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If you’re ready to up your gaming collectible game, you’ve come to the right place. Gaming statues are incredibly popular and while they aren’t that posable (if at all), they are certainly very aesthetic and will look amazing on any shelf.

Today I’m going to list some of the best Assassin’s Creed statues!

Where Can I Buy Assassin’s Creed Statues?

The statues included in this post are all made by PureArts and the manufacturer’s website is where I recommend you buy these from. PureArts offers flexible payment plans, so you don’t have to worry about having a large sum of money upfront. What’s more, they also hold contests across their social media where you can win cool statues.

I would avoid buying at places like Amazon, eBay and similar. While it may be cheaper, you never know if you will get a poor quality knock-off or the real thing.

Due to licensing issues, some statues might be available only in North and South America. Rest assured that making their products worldwide is one of PureArts’ priorities.

Another favorite place to buy statues is Sideshow! They offer a payment plan as well and they also have some original work, so make sure to check them out.

Best Assassin’s Creed Stautes

StatueStatue DesignScaleCompanyGame VersionSize (in)Weight
Best Gaming Statues: Assassin's Creed
1:4PureArtsAssassin’s Creed21.7 x 16.5 x 24.438 lbs
Best Gaming Statues: Assassin's Creed1:4PureArtsAssassin’s Creed 227.5 x 23 x 1542 lbs
Animus BayekBest Gaming Statues: Assassin's Creed1:4PureArtsAssassin’s Creed: Origins27 x 19 x 2040.5 lbs
Best Gaming Statues: Assassin's Creed1:4PureArtsAssassin’s Creed: Valhalla25 x 16 x 1621.6 lbs

Animus Altair Statue

This 1:4 scale Animus Altair statue has won the Best Gaming Statue at the Bmutha Annual Statue Awards in 2019.

Ubisoft provided PureArts the Altair game model. However, the game models are low resolution, so the team at PureArts had to work around that and add some finer details and textures.

Box Contents & Construction

The statue comes in a securely padded off-white box, with blue elements and the Assassin logo. The parts of the statue are securely packed within styrofoam containers.

It comes unassembled but it’s quite easy to put together. There are 3 large pieces that make up the background, plus Altair and smaller animus pieces. Altair’s left arm is detachable with a strong magnet.

The Animus Altair statue is made out of polyresin, the blue animus effects are made out of transparent polyresin.

At the back of the statue there is a battery compartment for 3 AA batteries (not included). The statue can be lit up via strategically placed LED lights:

  • the wall behind Altair
  • the Animus detail
  • Altair’s arm

The switch is cleverly disguised as a rock. The Animus piece in Altair’s arm requires button batteries (3x LL1130) as that’s a separate circuit.

In the box you also get a certification card with a stand and a magnetic decoration with the issue number of the statue. You can place it on the statue or not, up to you.

Sculpting & Paintjob

There’s no denying that the sculpting is a work of art.

The base and the background of the statue give it an authentic feel, the architectural detail is spot on to the architecture of the time and place.

The amount of detail blows my mind away; all the wrinkles, stitching, buckles, metalwork are amazing. Altair’s fingers have realistic creases and fingernails. Everything looks pretty realistic, down to the texture.

The Animus pieces have chemical bonds etched in the Animus bits, which I think is a fun little detail.

All PureArts statues are hand painted and it shows! The paintjob is extremely well done. I like the weathered look of the base and Altair’s cloak and shoes. The paint is crisp and precise. I like how the blue of the Animus adds a splash to color to otherwise fairly monotone color palette of the game.

Altair size reference
Altair Statue Size Reference


  • attention to detail
  • vibrant colors
  • authentic feel of the time period
  • Altair’s likness
  • battery compartment is easily accessible


  • back wall might wobble a bit if the statue is moved
  • it’s pretty tall, might not fit in some display cases
  • the small Animus pieces could be easily snapped if handled improperly

Animus Ezio Statue

Following the Altair statue, 2019 was the year that PureArts also released a new 1:4 scale Animus Ezio statue from Assassin’s Creed 2.

Box Contents & Construction

The statue comes in a secure padded box. The design is simple yet effective – white box with red animus bits and red Assassin logo. As always, each piece of the statue is packed into styrofoam containers to minimize the risk of something breaking.

The packaging was drop tested, so you can be sure all the parts are secure and will be at your door intact.

The statue is made out of polyresin and comes in unassembled. This statue requires more assembly than the Altair one due to its size. The largest pieces of this statue is the base and the background, and of course Ezio himself.

I love how they incorporated the Santa Maria Del Fiore cathedral into the statue, it gives the statue an authentic and realistic feel. PureArts made sure that even the back of the background is as detailed as the front.

On the bottom of the base there is a plaque with AC artwork and the issued number of the statue along with 6 small rubber feet. At the back there is a battery compartment for 6 AA batteries (not included). It’s secured by a magnet rather than a clip, so there’s no risk of it breaking.

I think that there should be an option to have a socket adapter, I feel like 6 AA batteries is a bit of a waste.

Ezio comes in one piece except for his arms. One arm has a button battery compartment (3x LR1130) to light up a small piece of Animus. The Animus effect on the cape is made to be a little more flexible, so in case you hit it, there’s less chance of breaking it off.

Sculpting & Paintjob

As with the Animus Altair Statue, the sculpting job is really detailed. All the little buckles on his belt and shoes, the stitching and decorative embroidery on Ezio’s cloak and more make this statue an incredible piece of art.

All textures are super realistic, fabric looks like fabric, leather looks like real leather.

The paintjob is crisp and precise, down to a slight five o’clock shadow on Ezio’s face and a scar across his lip. The metal parts such as the buckles, his Assassin belt and hidden blades look like real metal.

One thing I would mention is that for me there is little facial likeness to the in-game Ezio. It’s definitely not a dealbreaker since just his attire is so iconic there’s no mistaking who it is.

Ezio size reference
Ezio Statue Size Reference


  • attention to detail
  • realistic architecture
  • crisp and clean paintjob
  • battery compartment is easily accessible


  • might be too big for some people
  • the facial likeness to Ezio isn’t great in my opinion
  • user need to be mindful of the order in which the pieces are assembled
  • no option to power it with an adapter instead of batteries

Animus Bayek Statue

Box Contents & Construction

The box for the Bayek statue is gorgeous – black with gold Animus accents and hieroglyphs. There is the Assassin logo in gold with the Eye of Horus in the middle.

As is custom, the pieces of the statue are securely packed inside a styrofoam box. There is a plaque with the edition number you can display next to the statue (or the little manget on the statue).

As with other Animus statues in this collection, this one also lights up. The base has 3 AA batteries and the back has also 3 AA batteries (not included). Bayek’s right arm has a small button battery comparment (3x LR1130) for lighting up the Animus effect. The on/off buttons are concealed as rocks on the base.

The base consists of two large pieces, the bottom is surprisingly light for such size and has a plaque on the underside with the product number. The backpiece slides in easily into the base. There are smaller Animus pieces, Bayek’s bow and quiver, his right arm and the eagle.

Putting together the statue is very easy, there are colored stickers that indicate which parts go where. Senu (Bayek’s eagle) just slides on top of the backpiece. The right arm and quiver attach with a magnet, the bow has an elastic string that can be draped across Bayek’s torso.

Sculpting & Paintjob

The base in the shape of an eagle’s head is brown in color and has gold-like detailing with weathered effect. It kinda looks like hammered metal. The “stone” backpiece is also brown in color with carved in glyphs that light up.

I love the fragmented look of Bayek’s sword, it looks as if it hasn’t quite loaded yet. Beautiful artistic choice in my opinion!

The skin isn’t overly detailed, which is good as too much skin texture can look strange. The veins in Bayek’s arms have their own color as well as the lips, which adds more dimension to the statue. The facial likeness I feel is pretty close to the game character.

Not only is Bayek sculpted with incredible detail but Senu as well. Her feathers and talons are very life-like even in resin.

I’m a big fan of the vibrant orange sash and the overall the color scheme – the colors aren’t washed out in any way. The fabric, leather and metal work bits look very realistic.

Bayek size reference
Bayek Statue Size Reference


  • exceptional detailed sculpt & paint
  • easy to assemble
  • ease of battery access
  • vibrant colors


  • might be too big for some people
  • a lot of batteries required, no option for adapter

Animus Eivor Statue

The latest 1:4 scale statue in the Assasssin’s Creed Animus collection is Eivor, the main protagonist from Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. This statue has been available for pre-order since July 21st, 2020 and the estimated delivery is in the second quarter of 2021.

You don’t have to buy separate male & female statue version of Eivor because this statue comes with both heads you can just change whenever you like!

The base represents a rock covered with snow, the backpiece is a ‘wooden’ totem of Odin. You can find etched runes in both the base and the totem. Of course this statue also comes with LED lights, so keep in mind you will need 3 x AA batteries.

Since the statue hasn’t been shipped yet, I can only judge by the pictures. But based on the quality of sculpt and paintjob from the other statues in the Animus series, it’s very clear that the Eivor statue will be exceptional as well.

The wood texture of the totem seems very realistic and I absolutely love the attention to detail on the antlers and skulls, they also seem pretty dang realistic.

You can check PureArts’ blog for exclusive peek into the work in progress, where you can see a few photos from the handpaint process.

If you preorder Eivor on PureArts, you will get the exclusive Animus dice set!

Eivor size reference
Eivor Statue Size Reference


There’s no denying that the Animus collection from PureArts has one of the best statues from Assassin’s Creed. The crafstmanship and the attention to detail is really amazing.

I wonder if PureArts is thinking about doing the rest of the Assassins as well. I’m missing Connor, Edward, Arno, Jacob & Evie and Alexios & Kassandra. I’d love to see them make a Connor statue, as he is my favorite assassin of the franchise.

Which Animus edition Assassin would you love to get?

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