tool cupboard to last a while.

When you die to a bear or wolf attack (or just fall off a monument, ehm), it might take you a while to get to your stuff but you can do so relatively safely, all you have to worry about are more bears and wolves.

Not all PvE servers are the same, so you will have to “shop around” to find the ones that you like the most.

Advantages of Rust PvE

If you’re new to Rust but you don’t want to be killed over and over again by people just to learn how to do things, PvE servers are a great option to learn more about the game.

For a beginner it’s an ideal place to try out various builds, find out how to craft things and how to obtain items at your own pace. You can choose which biome you like the best.

PvE is a great way to relax, it’s kind of like early Minecraft just with realistic graphics. You can choose what you want to do – whether you want to focus on building, figuring out electricity or farming, or test how to raid monuments and deal with AI enemies.

I love this build!

Some people don’t like PvP or are simply burnt out from Rust PvP servers. It’s no secret that some players and server might be very toxic. PvE servers allow you to wind down and let go of the adrenaline.

I like PvE servers because there’s not a lot of people compared to PvP servers. Of course that doesn’t apply to every PvE or PvP server. Fewer players can also mean that people usually don’t camp at monuments, and loot is easier to come by.

I don’t mind being on a server on my own or just with a couple of friends.

To sum it up:

  • perfect for beginners to learn how the game works
  • good for people tired of PvP servers
  • great way to get more creative with base design
  • no worries about other players killing you or raiding you
  • great for people with limited gaming time
  • less players
  • custom maps and monuments
  • more PvE features in modded servers

Disadvantages of Rust PvE

Most PvE servers are modded, which means you don’t get official achievements – only vanilla servers and original servers can give you those. If that’s something you care about, keep that in mind.

Once you have a nice house and enough resources, the gameplay might become a bit boring unless you start somewhere else on the map from scratch.

The solution for this is to find PvE servers which do server wipes more often.

From my experience PvE servers are the most active right after the monthly wipe and then the playerbase sort of wanes as they accomplish all they wanted to do.

PvE Roleplaying Build Inspiration

That being said, I’ve only played on PvE servers with a monthly wipe schedule. But if you’re a person like me who doesn’t have time to play on a consistent basis, that’s not a bad thing.

As I mentioned above, there are less players on PvE servers. For me it’s an advantage but some people might prefer company.

Modded servers can have issues with custom content breaking the game, which could result in a rollback to an earlier save or even a full fix-it wipe if the admins can’t find a solution to the problem.

There was a problem with disappearing chests on the server me and my friends play with and a map was causing server wide issues.

The admins had to do a full wipe of the server two weeks before a monthly wipe, but allowed us to keep items in our backpacks.

  • a lot of modded PvE servers won’t give you achievements
  • gameplay might get boring with less frequent wipes
  • vanilla PvE servers lack additional challenges
  • less players
  • can break due to mods

What To Do on a PvE Rust Server?

There are plenty of things to do on a PvE Rust server, here are a few to get you started:

  • Focus on building
  • Tinker with electricity
  • Play around with base fortification and security
  • Try to become an expert at gardening
  • Run monuments

You don’t have to do all of them at once, you can choose which play style(s) you want to do each wipe.

You can also set challenges for yourself – for example, try to survive to another wipe without using guns.

Can I play PvE in Rust?
How to filter PvE servers in game

How To Find Cool PvE Servers

As I mentioned above, it’s best to shop around for a suitable server for your needs.

The game will let you filter PvE-only servers (see screenshot above) and they will show up either under Community or Modded tabs.

Make sure to also check Empty Servers – some smaller PvE servers can be less active.

Read their descriptions, what mods they use (if any) and test out a few.

My Favorite Rust PvE Server

After trying out a few servers which eventually got turned off, I’ve been a long-time player on the Total PvE UK/USA server.

The admins are active and super friendly and helpful and take good care of the server and its players. It’s a modded server, currently on a custom map and includes a few custom monuments.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Monthly wipes
  • No PvP, raiding or looting other players
  • Zombies – they come out at night >:D
  • Loyalty rewards – you get free items the more you play (like a supply signal ever few hours), there are tiers depending how many wipes you’ve been through on this server and each includes a bonus kit
  • Backpacks – they saved my hide a couple of times and make running for loot in monuments really useful
  • 50% decay – you need less resources to keep your base from decaying
  • Stackable storage boxes – while shelves are fine, I find that stacked boxes look more pleasing
  • Skins – there are tons of skins for many of the in-game items
  • Tree planter – I love love this feature as I tend to make my builds in a “cabin in the woods” design. This way I can cut down the trees to make space and then replant. I think each tree costs 100 Scrap.
  • Auto-lanterns and fires – absolutely amazing mod!
  • Ability to add custom images to signs and frames
  • One click base upgrade/downgrade – With one command you can upgrade your entire base (or parts of it), provided that you have enough resources in your inventory.
  • Works with Rust+ phone app
  • Community center – You can use furnaces, recyclers, Amazon drone shops, put items in pre-made boxes you don’t need/want for other players, there are cool vending machines too
  • Events – Easter, Halloween, Christmas events where you pick eggs/candy/presents and get loot

Everyone is really friendly and I enjoy coming back (almost) every month to get a new base going. The loyalty rewards make the game easier as you level up, so I decided to play the game without the rewards this month, starting from scratch.

Do give it a try and make sure you read the rules!

Cool beach house design!


It is possible to play PvE on Rust – it’s easier to do so on a PC than a console. Consoles don’t support custom servers and the only way to play PvE on a console is through Xbox using Nvidia GeForce Now.

If you’re on a PC, browse around PvE servers and see which one(s) you like the best for your play style.


  1. Comment by Ondra

    Honestly, there are many things to do on Rust PVE Servers.
    For example, I have been playing on the PVE server for about a year.
    They have 2x loot rates, so getting stuff, components, etc., is not so hard.
    What I love are the tiered Bradley and heli. Four types of heli and three kinds of Bradley. It is unique, giving you significant challenges; it’s more challenging than vanilla. It would help if you had a good tactic, especially for extreme Bradley or Legendary Heli (this one took me 15 mins to take it down for the first time).
    Also, they have custom events like Harbor, Bosses around the map with good loot, Space, Sputnik, Power Plant, Sat Dish, Water events, and many more.
    Admins are doing events regularly, like now Rust Talent Show, a snowball battle, a poker event, a kill heli event, etc.
    I spent on this server around 2k hours, which was worth it. The community is simply incredible, and if you go to their /town, you can talk with admins directly; they are so friendly, and sometimes I spend hours just talking with admins and other players.
    Playing on PVE servers is worth it; you don’t need to worry about being raided offline, biweekly wipes are excellent if you are busy with work, etc.
    Every new wipe, I have so many things to do, and it keeps me busy for almost the whole wipe.
    I am doing some super bases and castles.
    I hope my answer helped you. Have a nice day. Ondra

    • Comment by Dana - owner

      Hi Ondra, thank you for sharing your experience with a PvE server!

  2. Comment by LEVITAS

    If you’re in Australia, New Zealand or just have good internet, the chillest Vanilla PvE Rust experience is here: Rusty Spoons|No Decay|Zombies|Monthly Wipes|Rust+ Server address

    • Comment by Dana - owner

      Thank you for the rec! 🙂


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