I have been a long time Battlefield fan and my first foray into the franchise was Battlefield 4. I absolutely adored it from the first time I tried it in 2014.

Operation Locker was my most favorite map and I played it religiously, even found a server that ran nothing but that map. 🙂 I also liked the campaign.

Since I loved BF4 so much, I decided to pre-order Battlefield 1 and was really excited about the WWI setting. I really liked the campaign, loved the individual stories but I also loved the multiplayer. As always, I played Medic the most and my favorite map was Ballroom Blitz. I played about 150 hours on it in total.

Battlefield 5 didn’t grab me as much as the previous two titles but I still managed to play over 119 hours on it.

When EA announced Battlefield 2042, I was excited to see a modern, or rather futuristic, game again. This time I preordered it on my PC, simply because I don’t own the new Xbox and wouldn’t be able to play with my friends who do (old consoles have only 64 player servers), plus I think I do better on keyboard and mouse.

Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19, 2021. Since then, I’ve played 219 hours on it as of Feb 18, 2022 and I’m rank S009.

My Updated Thoughts (February 18th, 2022)

Since the last update, the game started to become frustrating and I find myself not enjoying it after a short while. Initially, the 64-player modes helped but the inconsistent FPS is driving me mad.

I recently upgraded my computer, so one would assume with better specs the game would run smoother. Nope, in fact it runs worse on some maps (Discarded, Manifest), some maps are smooth (Kaleidoscope, Breakaway), which doesn’t make sense. Even Portal TDM, which have smaller maps to begin with, can kill FPS on some of them.

All my settings in-game and on my PC are set to maximize FPS and performance. But I don’t even get consistent 30 FPS, it’s that bad. Even some people with much better graphic cards and PC rigs have FPS issues.

The server browser is sorely missing. No, I don’t want to play Manifest three times in a row, thank you. I just want to join a game which is not 2 tickets away from ending or the one I just cancelled.

The spawns aren’t fixed yet for some reason, so I end up spawning in front of an enemy, more often than not an enemy vehicle that blows me to pieces as soon as I appear on the map. I don’t care about missing scoreboard, this stuff is (what I feel) super basic.

The infantry AA doesn’t work half the time, still. If it does work, it misses 9 times out of 10 on average – or 2 out of 3 because you only have 3 rockets. It’s super frustrating.

It’s a shame. I gave it a fair chance but I’m going to put it aside for now. Hopefully it will be fixed. I don’t pre-order games, Battlefield has been the only exception and I was never let down. But BF2042 changed that, so I’m not going to be preordering any Battlefield titles in the future.

Also the rumors about having BF2042 free to play don’t help the game much. Even if only part of the game is free to play, what about the people who bought the game? Will they get a partial/full refund? Probably not. But making the game free to play at this point won’t solve anything and only expose all of these issues to the wider public.

If you’d like to read my previous feelings on Battlefield 2042 (dated November and December 2021), I’m leaving them below as a memento.

Battlefield 2042

My Thoughts (November – December 2021)

Battlefield 2042 In General

I’ve played the beta when it was available (October 6 – October 9, 2021). Of course there were issues and my main one was terrible optimization, so I hoped that it would be fixed with release.

In release it was kind of better but it can still get laggy as hell for some reason. I’d be fine with a smooth gameplay and then all of the sudden get a huge lag just looking through my gun’s sight. Sometimes it gets so bad I have 2 FPS. I don’t need to have 100 FPS but I’d be happy to have 30 FPS consistently.

Even though I have a pretty powerful computer (not the newest nor a gaming beast though), most of my settings are set on low and optimized in others as much as I could do.

My friend who plays on Xbox Series X also has intermittent problems with lag. I hope EA/Dice will improve optimization across the board for all players.

While I do understand that technology moves forward fast, I don’t think it’s fair to users with mid-tier computers to make new AAA games practically inaccessible. Not everyone can dish out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a new gaming rig or new parts every year. Especially since some parts are impossible to get nowadays – especially graphic cards.

UPDATE: EA added 64-player modes to all their Warefare modes (and smaller maps) for a limited time. The game runs much smoother for me, much more consistent FPS. I really hope that these “smaller” modes will stay in game and won’t be limited. It seems like the huge maps and a lot of players are what’s causing the most issues for everyone.

Battlefield 2042 Features

Missing Game Modes

In the Beta we could only play Conquest on the Orbital map. While that was cool, I would have appreciated more game modes to test.

I was really surprised that there were no regular game modes like Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch/Rush upon launch. The game is missing an infantry-only modes.

I’m really not sure why such a fan-favorite was removed in the first place. TDM is a staple for any first person shooters and in my opinion it should be a basic minimum in FPS games. A lot of old BF fans are missing this feature and are confused like I am why it was left out. It was what we came to expect from Battlefield games.

They took out the single-player campaign, which is fine. But then they get rid of such widely played game modes. Yes, TDM is not everyone’s cup of tea which is fine. But why should we be satisfied with less than previous Battlefield games but pay the same price?

Yes, we could play TDM in the new Portal section but that’s not optimal due to no gun progression. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy playing Breakthrough and Conquest, but sometimes I’d like a break from vehicles.

EA recently stated that they are going to add an official Vehicle Team Deathmatch template to Portal.


Server Browser & Scoreboard

I’m not really that fussed about scoreboard, you can see your stats in game when you press Tab on PC. Final round scoreboard for me isn’t really essential.

What I do miss is the server browser. Often times I either spawn into a server where the game is almost ending, or I get three matches with the same map in a row.


I’m not really sure why there are squads only with 4 members. Since the games are now 64 vs 64 players, it would make more sense to have more members in a squad. Haven’t found a reason why this hasn’t been changed from the 32 vs 32 matches.

As far as I can tell there is no squad management. You can’t create your own squad, you’re firmly assigned to one. It’s not a huge issue since if you squad up with friends before game, it will put you in the same squad and kick the uninvited players out.

Maybe they just wanted to copy the real world, since I assume you can’t really create groups or choose the team leader. 🙂

The Maps

With 128 players running around, it’s not really a surprise that the maps got bigger. The environments are pretty and I like them overall.

My issue is, there are so many open spaces on certain maps where there’s no suitable cover. You end up running a long time, trying to zig-zag and jump to avoid snipers from Narnia, only to get blown up by a passing helicopter, vehicle, or a second sniper on the other side of Narnia. That can make the game frustrating.

Even with Breakthrough, when you have a limited run of the map, it can get tedious especially if the base is further away from the objectives. It can result in losing the objective or the entire sector/game.

I think it would be better if there were personal vehicles, maybe a quad bike or something similar to get from one point to another more quickly.

There are 7 maps available at the date of posting this. I’m going to be addressing each of the maps from the Breakthrough point of view, as that’s the game mode I play the most.


Possibly my least favorite map. In certain parts there’s almost no cover. Also, it’s practically impossible to win this when attacking, unless the defending team is incapable of protecting the D1 objective on top of a skyscraper.

With the ability to call a vehicle anywhere, you can simply spawn a tank and hovercraft up there and just blast everyone and everything that comes up from the elevator, dares to attack from across the other skyscraper or from above with helicopters.

Whenever I join a server with this map, I just leave immediately. Yesterday I had to do it three times in a row because it kept putting me in a server (servers?) running this map.

UPDATE: The roof objectives were removed and it’s made this map much more enjoyable. Definitely still not enough cover though.


I don’t have much to say about this map, I’ve played it a lot during Beta as most people. I tend to get this map pretty rarely nowadays.

One thing I would point out again is the rooftop objective. Almost impossible to beat when you can call in vehicles there.

UPDATE: The roof objective was removed in last update.

Other Maps

  • Breakaway – This snowy map seems to be the most laggy for me for some reason. It’s also a sniper’s heaven.
  • Renewal – I call it “half n’ half”. 🙂 I actually like this map.
  • Discarded – I generally like playing this map.
  • Manifest – It lags for me quite a bit. In general I think it’s a good map with decent cover available.
  • Kaleidoscope – I like Kaleidoscope to an extent. A1 is a huge bottleneck though.


I’m not sure whether there are too many vehicles or whether they’re just unbalanced. I’m glad they nerfed the Hovercraft and the Nightbird a little bit in the latest update (November 25) but I still feel like I’m getting blasted by Bolte, Hovercraft, Nightbird and Wildcat more than any other vehicle or infantry.

Is it because of my lack of skill? Sure. But skills don’t mean much when there’s no cover around.

As I mentioned above, I think the ability to spawn vehicles on rooftops should be disabled and I hope that will happen in future updates. Or removing the objectives from the rooftops altogether.

Also, aircrafts can fly high up in the air and bomb the earth with precision. There’s no way to take them down other than another aircraft.

General Issues

  • Reviving – as a medic, I think this is crucial. If we can’t revive, people will complain why.Thankfully they fixed the glitch where you couldn’t revive near walls or objects. There’s still an issue when the player is halfway stuck in the wall, you can’t really revive them. Though I did manage to revive them somehow by trying different angles. However, there was no animation nor sound that would indicate reviving. UPDATE: This has been mostly fixed in one of the latest patches. Can still happen if the player is stuck more in the wall but it doesn’t happen often.
  • FXM-33 AA – I don’t know if this is a bug or feature, but the AA rocket launcher doesn’t always want to lock on an aircraft even if it’s in range. I have to either change angle or look away and into the sight a few times before it even registers the helicopter. In the meantime I usually get blasted by a sniper or a Bolte, so the effort goes to waste.
  • Plus Menu – The menu is unreliable a lot of the time, even when I’m holding the correct key. Can be seen especially after reviving when I want to thank whoever revived me. It can pop up for a bit but disappear quickly after, then it won’t show up at all. UPDATE: Seems to be fixed with one of the latest patches, haven’t had that issue since updating.
  • Single shot / auto – I’m not sure why but sometimes my gun doesn’t show on the UI if it’s in single or auto mode. Sometimes it does appear in the right corner but more often than not it’s gone. I use the same gun, so it’s not the question of different guns. As a result, I die many times because I had single mode instead of auto. UPDATE: Seems to be fixed.
  • Player down – I feel like the time observing the enemy who killed me is too long. Sometimes it can result to an attempt of being revived when there’s still danger around and I can’t tell them to skip. UPDATE: Found out that if you tap the skip button (spacebar on PC), it will look away and you can skip entirely.
  • Hit reg – This is a hit and miss, pardon the pun. I can load my entire 20 bullet clip into an enemy and he only gets -10 health, while he kills me with one shot (not a headshot) in return.

Stuff I Like

I don’t want this to be a negatives-only piece. Overall I like the game, it just needs more improvement until I can enjoy it fully like its predecessors. I’m hopeful that EA/Dice will listen to the userbase and make necessary changes/fixes.

  • Loadouts – I’m not that mad about the limited number of weapons. I like that I’m able to choose any weapon without being weapon-locked to a certain specialist. So if I want to be a Medic with a sniper rifle, I can. I like that I can customize my loadout on the run and even change my loadout while in game. I like the ability to switch up attachments on the go as well.
  • The game loads quickly and ending/exiting a match doesn’t take ages like it did in BF1 and BFV.


Save your money, don’t buy Battlefield 2042 at this point in time. I enjoyed it at first despite its flaws but basic things aren’t fixed – like consistent performance. I gave it a fair chance but at this point I’m getting more frustrated than enjoying the game. And if you find yourself becoming frustrated, it’s a sign that you need to take a break.

I’ll set it aside for now and hope that EA/Dice will fix the issues sooner rather than later.

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