Internet Friends

I don’t usually post articles which have only a little to do with gaming in some way, but my friend Ian sent me this piece and asked if he could post it on my blog. After reading through, I said absolutely, as I feel like this is great to show that internet friends are real friends and can be absolutely wonderful.

If you’d like to read more, the following are the words of EenPlaysGames aka Ian.

Insomnia Gaming Festival i63 Report

If you follow me on my social media, then you know Friday 24th August I hopped on a plane to attend the Insomnia Gaming Festival in Birmingham, United Kingdom. I wrote this post to talk about my experience at the festival. If you are interested in attending, the next Insomnia is planned for Easter 2019.

20+ Beautiful Video Game Tattoos

I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a long time now and recently I’ve finally chosen my design (not video game related though) and now I only need to drop by my chosen studio for a consultation and to schedule an actual appointment. That made me think; why not create a post of beautiful video game tattoos? Maybe if you want a gamer tattoo and don’t know which one to get, you can get inspired by some of these!

Please make sure to NOT copy these designs, stealing somebody else’s tattoo is not cool and reputable tattoo artists will not tattoo a design made by someone else. If you like some of these, you can take them to your tattoo artist and let them come up with their own spin on it and personalize it just for you.

Is Battle Royale Game Genre Dead?

Is Battle Royale Game Genre Dead?

With the recent influx of upcoming AAA games adding battle royale modes, I wanted to sit down with a few of my gamer friends and discuss the past, present and future of this genre.

Before I start writing about the discussion we had, let’s look at some of the history of battle royale first. Blog Updates

Update To Privacy Policy

You know what’s coming… You’ve been getting e-mails about this all May. I know the struggle of deleting tens of e-mails like that every day but hopefully it’s now over.

However, I’m obligated to inform you that I’ve changed my Privacy Policy and you can read it all here.

What happened to your newsletter?

It’s all very simple, really. I currently don’t have time to maintain a newsletter on top of this blog and social media for this blog, so I decided to remove everyone who’s subscribed to the list and remove the option to subscribe from the blog. I might bring it back in the future but there’s no set date, so don’t hold your breath.

I also want to apologize for lack of updates, lack of time and writer’s block can be a real pain. However I’m still somewhat active on my Twitter and Facebook, so go give me a follow there and you can be notified when my next article is up!

Video Game Coloring Books

7+ Video Game Coloring Books

Thanks to their boom a few years ago, coloring books are no longer considered a “kid’s hobby”. But did you know coloring books were originally aimed towards adults back in the 17th century and onward? If you don’t believe me, read this great Time article!

When I was browsing for some blog post ideas, I got these video game based coloring books recommended to me. I never really thought about them being a thing before but I’m glad they’re available now. Let’s check some of them out!

Catching up with Eboy87 - Twitch Streamer Interview

Catching Up With Eboy87 – Twitch Streamer Interview

It’s been almost 2 years to the day since I’ve published the interview with my friend and Twitch streamer Ian aka Eboy87. A few days ago he did his third 24 hour charity stream and I decided to catch up with him afterwards. You can listen to the entire interview or you can read the transcript below and watch some clips from the stream.


Follow Eboy on his Twitch and on Twitter (@EBoy87Gaming). Go check out his merch as well!

And since we’ve mentioned him, also follow Jason Sullivan on Twitch and on Twitter (@jasonsulli)! He also has merch, so check that out. 🙂

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5+ Upcoming Video Games in April 2018

5+ Upcoming Video Games in April 2018

Happy holidays everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t updated for a while, I’ve taken on a second job, so it has been quite hectic lately. Either way I should have more free time in April, so I can update more regularly. Let’s look at some of the upcoming video games for this month, shall we?