As they are now, the Sims 4 kits are not worth the $4.99 price. There is just simply not enough content and a lot of them are simple recolors of base game meshes (especially the clothing). The kits are the only way console players can get “custom content” on their game as the console versions don’t support user-created content.

Are Sims 4 Kits Worth it?

What Are Sims 4 Kits?

Sims 4 Kits are a small DLC packs which add new objects, clothing and build items to the game. One game pack adds new gameplay interactions.

What’s the Sims 4 Kits price? They each cost $4.99 and the amount of items and type of content per pack varies.

The first Kits were released in March 2021 and most of the Sims community didn’t welcome them with open arms. Instead of tiny content packs, they would like to see bigger updates to the game and have these items be a part of future expansion packs.

The fact that the number of items vary quite significantly yet stay the same price, many think that the extra content is not worth the price tag. It seems like a quick cash grab from EA and many people say these Kits are starting to feel like the company is trying to push microtransactions.

A year later, November 2022, there are currently 17 Sims 4 Kits:

  • Bust the Dust Kit
  • Country Kitchen Kit
  • Throwback Fit Kit
  • Courtyard Oasis Kit
  • Industrial Loft Kit
  • Fashion Street Kit
  • Incheon Arrivals Kit
  • Blooming Rooms Kit
  • Modern Menswear Kit
  • Carnaval Streetwear Kit
  • Décor To The Max Kit
  • Moonlight Chic Kit
  • Little Campers Kit
  • First Fits Kit
  • Desert Luxe Kit
  • Everyday Clutter Kit
  • Pastel Pop Kit

That’s $84,83, which make these more costly than an expansion pack with added gameplay functionality just for a few objects, clothes and build items.

Of course the player has a choice not to buy these Kits if they don’t want to. Some players do like them and they’re good for console users who can’t get user-made custom content. However, I don’t think the price reflects the amount of items in these Kits.

Are The Sims 4 Kits Worth It?

Currently they are not worth it as they are for the full price. Some players pointed out that Game Packs and Stuff Packs already contain items that are quite similar (Sims 4 Parenthood has a country kitchen set + Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack has additional kitchen items).

If you really want to grab them, I recommend waiting until they’re on sale.

The Kits could be really good if they contained more unique items. Not recolors of existing base game meshes as can be seen in some of the clothing Kits. Overall the Kits are quite disappointing.

Sims 4 Kits vs Stuff Packs

Stuff Packs contain much more content than Kits and cost only $9.99. They offer new game interactions as well. So rather than making a quick buck for fraction of the content, EA could have developed Stuff Packs with including these instead.

Sims 4 Kits + Free Alternatives

Thanks to the creative playerbase, Sims 4 boasts with millions of custom items, hairstyles, clothing, player mods and improved gameplay hacks.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get custom content for game consoles. Only PC and Mac users can put Sims 4 user-created custom content into their game. For those of you on these platforms, I bring you free alternatives for Sims 4 Kits. Some of the items are listed on Patreon but don’t worry, they are 100% free!

In some cases, similar items to the kits can be already found in some Stuff Packs or Expansion packs and I will mention it by every kit. While that’s not a free option, these packs include much more than just a few objects, they usually add another new dimension to the game.

Please note that in some cases I have not been able to find the exact styles that are in these kits. In those cases I went for a similar look. I also do not control how creators label their items.

Note for CC creators

If you’re a CC creator and think that your CC fits the bill, please let me know, and I’ll happily feature your creation!

Bust The Dust Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Bust the dust

The Bust the Dust Kit was released on March 2, 2021. It contains 5 buy mode items (vaccuum cleaners) and a whole new interaction with Sims houses as they can now gather dust and 2 new aspirations.

Free Alternative – Vacuum Cleaner Mod

This mod obviously doesn’t do the same things as the Bust the Dust Kit (such as aspirations) but it allows your Sims to vacuum any floor, piles of garbage and even puddles. It also contains a custom vaccum cleaner sounds as well.

You can download the Vacuum Cleaner Mod by Necrodog here.

Country Kitchen Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Country Kitchen

The Country Kitchen Kit was released on March 2, 2021. It contains 15 items – 1 flooring, 1 wall, 1 stove, 1 fridge, 3 kitchen counters, 1 sink, 1 shelf and a few decorative items.

I remember Sims 2 had a great selection of country-styled furniture in the Seasons Expansion Pack, shame that EA didn’t include it in some of the new expansion packs.

Free Alternatives

The Country Living Expansion Pack and also the Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack also offers some “country” vibe kitchen and decorations.

Throwback Fit Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Throwback Fit

This kit was released also on March 2, 2021. They include workout clothing, shoes and a hat. Some items are also for kids.

Free Alternatives

The Spa Day Game Pack has a great amount of fitness clothes that would fit within the Throwback Fit Kit.

Courtyard Oasis Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Courtyard Oasis

This kit was released on May 18, 2021. It draws inspiration from Moroccan architecture with colorful tiles and decorative archways. This kit includes a sofa, an armchair, two tables (end table, coffee table), 2 lamps (ground and wall light), two decorative objects, a fountain, two doors, three arches, two floor tiles and one wall tile.

Free Alternatives

The Sims 4 Expansion Pack “City Living” includes similar items, most notably the coffee table. If you already own the EP, you’re all set on that front. If you don’t, you can buy it and get more items and new game interactions for your buck.

Industrial Loft Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Industrial Loft

The Industrial Loft Kit was released on August 26, 2021. Inspired by industrial style apartments converted from warehouses in cities like New York, there are decorative items like various wall and ceiling pipes. Industrial style is all about mixing metal and wood for that rugged look, exposed brick or cement walls.

Free Alternatives

Surprisingly, the game already has some industrial items in base game and expansion packs. City Living EP has a few decorative wall pipes, a few tables. Some industrial pieces can be also found in Seasons EP.

I’m absolutely loving the David sets by Soloriya!

Fashion Street Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Fahsion Street Kit

The Fashion Street Kit was released on October 5, 2021, drawing inspirations from Mumbai, India. The kit includes vibrant clothes with fun patterns, sandals, accessories and a Henna hand tattoo.

Free Alternatives

The Holiday Celebration Stuff Pack that comes free with The Sims 4 contains some clothing items that are very similar in style.

Incheon Arrivals Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Incheon Arrivals

The Incheon Arrivals Kit was released on October 5, 2021. It’s inspired by Korean fashion seen on Incheon airport near Seoul. There are mainly tops and bottoms in this kit, with 3 pairs of shoes and 4 full outfits. The colors are more neutral and the overall style is very simple.

Free Alternatives

Get to Work Expansion Pack has a great selection of fashionable clothes. You can find some cool sweaters in Pets Expansion pack as well as the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack.

Blooming Rooms Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Blooming rooms

The Blooming Rooms Kit was released in November 4, 2021. It contains 24 objects, out of which one is a ceiling light with a plant, end table and a couple of surfaces to put your plants on.

Free Alternatives

My friend infected me with the plant craze and since I fail to keep plants alive in real life, I decided to decorate my Sims’ houses with a lot of cool plants. There is a nice selection of house plants in the base game and the expansion packs but I absolutely adore the following custom content.

My favorite plants are by Nynaeve and the Naturalis set is so gorgeous too!

  • Simcredible – Naturalis set – 16 new meshes, Base Game compatible, can be downloaded separately
  • Nynaeve – Plants – 60+ new meshes, Base Game compatible, downloaded separately
  • Darasims – Flower set – 7 new meshes, Base Game compatible
  • TheKalino – Urban jungle plants – 7 new meshes, Base Game compatible

Modern Menswear Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Modern Menswear

The Modern Menswear Kit was released on December 2, 2021. It includes clothing items that were inspired by designer Stefan Cooke.

Free Alternatives

I couldn’t find custom content inspired by this designer. There’s custom content that’s inspired by other designers but I picked some clothes that are the most similar to the style and type of clothing as in the kit.

If you’d like your male Sim to wear a skirt or any other clothing or accessory marked “feminine”, simply cancel the “masculine” filter in Create-a-Sim. It also works in reverse. 🙂

Carnaval Streetwear Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Carnaval Streetwear

The Carnaval Streetwear Kit was released on February 3, 2022. Inspired by Brazil’s Carnaval, it includes colorful and fun clothing pieces, accessories, nails, and makeup.

Free Alternatives

City Living Expansion Pack includes a lot of nice, colorful and fun outfits, reflecting the various cultures and styles in the city. It includes fun accessories, which are similar to the Carnaval Kit.

Spa Day Game Pack surprisingly contains also vibrant clothing and some extra fun nails.

Décor To The Max Kit

Sims 4 Kit - Decor to the max

The Décor To The Max Kit was released on March 21, 2022. As the name suggests, you can find a plethora of patterns, colors and prints and sometimes over-the-top color combinations.

Free Alternatives

One of great alternatives is the Movie Hangout Stuff Pack, which includes a Boho-inspired living room and the Seasons Expansion Pack has some nice sofas as well.

Moonlight Chic Kit

Moonlight Chic Kit

The Moonlight Chic Kit was released in May 26, 2022. It features clothing inspired by a French influencer, Paola Locatelli and her style. It includes modern clothing, some accessories but mostly tops and bottoms.

Free Alternatives

Some cargo pants are already included in Outdoor Retreat Game Pack.

Little Campers Kit

Little Campers Kit

The Little Campers Kit was also released in May 26, 2022. As the name suggests, it’s a kit aimed at your Sims children with outdoorsy feel. The kit consists of only objects (25 of them to be exact), there are no clothes. T

here is no additional gameplay functionality, and if you don’t own certain Expansions Packs, the usage of some of these objects may be limited (TV projector only plays regular TV channels if you don’t have Movie Hangout stuff.

Free Alternatives

You can actually make a nice basic pillow fort just with base game and some building skills (check out this video). Of course it won’t be as straightforward as just placing a single smaller object but if you like building and experimenting with it, I think it could be a cool project.

A play tent is available in the Dream Home Decorator Game Pack, though that can only be used by children and toddlers and you can’t really put anything in it.

The pillows in this kit are for decoration only, which is a shame. The Toddler Stuff Pack has pillows that all Sims can sit on. I even made a recolor of them, though the Maxis ones are nice and colorful for kids.

There is a swing set in Seasons Expansion Pack and though it doesn’t have vines and lights, with a few CC and some building skills you can build them too.

As for the lights, you can use the free Holiday pack, play with sizes (press either [ or ] keys). Outdoor retreat has a nice kids’ foldable chair.

First Fits Kit

Sims 4 First Fit Kit

The First Fits Kit was released on September 1, 2022. This kit is aimed at your Sims kids, featuring fun and patterned articles of clothing and a few accessories like a beanie, sunglasses, and leggings for a trendy school kid.

After looking at the contents, it seems like the beanie is a recolor of the one you can find in Get To Work Expansion Pack. If you’re looking for camo patterned jacket, it can be found in the Dogs & Cats EP.

Knee-high socks are already in the base game, they only added a logo and maybe some other colors.

Free Alternatives

  • PossumPellets – Child Commandos – base game compatible, recolors of EA meshes – shirts, pants, shoes
  • KatPurPura – Layered Dress – base game compatible, 23 swatches
  • LazyEyelids – Layered Hoodie – base game compatible
  • ClumsyAlienn – Camo Pants – base game compatible, 5 swatches, unisex
  • LazyEyelids – Nike Air Force One sneakers – base game compatible, unisex
  • McLayneSims – Boys’ Jacket – base game compatible, 8 swatches
  • Simiracle – Tied Shirt – base game compatible, 70 swatches
  • Vintage-Simmer – Beanie – base game compatible, 13 swatches

Desert Luxe Kit

The Desert Luxe Kit was released on September 14, 2022. It features outdoor furniture and a few build items like windows and doors, as well as a wallpaper. The colors are rather neutral and focus on stone and wood materials.

The Perfect Patio Stuff Pack has some similar furniture as the Desert Luxe Kit.

Free Alternatives

  • Severinka_ – Rotang ceiling lamp – base game compatible, for medium walls
  • Angela – Neutral Outdoor Set – base game compatible
  • Syboulette – Bay House Set – 20 items, base game compatible
  • Cowbuild – Outdoor Fireplace – base game compatible, scroll down for the download (or search Day 23)
  • Sixam CC – Dreamy Outdoor Pack – base game compatible (except functional floats), 36 new items
  • SIMcredible! — 2×1 BBQ – base game compatible, also available in 3×1 version, 5 color swatches

Everyday Clutter Kit

The Everyday Clutter kit was released on November 10, 2022. It features all kinds of random clutter – car keys, phone, books, stationery, makeup, bottles, and a few more.

Clutter is one of the most popular type of objects for most Sims players as well as custom content creators. It serves no purpose and most of the time Sims can’t interact with it, but it makes Sims’ homes lived in and even more real.

Most EPs and Stuff packs contain some kind of themed clutter. Free clutter for any room and occasion is super easy to find, and I think a lot of people (me included) will struggle not to download everything because they’re so cool. Just the clutter section on The Sims Resource has over 9,000 objects!

Free Alternatives

  • Naver – Beats by Dr. Dre decoration – base game compatible
  • Solny – Boxroom clutter – base game compatible, 9 objects in total
  • pqSims4 – School clutter – base game compatible, 7 objects
  • Simbishy – Study clutter – base game compatible, 1 object and 4 recolors
  • Wondymoon – Hallway clutter – base game compatible (umbrella holder needs Seasons but is included as decor only too), 10 objects
  • Jomsims – Bathroom clutter – base game compatible, 14 objects
  • Around the Sims 4 – Craft room clutter – base game compatible, 18 objects (free downloads separately)
  • Soloriya – Kitchen clutter – base game compatible, 13 objects
  • Lilly’s Boutique – Makeup clutter – base game compatible, download the file “[LB]Makeupclutter.rar”

I also made some decorative objects, so make sure to check out my Sims 4 downloads as well!

Pastel Pop Kit

The Pastel Pop kit was also released on November 10, 2022. It features buy items for your Sims’ bedrooms in fun pastel colors. It also includes flowery wallpapers and colorful carpets. No sharp corners here on any of the furniture!

Free Alternatives

Currently looking for the best free alternatives, so check back later!


I think that the Sims 4 Kits are not worth it if you use a PC or a Mac. There are so many wonderful creations that people share and create for free and will enrich your gameplay.

Sims 4 Kits are suitable for console users who can’t get custom content but I think they’re a bit overpriced for what’s included in them. EA should include these items as parts of an expansion pack or even a game pack with added gameplay functionality.

Do you share the same opinion? Let me know what you think!

If you found free custom content which fits the Kits’ theme, please let me know in the comments below!


  1. Comment by Dana - owner

    Due to earlier issues with the site, my webhost had to perform a rollback which caused a comment from this post to disappear. Here is the original by L9:

    “I would say if you’re going to present the argument of “Kits aren’t worth it, here’s alternatives” I’d say try to make sure the alternatives actually have some correlation to the kit’s themes and stylings. Your argument starts to die off after Country Kitchen as a lot of the alternatives you mention are nowhere near what the kit is even about or offers. Let’s not even get into the mixture of Maxis Match & Non Maxis Match content. clearly there’s a market for those who want to match the official maxis style. Presenting alternatives outside of that styling is not an effective argument.

    The lowest bar to clear had to be Throwback Fit Kit… It’s literally 80’s/90’s inspired workout wear. 80’s and 90’s fashion is trending hard now and athleisure and athletic fashion is also a thing. You got the athletic wear right, but missed the throwback aspect

    Modern Menswear is a designer inspired kit. Going “well you can just use non-designer” really isn’t an alternative, especially when there’s probably a good amount of creators who take inspo from high fashion.

    Incheon Arrivals markets itself as being modern KOREAN fashion. Yet you’re going on about “Neutral Modern Clothing”. Once again a whole subset of creators who dedicate themselves to Korean Fashion/beauty/etc. Custom Content and yet none of them had a feature in a suggestion to alternatives for a Korean Fashion Kit. Come on now!

    Fashion Street… Boho? Really? I guess Indian inspiration flew over your head on this one, which is a shame cause you did mostly ok with the Courtyard Oasis kit. Seriously though… BOHO?

    Carnaval Streetwear is designed to be vibrant and fun yet all the suggestions just miss that basic element. Most of them pull off generic Club/Coachella wear over being Carnaval.

    Decor to the Max blended 3 Specific styles (Which were not mentioned but they were Regency, Chinoiserie and Abstract Modernism), yet the suggestions in this one are all out of left field with no correlation to the theme. You have Mid Century Modern, Boho, Pokemon… While you can use boho/MCM to do maximalist looks, the lack of finding a suitable alternative that fits the actual kit’s theme is really not helping you.”

    • Comment by Dana - owner

      Thank you for your thorough response. I’ll be happy to update the post to feature more appropriate CC. My community helps each other out, so I’m sure you have some other alternatives to suggest?

  2. Comment by SWLoveAngel

    I think that EA should either start including the Kits in the sales, or lower the overall baseline price for the Kits fairly soon, since they don’t have nearly enough content to seem right at $4.99, it’s more like $2.49/2.50. Imagine how people might be more inclined to buy them if there was sales offers on the Kits like 2 for $4.99 or something. I usually wait for the sales on the Expansions, Game & Stuff Packs, so I’d also wait to see the Kits get included before I decide to finally buy them. I would like to see more packs & kits that can be better bundled together, as well. And at least two new Kits will be on the way shortly, according to the new Roadmap they posted the other week. After those new Kits get announced, will you be updating this posting?

    I do like which CC you did find that accurately matched the existing Kits. Do you also have articles on the Expansions, Game & Stuff Packs that are similar to this, comparing them to free Custom Content?

    • Comment by Dana - owner

      Thank you for your comment! As I mentioned in the post, I think some of the kits would be cool to have as a stuff pack, with more functionality added to the game. I agree with you and 2 for $4.99 actually sounds like a better deal. I’ll definitely be updating this post when new Kits get released.

      I’m glad you like the CC I found! I currently don’t have other articles on free alternatives but if there’s interest, I’ll be happy to do them! 🙂


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