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The Legend of Zelda has been around since 1986 and there has been much merch made in honor of the game. Today I’d like to look at some Figma and Nendoroid action figures (plus a couple of statues). If you’re not familiar with these types of figures, then read on and check how awesome they are!

In a rush? Here’s my top pick!

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If you’re in a hurry and are looking for The Legend of Zelda action figure, I’ve picked one that I think is best in terms of value for your money. This Link Deluxe Nendoroid from Breath of the Wild is super cute, highly posable and has a ton of accessories. The material is high quality, the joints are smooth, the sculpting is very detailed and the paint job is high quality.

What to consider

So what should you consider before buying an action figure or a statue?

  • Size – Do you want to match your action figure collection?
  • Articulation – Do you like to change your figure’s poses?
  • Acessories – Do you prefer a lot of accesories like weapons, custom hands, etc.?
  • Quality – Does it feel sturdy or flimsy? Are the joints stiff or too loose?
  • Paint & details – Is the paint job sloppy? Is the figure very detailed?
  • Price – Does it fit your budget or would you need to save up?

If you want more detail about what you should consider before buying an action figure, read this summary in one of my posts!


Game version Size (inch) Type
First 4 Figures Link Statue Breath of the Wild 11″ statue
Good Smile Link Nendoroid Majora’s Mask 4″ action figure
Good Smile Zelda
Figma Action Figure
Twilight Princess 5″ action figure
Good Smile Deluxe
Link Figma
A Link Between Worlds 4.3″ action figure
Link Deluxe Nendoroid Breath of the Wild 4″ action figure
Good Smile Deluxe
Link Figma figure
Twilight Princess 5.5″ action figure

What are Figma action figures?

Figma action figures is a line produced by Max Factory (no, not the make-up brand :D) in Japan and distributed by the Good Smile Company. The first mass-produced figma action figure was released in 2008 and it was Yuki Nagato from the Haruhi Suzumiya series.

While they are more focused on popular anime characters, they have also released other characters from movies such as Batman, Deadpool, Avengers and games like Overwatch, Bloodborne, Metal Gear Solid 2, DOTA 2, and of course, The Legend of Zelda.

These action figures have a high articulation, so you can style them in a huge variety of poses. Not only are they highly poseable, they are also beautiful with a lot of detail. Each figure is also partially hand painted, so no figure is the same! Each figure comes with a supporting articulated stand and extra accessories, including weapons, capes, extra faces and hands, etc.

The size of the figma action figures is ranging between approx. 4″ and 6″ (~10 – 15cm), which makes it a comfortable size to move the joints around.

If you want to add a little more oomph to your figure collection, you can also buy a nice diorama with a background (check it out here at Amazon) to display some of your figures. Besides that, you can also purchase a blank figure archetype (check them here at Amazon) that you can use as a reference or a base for your own customized figma figure.

Their collection now boasts around 400 action figures.

What are Nenderoid action figures?

Similarly to figma figures, Nenderoids are created by the Good Smile Company and have been around since 2006. The name was created from the Japanese word Nendo, which means clay.

The 4″ figures have a cute “kawaii/chibi” look. Think FunkoPOP! but more detailed and with more articulation and accessories. They are characteristic by their huge head and smaller body. As I mentioned above they have a lot of customization – you can swap faces, hands, sometimes even clothes and thanks to the stand you can place them in various poses.

Nendoroids are often from anime, manga or video games but there have been new additions with movie characters from Disney, Star Wars, Avengers and many more. There are currently over 1000 Nendoroid action figures, so you will definitely find something for you!

As with the figma figures, there are Nendoroid archetypes that you can use for reference or customization (see at Amazon) and some cool dioramas made by the Phat! Company for Nendoroids (check them out at Amazon).

Problems with knock-offs

As with almost anything these days, action figures (especially high quality ones like Figma and Nendoroid) are favorite items to knock off. These figures from China lack the quality of the originals from Japan: the joints are loose and fall out easily, the paint is sub-par, there are no official logos and often the price is too good to be true. This is a good article from WaifuLaifu on how to be safe when buying action figures and avoid bootleg items.

Generally if you see “Fulfilled by Amazon” on the product listing, chances are those figures are original. However, Amazon is very strict on their bootleg policies so in case you get a knock-off, you can contact Amazon customer support and get a refund.

First 4 Figures Link Statue

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link Statue
check current price at Entertainment Earth

This 10″ Link statue from Breath of the Wild was made by the company First 4 Figures and released in 2017, distributed by Dark Horse. The statue is made from PVC and is surprisingly light despite its size but still sturdy.

The dynamic pose really captures the game, the sculpting is really detailed, from the folds of the tunic to the weathering and dents on the shield and sword. The paint work is impeccable and very precise, no color overlaps onto another, the colors are bright and vibrant. The use of subtle shading is what makes the statue stand out. He features

I really enjoy the attention to detail and the precise paint job, it’s not often you find soles of the shoes sculpted and painted a different color. It’s definitely a statue worth the price (check current price on Amazon)

Good Smile Link Nendoroid

Good Smile Link Nendoroid
check price at Amazon

Nendoroids are terribly cute and it is double so with this Link figure from Majora’s Mask (check price at Amazon), which was first released in 2016. This figure might not be as poseable as much as other Nendoroids but he comes with extra bent leg for more dynamic poses. However, it doesn’t takeaway from the figure unless high articulation is what you’re looking for.

He’s made from hard plastic, except the bottom part of his tunic which is softer and more malleable rubber. The figure is partially hand-painted but there are no issues with color bleeding onto other colors. The colors are also bright and vibrant. The sculpting is great with detail as well, especially the folds in the tunic and cap, which can be articulated on its own.

Apart from the limited articulation, there might be problems with the pegs in the stand, so be careful when handling the items. The sword can be placed into his hand by removing the handle and placing it to his hand, then attaching the blade. Most Nendoroids are top heavy due to the design, so make sure to use the stand to keep it from toppling over.

This Link Nendoroid comes with:

  • translucent stand with adjustable arm
  • 4 extra arms
  • bent leg
  • alternate angry face
  • fairy companion Tatl + stand – great paint work with partially translucent wings
  • bunny hood
  • Hero’s shield – great sculpted details (studs, the back imitates wood planks)
  • sword and sheath – blade part can be removed to fit into the sheath, sheath is difficult to put on the back
  • red potion in a bottle for holding
  • 3 masks for holding – Zora, Deku, Goran
  • Majora’s mask for wearing + fastening for Link’s face


  • end of cap – swivel
  • neck – ball joint
  • shoulder – up and down movement
  • elbow – rotation
  • waist – rotation
  • legs – ball joints
  • ankles – rotation

Good Smile Zelda Figma Action Figure

There are not many Princess Zelda action figures but this figma one from Twilight Princess (check price at Amazon) more than makes up for it! It was designed by the Good Smile Company and released in 2017. She looks like she just jumped straight from the game, the likeness is great, the sculpting and details are amazing.

click to check price at Amazon

As is custom with figma figures, there are really no flaws in the colors – they don’t bleed into each other. Her dress has a pearlescent sheen, the armor is detailed. The details are sculpted rather than just painted on, which makes the figure stand out among other figures.

Thanks to the dress, the articulation of the legs (yes, she has them and fully poseable!) is a little bit limited even though the sides can be swiveled too. The joints are delicate, so be careful when switching hands or putting weapons in them. You’d think that with the shoulder armor the shoulders would lack articulation but you can actually pop them out a little bit to the side and it’s not an issue.

She doesn’t come with as many accessories as other figma figures but I don’t think it’s a disadvantage (less pieces to lose anyway! 🙂 ). I think she could do with one more extra face, maybe some fierce angry one. The gentle smile of the attached extra face is quite similar to the defaut she has on from the box.

I think it will be a great fit to the Twilight Princess figma version of Link, which you can read more info about down below.

This Zelda figma comes with:

  • translucent stand with adjustable arm
  • 3 extra hands – fists, open hands, grab hands
  • sword – can be sharp, is very delicate
  • Bow of Light + arrow
  • extra face with slight smile


  • hair in the back for ease of backward movement
  • shoulder ball joints
  • bicep swivel
  • elbow hinge
  • wrist ball joints
  • chest swivel
  • waist hinge
  • hip, knee, ankle and toe joints

Good Smile Deluxe Link Figma

check price at Amazon

Vibrant colors are what make this 4.3″ figure and also the more cartoony look from the game A Link Between Worlds. As with every Good Smile figure, the scuplting is on point and the coloring is clear and precise.

The slits on the bottom of the tunic don’t impede the movement of his legs. He comes with a lot of accessories but I really like the wall art of Link which mimics one of the features of the game – Link can flatten himself against the wall and in a 2D fashion solve puzzles in the 3D world.

This Deluxe Link Figma figure comes with:

  • translucent stand with adjustable arm
  • green Rupee
  • clay pot
  • bomb
  • Master Sword
  • Hylian Shield
  • Hookshot + extended
  • Tornado rod with optional plastic addon effect
  • baby Maiamai
  • 3 extra pairs of hands
  • 1 extra face – serious face
  • double sided wall art of Link from thin transparent plastic


  • back of the cap
  • head – ball joint
  • shoulders – ball joint
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • torso
  • legs, knee, ankle, toes

Link Deluxe Nendoroid

see at Amazon

This 4″ cute Deluxe Link Nendoroid from Breath of the Wild was released in 2018. There’s also a non-deluxe version which lacks certain accessories like the horse, hood, etc. Highly sculpted, the colors are vibrant and I really like the gradient on his hair.

Nendoroids are notoriously top heavy and while some could stand on their own, you will need the attached stand to this one. The many accessories will have you struggling which ones to use first for your ideal pose! Make sure to use the stand also when Link is atop Epona or else he might fall off. Check out the figure at Amazon.

Deluxe Link Nendoroid accessories:

  • translucent stand + arm
  • 1 extra face
  • 1 extra pair of hands
  • hood
  • sword + sheath
  • bow + arrow
  • quiver
  • shield
  • Sheikah slate
  • axe
  • club
  • horse Epona


  • head – ball joint
  • ponytail – ball joint
  • shoulder
  • arm
  • wrist
  • waist
  • legs

Good Smile Deluxe Twilight Princess Link Figma

click to check price at Amazon

This 5.5″ Link figma figure was released in 2017. The colors are more muted than the other figures on this list but it stays true to the game. The details are finely sculpted (folds on the clothes, his shield) and I love the gold chainmail-like tunic.

He comes with a variety of accessories but my favorite is probably the claw shot – the weathered effect looks so good and not only that, the top can be substituted by an open hook on a chain, creating a more dynamic pose. That’s why they also included a second stand to display the chained accessories. Check this figure out at Amazon.

Deluxe Link Figma comes with:

  • 2 translucent stands + arms
  • 2 extra faces
  • 3 pairs of extra hands
  • Master Sword + sheath
  • Hylian Shield
  • Ordon Sword
  • Hero’s bow + arrow
  • Hawkeye mask
  • Clawshot closed + open claw on a chain
  • ball and chain


  • back of the cap
  • head
  • shoulder – can be shifted, adding large variety of poses
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • chest
  • thighs
  • knees
  • ankle
  • toes

Honorable Mention – True Form Midna Statue

I couldn’t not include this statue of true form Midna from The Twilight Princess. This 17 inch statue looks so good, the details are amazing and the scultping is flawless.

Add features such as glow in the dark paint and ultraviolet painted base (not to mention light up hair in the Exclusive version) and you get one of the best Legend of Zelda themed statues. You can order this Midna statue at Amazon.


It’s really hard to choose between all of these as they’re all very well made. My top pick would be the deluxe version of Link from Breath of the Wild (see at Amazon) and if I didn’t need food and didn’t mind the wait, I would preorder the Midna statue (on Amazon).

Which of these are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

PS: Psst, do you know how to take care of your action figures and statues? I wrote a handy post with tips and tricks how to keep your collectibles clean and safe!

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