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The Androids Are Alive! Detroit: Become Human Review

Detroit: Become Human is an action/adventure game developed by Quantic Dream and released on the PlayStation 4 on 25th May 2018, a PC release is slated for 2019 although at time of writing there is no official date set for that release.

I, of course, played this on the PlayStation 4 and put roughly 12 hours into the game, which took me about four three-hour streams. I would like to share my opinion on the game with all of you in this review.

All screencaps are made by super talented Veronica, check out her Blog and Ko-Fi!

Reclaiming The Throne! Final Fantasy XV Review

Before I start this review I would just like to clarify that this is indeed the first full foray into the Final Fantasy universe for me, so please forgive any lore/story elements I get wrong, it wasn’t done deliberately.

All screencaps are made by super talented Veronica, check out her Blog and Ko-Fi!

Internet Friends

I don’t usually post articles which have only a little to do with gaming in some way, but my friend Ian sent me this piece and asked if he could post it on my blog. After reading through, I said absolutely, as I feel like this is great to show that internet friends are real friends and can be absolutely wonderful.

If you’d like to read more, the following are the words of EenPlaysGames aka Ian.

Zbox August 2016 Review

Zbox August 2016 Review

Hello everyone!

My name is Ian (aka EBoy87) and my good friend Dana has kindly allowed me to do a review of the August Zbox from Zavvi.

This is my first ever monthly subscription for a product like this. I have thought about getting something like this in the past but unfortunately I’ve never really been able to afford one.  However I was given a code for a special offer for the Zbox so I decided to take full advantage of it.

And I’m glad I did!